Now that I think about it more, Japanese culture is remarkably compatible with that of the AFC Union. Shinto mysticism and ancestor-worship could easily be redirected into a Japanese form of Spiritual Marxism, while the warrior spirit and devotion to honor correspond to ideals likely held high in the Union as traits held by past Patriot-Saints. In fact, I could see the code of Bushido being adopted by the Council of Jehovah in some form into the AFC faith, the "true contribution of the Eastern Jewish Pinnacle Man to the greatness of Jehovah." It would be awesome to see a huge pro-Japanese fashion, cuisine, and architectural trend in the Union proper after the council's edict, especially concentrated in "Japanburgs" in the major cities.
Seriously, this TL so dark, crazy, but at the same time plausible and addictive! Congrats on the great job! I gotta say, though, as a Cuban and a Latin American that I'm dissapointed at how easily the Union devoured both Cuba and Mexico, I mean, I was hoping at least the latter would put up a good fight. I hope Peru and Grand Colombia would be harder pills to swallow.
If you want to, you can expand both country's lore and make them more mad in a natural way in the expanded thread.



The Madnessverse, AD 1900.

improvements made: (All non-canon until further notice)
- Filled in Pacific, the "Wall of Micronesia" is fixed at the Fiji Islands, Wallis, Tuvalu, the Gilbert Islands, and the Marshall Islands.

- RU protectorate over Nippon acknowledged
- most of the unclaimed islands claimed by now (ie Kerguelens)
- Borders of Qing adjusted (thanks @ZayoTVRadio!)
- other cutting edge visual improvements
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Ok, so we have the main alliance blocs:

Bonapartist realms:
  • Empire of Europa (includes Egypt, Jerusalem, and Brazil-Rio de la Plata)
  • Kingdom of Italy
  • Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
  • Kingdom of Holland
  • Kingdom of Quebec
  • Kingdom of California
  • Kingdom of Ireland
  • Rheinbund
  • Allied states
    • Kingdom of Denmark
    • Portuguese Confederation
    • Peru
    • Grand Colombia
    • Wales
Greater Fascist Co-Prosperity Sphere:
  • Republican Union
  • Australia
  • Holy Nippon
Protestant realms likely allied with the GFCPS
  • Nordreich
  • Confederation of the Carolinas
  • Commonwealth of England
  • Republic of Scotland
  • Republic of Norway
  • Kingdom of Sweden
League of the Three Tsars:
  • Russian Empire
  • Kingdom of Bulgaria
  • Kingdom of Romania
  • Serbia
  • City State of Constantinople
Anti-Russian bloc
  • Persia
  • Qing China




Map for reference.

EDIT: also, possible invasion routes. mostly doodling.
Oh boy, look at all those tasty Bonapartist realms in the Americas... it would sure be a shame if something HAPPENED to them...
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The Shah will aid his Muslim brothers in Turkey! Konstantiyye will be avenged! The Mad Czar will tremble before the might of the sons of Cyrus!
First of all, wow..... Japan really went off the deep end huh? Still, I love it! Also, all this talk of alliances and the upcoming war inspired a new meme

290lbi (1).jpg
Found this bicentennial statue at the flea market tonight and as I was was placing him on my radio shelf here I thought, "By golly, it's the Madnessverse Vaultboy." I legit kind of want someone to make digital art of him and use him as a mascot for the TL. His slighty-askew eyes really convey that he is dead inside.



"Hello, my name is Patriot Bob, and I would like to share with you the most amazing Book. It happened in America a long, long time agooooo..."
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My name is Deacon Price
And I would like to share with you three amazing books!

My name is Deacon Grant
They are books about America, a long, long time ago


It has so many awesome parts
You simply won't believe how much these books can change your life
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With stars it's spangled and with stripes it's rife

My name is Deacon Green
I would like to share with you these books of Aaron Burr!

The Prophet!

Hello, my name is Deacon Young
It's the national religion of the NU-SA

You can read all about it now
In these nifty books
They're free!
No, you don't have to pay

Hello, my name is Deacon Smith
And can I ask you to our Sunday pews?
It's okay if you don't want to though


I'll just leave my card here
As long as you are Anglo-Saxon Chosen few
Preferred you know

My name is
Aaron Burr!
You have a lovely home

They are amazing books

And the Book of Patriots!
Don't be a bunch of
damned stupid idiots!
Aw, are these your kids?
The Prophet Burr gives you the secret to eternal life!

