What if Kareem Abdul Jabbar signed with the ABA in 1969

Wonder if Bird will destroy himself with (extremely unlucky) injuries in this career aswell.

If he doesn't, I wonder how long it takes Jordan to overcome him (though it is definitely a 'when' not an 'if') and how this affects Magic vs Bird debates
It would be awesome if they could stay in Nola but the arena situation is a big problem since the Superdome isn’t suitable for the NBA and the only other arena in existence at this time is the ~12,000 seat UNO Lakefront Arena.
Yeah it isnt and what I might have to do is move the Jazz to somewhere else and give an Expansion team to New Orleans later as what to happened to Charlotte in OTL but if the team moves the name is going to have to change for the time being
1981-82 NBA Season
The 1981 draft would take place on the 9th June and would be the beginning of the process to contention for both Dallas and Detroit as they would take Chicago natives Mark Aguirre and Isiah Thomas respectively. With the 3rd pick the Chicago Bulls would take Buck Williams from Maryland. With the 8th pick Seattle would take Tom Chambers so he ended up there 2 years before he did in real life and San Diego would take Rolando Blackman with the 9th pick. Los Angeles would end up with the steal of the draft by taking Larry Nance at pick 20.

13Buck Williams*F/C
United States
Chicago BullsMaryland (Jr.)

18Tom Chambers*F/C
United States
Seattle Super SonicsUtah (Sr.)

19Rolando Blackman+G
United States[1]
San Diego ClippersKansas State (Sr.)

120Larry Nance+F/C
United States
Los Angeles LakersClemson (Sr.)

After the draft took place there was one big free agent signing as Gus Williams who had sat out the 1981 season due to contract disputes was now a free agent and would sign with the New Jersey Nets to give them someone who could replace Brian Taylor who was nearing the end of his career and would retire at the end of the 1982 season. The Lakers don't sign Mitch Kupchack and he ends up in New Jersey to still play alongside Kareem but being paid a lot less then he was at the Lakers.

One offseason move that doesn't happen is that Portland keep Tom Owens and dont trade him to the Indiana Pacers for a future 1st round pick as they no longer have Mychal Thompson who is still on the 76ers and still need Owens as their starting center.

The 1982 regular season was once again dominated by Boston as they would for the 3rd year in a row get the best record in the league with 68 wins with Alex English breaking out and becoming an elite 2nd option next to Larry Bird. The Bucks would once again win their division with 50 wins while the Nets bolstered with the additions of Williams and Kupchak would win 64 games to once again get the 3rd seed. Following those 3 teams this year would be the Washington Bullets who would win 46 games, Atlanta who won 41 games and Kentucky who took a step back with the loss of Gus Williams but would win 38 games.

While in the West the Lakers would go through some internal strife firing their coach Paul Weshead early in the season replacing with him his assistant and former Laker Pat Riley but would still win 52 games to win their division and get the 2nd seed in the West behind the Houston Rockets who would win 61 games for the best in the Western Conference. Utah would once again be in 3rd with 51 wins, San Antonio would win 46 games for 4th in the West while Moses Malone would win his 2nd MVP award by carrying Phoenix to a 44 win season and 5th in the West, while the Kansas City Kings would once again make the 6th seed as they would win 41 games.

The playoffs in the East was basically just to see the Nets vs Celtics in the Conference finals once again and that did happen as the Bullets beat the Hawks who were then swept by the Celtics and the Nets beat the Colonels and then the Bucks to set up that matchup. And this time the Nets would win it in 7 games as the Celtics came back from a 3-1 deficit but would lose in the 7th game as Gus Williams starred in game 7 scoring 32 points.

As for the West it was a bit more interesting as Moses Malone would end his time in Phoenix by losing in 3 games to the Spurs while Utah would defeat the Warriors in 2 games. The Lakers would defeat the Stars in the 2nd round matchup with Magic Johnson dominating the series whilst the Rockets would defeat their local rivals the Spurs in 5 games. This set up the Rockets vs the Lakers in the conference finals which the Rockets would win with their depth as in 6 games which showed the Lakers that they needed someone to put them over the top in order to win a title.

The finals pitted the Rockets vs the Nets which promised to be a close series as the Nets had 3 stars in Kareem, Erving and Williams while the Rockets had more depth as they had Murphy, Jones, Sikma and DJ and with the experience that this Rockets team had they would win the finals in 6 games as DJ got the better of Gus Williams, Bobby Jones played elite defence on Erving and Jack Sikma did his best against Kareem limiting him to 22 and 11 in the series while averaging 17 and 9 himself. Dennis Johnson would win the finals MVP and it cemented him as one of the best players in the league and it vindicated a decision by the Rockets to not trade him for Paul Westphal in the 1980 offseason as Westphal had noticeably declined since 1980 while DJ had only continued to be one of the best guards in the league.

