What if: There Was A Massive Oil Crisis In The Middle East In 1985?

November 16th, 1985.
Tokyo, JP. Nintendo Headquarters:

Shigeru: “Electricity is the phenomena associated with the presence of motion and matter that has a property of an electric change.”

Yamauchi: “What are you talking about this time, Miyamoto?”

Miyamoto: “Electricity in entertainment is something that moves people, is dynamic, and powerful enough to change the landscape of what the world can be. Electricity can be contained, like lightning in a bottle, or flame out and become nothing afterwards.”

Yamauchi: “Thank you Miyamoto, you can continue on with future developments.”

*Miyamoto leaves the room*

Yamauchi: “What could he mean…?”

Same Day, USSR:

USSR Lieutenant: “Comrade, good and bad news.”

Gorbachev: “Go on.”

USSR Lieutenant: “Those Americans have found out the plans of the USSR, which as you know is ending the cold war in peace, and they will happily accept, under one condition.”

Gorbachev: “I assume the condition is bad news?”

USSR Lieutenant: “Yes. We will need to remove our communist ways and become a capitalist society. Also, there seems to be a massive oil crisis in the middle-east, there are predictions saying that there will be no oil left until we harm nature if the world continues excessive oil use at this rate by 2005. The world needs to know about this information, comrade.”

Gorbachev: “The price is minimal for peace, my comrade. But the oil crisis, I will have to tell Reagan about that. Thank you for the information, comrade.”

USSR Lieutenant: “No problem, comrade.”

20 minutes later...

White House, Washington D.C.

Reagan: “Gorbachev! How's it been so far?”

Gorbachev: “Reagan, my comrade. I have good news and bad news.”

Reagan: “Go on…”

Gorbachev: “First off, we will accept your peace offer. I hope no further harm onto the world will be done with our battle of ideals.”

Reagan: “Excellent! As for the bad news?”

Gorbachev: “Comrade… The middle east is having a massive oil crisis. Predictions say that by 2005, there could be no oil left on the earth after this event. Tell everyone you can to start building sustainable products. Your “Hippies” of the late 60’s and early 70’s were right…”

Reagan: “(mumbles to himself) Holy shit… This is something that can change the industries of everything for forever…"

Gorbachev: "Comrade..."

Reagan: "Right. I’ll get on it to tell both the cold war and oil crisis updates.”

Gorbachev: “Excellent. Comrade, here is to more calls, in peace.”

Reagan: “I feel the exact same, my friend. Cheers.”

1 week later…

*CNN news releases with the success of the WWF and the dangerous oil crisis*

Stamford, CT. WWF Headquarters:

Vince McMahon: “WWF ratings are higher than ever, yet the Oil Crisis and Cold War peace might bring that train of momentum to a halt… fair enough. I have been able to cooperate well with all those people over the seas and in Mexico, but we need to be able to push for sustainability to see more revenue and the chance to survive for tomorrow.”

New York, NY. NFL Headquarters:

Pete Rozelle: “This is bad… we need to make sure that emissions are near 0 and all of our stadiums/practices as a group need to be minimized. The USFL has also given steam again, but maybe we could merge…”

New York, NY. NBA Headquarters:

David Stern: “Expansion announcements of Toronto, Orlando, Miami, and Minnesota are all going according to plan. This crisis however… That could be disastrous for all. I need to contact all owners of the NBA to create more sustainable arenas, and that there could be consequences like team disbandment and forced ownership leaving if not accepted...”

Zürich, SWI. FIFA Headquarters:

João Havelange: “This is bad… The new oil crisis inside of the Middle East is dangerous for the rest of the world, especially for the game of football globally. I will have to propose a project called Operation Green, a project where sustainability will blossom across all FIFA stadiums to create a greener and healthier game for all… I am concerned about the corruption of the board that will vote though...”

Thoughts and C&C are appreciated!
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This was...Weird. Not an offense just...what it have to with an OIL Crisis in middle east? if Anything the SU become more powerful now(also Venezuela)
No more,I dunno what's the pod? A civil war in Saudi Arabia? Saudi reserves are proven to be an illusion? If anything, Venezuela,Texas and north sea oil now become invaluable