In America!
Sound good?
Eternal life
With Jesus Christ
And Aaron Burr (All Hail!)
Is super fun

Ding dong
And if you let us in we'll show you how it can be done
No thanks?
You sure?
Oh, well
That's fine
All hail!
Have fun in jail.

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Hello, would you like to handle a snake and dance for Jesus?
I have free books and if you don't take them I'll send to you to a firing squad!

No, no, Deacon Oswald
That's not how we do it
You're making things up again
Just stick to the approved dialogue
Deacons, show him

My name is
Deacon Cunningham
And we would like to share with you this book of Jesus Christ

And Aaron Burr

Ding dong
Heigh ho
Just take these books!

It's free
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Spend eternity
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Betters of Society
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you that
These books will change your life
These books will change your life
These books will change your lifeeeeeeeeeeee
Found this bicentennial statue at the flea market tonight and as I was was placing him on my radio shelf here I thought, "By golly, it's the Madnessverse Vaultboy." I legit kind of want someone to make digital art of him and use him as a mascot for the TL. His slighty-askew eyes really convey that he is dead inside.

View attachment 426797

View attachment 426799

"Hello, my name is Patriot Bob, and I would like to share with you the most amazing Book. It happened in America a long, long time agooooo..."
The latest update mentions "Soldier Boy" toys popular all across the Union based on child Joe Steele. This could work as an artistic license.


The official story was told and printed again and again, memorized by every child in the Union: On Christmas Eve, 1878, a small basket was found on the Custer property in Shicagwa. The lid was covered in snow, and it very well could have been covered completely and forgotten if the snows had blown over it in the wind. It was brutally cold that night, but General Custer, always one for getting a robust breath of fresh air, stepped out on his porch and lit up a cigar. He stood there for a few minutes, just enjoying the smoke while watching some coaches go by on the cobbled street directly outside his iron-gated front yard. It was then that he noticed the basket.

George walked down the path a few yards and brushed the snow off the little wooden box. When he saw there was an ice-white newborn baby inside, he was shocked, and immediately rushed back inside. A few of his servants took care of it over the next few nights, and by a week later, it was doing fine. Custer was thrilled. His wife had died in childbirth, and so had never had had children himself, but he had always wanted to be a father. He saw this as his chance. He named the baby Michael Goodyear Custer, and had Michael legally registered as his son.

Several years later, in 1881, a small little Michael Custer stood on the stage next to his father and other Manifest Destiny Party elites as Custer was sworn in as President. The boy was wearing a spiked pith helmet and holding an Old Republic flag, and roaring out "All Hails!" as loudly and frequently as possible in his squeaky little voice. As the MDP grew in strength over the years, he became a frequent mascot for the party, even becoming the likeness of stuffed "Soldier Boy" dolls that children around the Union carried with them everywhere. When he was 16 in 1894, he delivered his first speech, calling for all Americans to "rally round the flag and shout the battle cry of freedom". The speech was a smashing success, and he was given a standing ovation.

Now, it was early 1897. The R.U.S. Pride of the Buckeyes, Harding's capital ship, was strafing over the countryside of rural Japan, dropping bat-bombs and turning small villages into bonfires while flanked by the R.U.S. Presidentia and the R.U.S. Uncle Sam. A 19 year-old Aeroengineer named Joe Steele was working in the command bridge, just a few feet from Sky Marshal Warren G. Harding. It was non-other than Michael Custer himself, hiding his identity with a beard and a false ID so he could go to where the fighting was thickest. He had grown tired of a life of luxury and safety and wanted to have adventures like his father before him. Now, here he was, where only Harding knew his true identity. His job was to use the ship's intercom to communicate with the engine bays and to watch various gauges on the wall in front of his desk to make sure nothing overheated or experienced a critical failure.

Steele nervously chewed on the end of his fountain pen as he wrote down the current speed and direction of the ship. The furnaces seemed to be fine, and everything was in order. Below him, on the ground, everything was disorder. Hundreds of villagers fled for their lives. And here he was, writing down numbers when he could be on the assault platform below the command bridge, blasting away with a grinder. Even now, he heard his mates churning away on the grinders, bullets spraying the heathen villagers far below.