Eastern Conference
1z-Boston Celtics6814.828
2y-Milwaukee Bucks5032.60018
3x-New Jersey Nets6418.7694
4x-Washington Bullets4438.53724
5x-Atlanta Hawks4141.50027
6x-Kentucky Colonels3844.46430
7Detroit Pistons3646.43932
8Indiana Pacers3547.42733
9Chicago Bulls3448.41534
10Philadelphia 76ers3349.40235
11New York Knicks3250.39036

12Cleveland Cavaliers1567.18353

Western Conference
1c-Houston Rockets6121.733
2y-Los Angeles Lakers5230.6349
3x-Utah Stars5132.62210
4x-San Antonio Spurs4636.58514
5x-Phoenix Suns4438.53617
6x-Kansas City Kings4141.50020
7Denver Nuggets4042.48821
8Portland Trail Blazers3844.46323
9Seattle SuperSonics3052.36631
10Golden State Warriors2854.34133
11Dallas Mavericks2557.30536
12New Orleans Jazz2062.24441

13San Diego Clippers1765.20744

1982 NBA All Star Game Rosters



PG Magic Johnson ( Los Angeles Lakers)

SG George Gervin ( San Antonio Spurs)

SF Adrian Dantley ( Kansas City Kings)

PF Lonnie Shelton ( Seattle SuperSonics)

C Moses Malone ( Phoenix Suns)


PG Michael Ray Richardson ( Kansas City Kings)

SG Dennis Johnson ( Houston Rockets)

SF Jamaal Wilkes ( Los Angeles Lakers)

SF Mike Mitchell ( San Antonio Spurs)

PF Bobby Jones ( Houston Rockets)

C Jack Sikma ( Houston Rockets)

C Bob Lanier ( Los Angeles Lakers)



PG Tiny Archibald ( Boston Celtics)

SG Sidney Moncrief ( Milwaukee Bucks)

SF Julius Erving ( New Jersey Nets)

PF Larry Bird ( Boston Celtics)

C Kareem Abdul Jabbar ( New Jersey Nets)


PG Isiah Thomas ( Detroit Pistons)

PG Norm Nixon ( Washington Bullets)

SG Alex English ( Boston Celtics)

SF Bernard King ( New York Knicks)

PF Buck Williams ( Chicago Bulls)

C Artis Gilmore ( Kentucky Colonels)

C Robert Parish ( Boston Celtics)

Western Conference

Champion: Houston Rockets

Western Conference Quarterfinal

(3) Utah Stars vs. (6) Kansas City Kings : Stars win series 2–1

  • Game 1 @ Utah: Utah 102, Kansas City 87
  • Game 2 @ Kansas City: Kansas City 91, Utah 70
  • Game 3 @ Utah: Utah 104, Kansas City 95

(4) San Antonio Spurs vs (5) Phoenix Suns : Spurs win series 2-1

  • Game 1 @ San Antonio: Phoenix 129, San Antonio 113
  • Game 2 @ Phoenix: San Antonio 126, Phoenix 110
  • Game 3 @ San Antonio: San Antonio 124, Phoenix 119

Western Conference Semifinals

(1) Houston Rockets
vs. (4) San Antonio Spurs : Rockets win series 4–1

  • Game 1 @ Houston: Houston 95 , San Antonio 93
  • Game 2 @ Houston: San Antonio 114, Houston 99
  • Game 3 @ San Antonio: Houston 99, San Antonio 97
  • Game 4 @ San Antonio: Houston 115, San Antonio 113
  • Game 5 @ Houston: Houston 109, San Antonio 103

(2) Los Angeles Lakers vs. (3) Utah Stars : Lakers win series 4–0

  • Game 1 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 115, Utah 96
  • Game 2 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 117, Utah 98
  • Game 3 @ Utah: Los Angeles 114, Utah 106
  • Game 4 @ Utah: Los Angeles 112, Utah 107

Western Conference Finals

(1) Houston Rockets
vs. (2) Los Angeles Lakers : Rockets win series 4–2

  • Game 1 @ Houston: Houston 128, Los Angeles 117
  • Game 2 @ Houston : Los Angeles 122, Houston 113
  • Game 3 @ Los Angeles: Houston 118, Los Angeles 108
  • Game 4 @ Los Angeles: Houston 128, Los Angeles 123
  • Game 5 @ Houston: Los Angeles 117 Houston 112
  • Game 6 @ Los Angeles: Houston 110 Los Angeles 101

