Ah yes, the adventures of a junkie and his pet rat. Can't wait for more.
I wonder if Nixon ever feels insecure around Krummhorn, given he tried to make it in the whole media business and Krummhorn basically is the media business.

EDIT: I think the prior policy of using the EU thread as a meme dump should be continued within limits, something tells me PF might even have more chapters than the original Redux thread but we still have the same 500 page limit. Also, I recommend posting pictures in thumbnail mode, not fully expanded.
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Speaking of China I'm wondering what's going to happen to it as if they are unified they will be a huge power in the world with enimys on all sides the Ru and Russia
I got up to go eat breakfast, leaving the situation room, and when I reached the hallway the entire world seemed to be spinning in a carousel of color. I stumbled and groped my way to the dining room, where a fresh plate of flapjacks and maple syrup awaited me (the last hanger-on of my Canadian heritage, and no, do not ask me about my Canadian heritage unless you want to be thrown from a helicopter). I gobbled them down, even though every scrape of the fork on my plate sounded like a daemoniac screeching and the two blueberries on top of the flapjacks looked like bulbous eyes staring into my soul. After wiping my mouth clean of syrup and crumbs, I was ready for a relaxing day as President of the New United States. I headed for the couch but tripped on a rug and fell to the floor. My back and head felt that a lot. I did not like this. I slowly picked myself up, double-checked my back brace through my stoned, blurred vision, and headed for the couch once more. That was when Johnson barged into the room.
Is this a reference too Trevor Phillips? Because if so I salute your diverse influences! And I find the idea of Oswald acting out similar situations too some of the ones he was in in GTA absolutely hilarious.
Joke is on him. My mother is probably considered an Inferior
I have the opposite problem. My moms as pinnacle as can be, but my dad is both Italian and *gasp* IRISH!
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Gone Fishin'
I love the impression that life for the average person in the RU is shit and they hate themselves and their lives, but they're so brainwashed they can't comprehend that it's fascism's fault their lives suck.
So, we gonna see how the Republican Union becomes the New United States?
Almost certainly, considering that is one of the first things Oswald does once in office. Napoleon53 just has to wrap up the rest of the Steele arc and get there. It may take a while, but he will get there... eventually.
I fear good ole CoCaro's days are numbered.....
What i think will happen is that after all of the non AFC protestants have moved to CoCaro they'll send AFC preachers to convert them over the course of a generation or two and they cant be banned from entering because that would lead to a war with the NUSA. Then they can get them to join up voluntarily without having to send naval forces to subdue the Carolinian colonies