Things were about to get exciting, however. A little too exciting. On the horizon, the R.U.S. Sky Titan appeared, lumbering through the billowing black smoke of the villages wafting up to the sun. Harding spotted it immediately and exclaimed, "By damn! It's the Sky Titan! The crew got captured on the ground in the north during repairs! They must have broke free!"

A cheer went up from the bridge. Steele and the other engineers took off their brown caps and waved them in the air, shouting, "All Hail the Victory!"

But their jubilation was shortlived. Within ten seconds, flares and bullets started spraying from the assault deck of the Sky Titan. A massive explosion erupted from the Presidentia and it began dipping heavily before suddenly dropping like a flaming brick. A sneak attack! Harding cursed violently as several aeronavigators tried to steer the Pride of the Buckeyes away from the falling wreckage of the Presidentia. "Hell's Bells, gentlemen! What in Jehovah's name is going on?! Why are they firing upon us?"

It was then that the crudely-painted Rising Sun painted on the side of the Sky Titan became visible. The missing ship began to steer itself directly at the Pride. Even from this far away, the crew of the Pride could hear the shout coming from its crew.

"Tennōheika Banzai!"

Harding spun around to face his crew, his eyes wild with fear. "IT'S A TRAP! Drop altitude before they smash into us! Drop altitude right the hell now!" he screamed as he waved his arms in the air, thinking they were about to die.

The navigators scrambled to the controls to drop as much as possible so that the Sky Titan would end up flying over them instead of right into their starboard side. Just barely, the Japanese flew overhead. A deafening screech was heard as the keel of the Sky Titan clipped right through the top of the Pride, sending air and gas screeching out of the ship. Combined with the engine thrusters already bringing it down, the Pride began to sink toward earth at a rapid speed. All the men on board began to scream prayers to Jehovah and the Prophet Burr as the navigators tried to bring the ship down without completely crashing it.

Grinder and rifle rounds from the Japanese ship began to pepper the windows and portholes as they turned around and started following the Pride to the ground. The R.U.S Uncle Sam, meanwhile, was closing in, blasting away at the Japanese. Steele saw his first combat casualties of the war in person as Japanese bullets blasted through the observation window and smacked into several other engineers, sending blood and glass shards everywhere. The wind now whipping into the bridge and dead men lying all around, Steele abandoned his desk and raced for the assault platform below. He sprinted down a metal corridor and down a flight of stairs to where the rifles and heavy guns were stored. He and pulled several other engineers with him and they began the heavy guns, the ship plummeting toward earth the entire time.

"For the President!"
Steele cried, firing the gun. A shrapnel shell went blasting toward the Sky Titan and made a huge gash in its side and triggered an explosion inside the main fuselage. As Steele and the other men fired away, the Japanese aeromen could be seen dying in droves, their bodies often sent out of windows and paneling before hitting the ground like so many sacks of meat. Before long, the Sky Titan was in bad shape. The Pride of the Buckeyes was a Crawford-class aerodestroyer and could take a few hits and survive. The Sky Titan, while massive, was a Franklin-class aerosloop and was massively outgunned. Moments before the Pride hit the ground, the Uncle Sam opened up every gun it had on the Sky Titan and it exploded into a million pieces in the middle of the sky, raining debris down below for over a mile.

Harding's flagship hit the ground in the forest below in a violent slam, but somehow most on board survived the wreck. One of Steele's comrades who helped him man the gun was not so lucky, a tree smashing through the hull and impaling him through the chest. Steele grimaced as he picked himself up and checked himself for injuries. When he realized he was safe, he desperately ran to the wall of rifles on the wall and grabbed several, passing them out to the crew as he climbed the stairs to Harding's command center.

Harding was bleeding from his forehead and his left arm hung limp, but he was walking the bridge desperately trying to signal the Uncle Sam, flipping switches as fast as he could. When the talkiebox's little red tube bulb finally lit up, he spoke into the handset. "This is Sky Marshal Harding! We need the Uncle Sam to immediately secure our position! We have crashed, but we are whole and need evacuation now! The Jap Impy dogs knew we were going to be here! This was a damned set-up job!"

A voice answered from the speaker. "Sky Marshal Harding, this is Captain Abernathy of the Uncle Sam. We have sent the Sky Titan and her Imperialist swine crew to hell! We will descend as quickly as we can, but we must warn you that we have spotted Jap troops headed to your vicinity."

Harding froze for a second before replying, "Roger that! The Pride of the Buckeyes will stand firm against these savage heathen race-traitors. Are you able to target these Jap troops, Abernathy?"

