What if Putin married a Romanov and restored the Monarchy?

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    Hand-waving away how it happens, it is not impossible. Neither is having a child impossible for a guy in his 60s.

    Presuming he does, in reality I do not see how this makes for a stable nation unless he rules like Castro into his 80s and his Romanaov wife herself is extremely astute, so that when Putin kicks the can mentally or physically, the son is old enough to be an able ruler. Then, presuming the son by his early 20s is fairly intelligent and gets some sort of string of luck, such as an economic boom of some sort, then a dynasty can become possible.

    For the world stage, this further isolates Russia. Monarchy is a thing of the past, a Tsar comeback is simply going to make people think Russia is going to be more aggressive and/or weird.

    Depending how the Russian people take the idea, here presuming good if a booming economy, Orthodoxy is a big winner. People with associate a "Return to our roots" as a reason for national success and Orthodoxy will be associated with this.

    Then, birth rates are a major factor. A Russia which continues to decline will by 2050 have a population less than Turkey-- and so being a Tsar to a people who are disappearing (or being absorbed by non-Russian minorities) will not mean too much soon and ironically would probably undercut the whole ideology behind a restored Tsar (a restored, successful Russia.)
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    He was willing to give up being head of state for a while under Medvedev before he went back to being President again. Putin is pragmatic enough to live with an arrangement like that if he thinks he can benefit from it.
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    Putin doesnt need to marry a Romanov to become Tsar, he can establish his own dynasty with some sort of referendum.

    Marrying a Romanov would hinder him.
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    The youngest female of the truncated Romanov line I can find is Princess Alexis Mikhailovna Romanovskaya-Ilyinskaya b. 1994. Princess Lela Dmitrievna Romanov-Ilynsky who was born in 1986 appears to be the second youngest. Neither seem to be in the "right" branch of the family (at least accord to those who see themselves as BEING the right branch of the family)

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    A lot of Soviets leaders were Russian nationalist, but paid lip service to the “Union of equals”

    Putin is continuing that tradition. The divergence is religion. But Putin came from a religious household growing up unlike his predecessors

    Communism is stupid. Putin knows this and the Russian people know this. When Putin praises the Soviet Union, he’s talking about it’s power and geopolitical influence
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    Putin is fundamentally a Soviet Nationalist who has coopted the popular aspects of Russian Nationalism. The monarchy isn't one of those, but rather appeals to a few fringe elements.

    I don't think dynasty matters much to him. His children are rich and comfortable but apolitical. It seems like Sergey Shoigu is the one being groomed for succession based on propaganda efforts and the balance of power. Then again, Medvedev is the ultimate political survivor, and is part of the more internationally respectable liberal faction of United Russia, and so he might have a shot.
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    Or he could marry one of his daughters to one and run as Tywin Lannister.
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    Julie Andrews he's not...
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