What if the scandal involving Fabre d'Eglantine and the East India Company never occured?

This is relatively unknown, but is rather crucial in the events of the revolution. So, a little background. Fabre d'Eglantine was a really close buddy of Danton and Desmoulins, and was assigned to disband the French East India Company with some other folks, but instead chose to commit fraud and fill his pockets. Realizing the others could squeak, he lied to Robespierre that there was a foreign plot instead of fraud, and when the others did squeak about the fraud, Danton defended him. This rather angered Robespierre and a few other folks of the CoPS as he now believed that Fabre committed both fraud and foreign conspiracy, with Danton still standing by him. This gave the Committee enough reason to have Danton and Desmoulins arrested for their association with Fabre, which Robespierre reluctantly signed after much cajoling from the others.

Now, what do you guys think would habe happened has this not have occurred? I would think that, without the ammunition of association with corrupt figures, Danton and Desmoulins could have been a more moderating influence. Robespierre actually agreed with Desmoulins on looking into all the horrible stuff the revolutionaries were doing. He helped to establish a Committee of Justice to investigate the horrible shit Representatives on Missions were doing in Nantes and Lyon, alongisde investigating the dechristianizers. Plus, Danton, Robespierre and Desmoulins were very close friends, with both Robespierre and Desmoulins being old schoolmates, and Robespierre sending a very comforting letter to Danton after the death of his wife. Its been said that the breakdown of their friendship began with Danton and Desmoulins defending Fabre, which Robespierre found unacceptable, and its also been said that executing his former friends massively strained Robespierre mentally and physically, leading him to act irrationally in the next few months of his life.
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