A low hum and hiss was his answer before Abernathy's signal finally came back. Harding thought the new talkieboxes very useful, but also very annoyingly dysfunctional most of the time. "That's a negative, sir. Can't target the Japs without risking some shells coming down on you or the survivors from the Presidentia. Hold the line, sir! We are coming down as fast as we can!"

Almost as soon as Abernathy finished, rifle rounds started to pepper the grounded Pride. A wave of Imperialist forces were coming through the trees armed with carbines and katana sword, screaming like banshees.

"Tennōheika Banzai!"

Steel charged up to Harding and handed him a pistol to defend himself even with his broken arm. Then, Steele crouched down as much as possible and duck-walked toward a hole in the hull facing the attack. He carefully peaked around the corner and could see the Imperials rapidly closing in. He also saw an M-1895 grinder thrown from the ship and laying in the dirt ahead behind a toppled tree. Joe took a deep breath, dropped his rifle, and then scrambled for the grinder through all the muck and dirt. He could feel bullets whistle past his head as finally hefted the grinder up to his shoulder. By some miracle, the gun itself was not broken and he fed the belt through. "For Custer and Country!" he cried, holding the trigger down and blasting away at the stunned Japanese troops. An Imperial's head exploded into red paste and then another round blew a crater in another attacker's chest.

While Steele held the line, Harding was inside the wreck firing away with his revolver and leading the other crewmen into the fight. Sawed-off shotguns were distributed and the Americans began returning fire in earnest, pushing the Japanese away and back into the trees. Just when the Pride crew thought the fight over, another Banzai charge could be heard from the other side of the ship. Like lightning, the Japanese were upon them. The first wave on the other side was merely a diversion to cover their advance. With pistols and sword drawn, they entered the command bridge. One of the navigators was cut clean in two by an Imperial officer, his blood spraying the walls like a fountain. Steele realized what was going on and lugged the grinder back into the ship.

"Feed me another belt, you damn dirty apes!" Steele shrieked, his gun almost out of rounds. The heat from the water-cooled barrel should have been almost unbearable even through his gloves, but he wasn't feeling anything. He didn't even feel the bullet in his right shoulder as his brown uniform began to drip with blood from the wound. Harding himself hurried over, firing for cover as he went, and forced his broken arm to work and loaded another belt of rounds into Steele's grinder. "All Yankees hit the deck!" Steele ordered. At that, seeing what he was about to do and with the Japanese unable to understand his warning, the crew hit the floor, hands over their heads. Steele began blasting away, taking out a huge swathe of enemies, sending them reeling backwards, and making their blood geyserout like water fountains. Terrified and deafened by the grinder firing in a metal structure, the Japanese began to pull out. In under a minute, the enemies were running for the hills as Steele and the others shot them in the backs.

At last, the noise stopped. All that could be heard was the sound of the Uncle Sam coming down for a landing and the cries of the wounded and dying. Harding stood upright next to Steele, surrounded by Japanese corpses, an empty canvas belt at their feet. Steele seemed to finally realize how hot the gun was and dropped it, screaming in agony as his hands blistered. But the entire surviving crew stood silent. And then the chant began...

"Steele! Steele! Steele! Steele!"

"Don't make waves," his father had told him. Now here stood Joe Steele, Hero of the Union. "Oh well," the young man thought to himself as he desperately tried to ignore the pain in his hands, "Michael Custer didn't make waves. Joe Steele did."

The next few weeks were firestorms of publicity. When the public realized Michael Custer had single handedly killed 34 enemy soldiers, rescued the Sky Marshal, and saved the crew of the Pride from an ambush, they went wild. The Pride of the Buckeyes was hauled back by steamer ship to Hawaii to undergo repairs. Steele was sent back to Philadelphia while his wounds healed. There, a massive parade was held in his honor and his father presented him with the Order of Patriotic Brethren medallion for devotion to country, the Gold Cross for selflessness, the Distinguished Service medal for, obviously, his overall performance, the Pentagonal Star First Class for valiance in combat, and the Order of Valley Forge for his wound. When people began to refer to him as the "Man of Steel" when he would make public appearances, this led to him keeping the alias. Joe Steele was truly born.


Steele speaks to the masses in Philadelphia


Custer introduces his war-hero son at a Manifest Destiny Party rally in New York

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