Only about 5 more chapters till PINNACLE FUTURE, guys!
Awesome! I can hardly wait. I watched the Pinnacle Future trailer on Youtube and I loved it. Just out of interest, what videos did you use for the trailer?

I've also been catching up on the last few chapters, and I'm still really loving it. I really enjoyed reading about the war in Central America and the origin story of Chuck Oswald.

I also enjoyed the Zap Zephyr story. I had a great time reading it on New Years. It was the perfect way to start the decade. Can't wait for the new update on (I'm assuming) the New Holy Roman Empire.
Someone needs to edit this to "DEAR INFEES" and "Sincerely, PINNACLE MEN" ASAP!


Also: "Years later, a certain American despot would discover the Crow Conspiracy and it inspired his penchant of feeding enemies to bears. Because he could."
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