Eastern Conference​

Champion: New Jersey Nets

Eastern Conference Quarterfinals

(3) New Jersey Nets
VS. (6) Kentucky Colonels : Nets win series 2–0

  • Game 1 @ New Jersey: New Jersey 111, Kentucky 76
  • Game 2 @ Louisville: New Jersey 98, Kentucky 95 (OT)

(4) Washington Bullets vs. (5) Atlanta Hawks : Bullets win series 2–0

  • Game 1 @ Washington: Washington 96, Atlanta 83
  • Game 2 @ Atlanta: Washington 103, Atlanta 92

Eastern Conference Semifinals

(1) Boston Celtics
vs. (4) Washington Bullets: Celtics win series 4–0

  • Game 1 @ Boston: Boston 109, Washington 91
  • Game 2 @ Boston : Boston 106, Washington 103
  • Game 3 @ Washington : Boston 92, Washington 83
  • Game 4 @ Washington : Boston 103, Washington 99

(2) Milwaukee Bucks vs. (3) New Jersey Nets : Nets win series 4–1

  • Game 1 @ New Jersey: New Jersey 125, Milwaukee 122
  • Game 2 @ New Jersey: New Jersey 120, Milwaukee 109
  • Game 3 @ Milwaukee: Milwaukee 110, New Jersey 98
  • Game 4 @ Milwaukee: New Jersey 100, Milwaukee 93
  • Game 5 @ New Jersey: New Jersey 102, Milwaukee 90

Eastern Conference Finals

(1) Boston Celtics vs. (3) New Jersey Nets : Celtics win series 4–3

  • Game 1 @ Boston: Boston 121, New Jersey 81 Mother's Day Massacre
  • Game 2 @ Boston: New Jersey 121, Boston 113
  • Game 3 @ New Jersey: New Jersey 99, Boston 97
  • Game 4 @ New Jersey: New Jersey 119, Boston 94
  • Game 5 @ Boston: Boston 114, New Jersey 85
  • Game 6 @ New Jersey: Boston 88, New Jersey 75
  • Game 7 @ Boston: New Jersey 120, Boston 106

NBA Finals​

(W1) Houston Rockets VS. (E3) New Jersey Nets : Rockets win series 4–2

  • Game 1 @ New Jersey : Houston 124, New Jersey 117
  • Game 2 @ New Jersey: New Jersey 110, Houston 94
  • Game 3 @ Houston: Houston 129, New Jersey 108
  • Game 4 @ Houston: Houston 111 , New Jersey 101
  • Game 5 @ New Jersey: New Jersey 135, Houston 102
  • Game 6 @ Houston: Houston 114, New Jersey 104

1982-83 NBA Season
Sampson to declare for the draft

By Michael Wilbon

May 15, 1982

Ralph Sampson surprised almost everyone by opting to declare for the 1982 NBA Draft when all sources pointed that the most likely decision for Sampson to make was that he would be staying at Virginia for another season.

The reason why it was seen as unlikely that Sampson would declare for the draft was that he would only declare if there was a guarantee that the Los Angeles Lakers would be the team to draft him.

Unless Los Angeles can make a deal for San Diego's pick--which would guarantee the Lakers the right to draft Sampson--sources did say that the 7-foot-4 center would remain at Virginia for his fourth and final year. A 50-50 chance of playing with the Lakers would have not been enough to make Sampson leave, the sources said.

But Sampson’s decision might be motivated by regrets that he might have in not declaring the 1980 NBA Draft when Red Auerbach tried to get him to declare for the 1980 NBA Draft when the Boston Celtics had the 1st pick Sampson opted to stay at Virginia and Boston had to make do with the McHale/Cooper trade which has worked out well for the Celtics so far.

The Lakers do need a center to replace Bob Lanier who is nearing the end of his career and the Lakers plan to have Lanier mentor Sampson while he finds his feet if he is drafted by them.

San Diego are a rebuilding team under their new owner Donald Sterling and looking for someone to build their franchise around preferably a big man as they have Rolando Blackman their 1981 draft choice as one piece of the Clippers puzzle already there.

Attempts by the Lakers to guarantee San Diego’s pick are only heightening up with Sampson’s decision to declare for the draft.

"Los Angeles has made us a wonderful offer and we know that would be a wonderful place for him to play," San Diego General Manager Ted Podleski said yesterday. "But we feel that San Diego is not a bad consolation. We've got something cooking here. We've got a pretty good young team that we'd like to improve.

"If they (Los Angeles) make us an offer that would improve our team substantially, then we would make the deal," Podleski said. "It's a day-by-day, hour-by-hour situation."

Laker General Manager Bill Sharman told the Los Angeles Times he was not optimistic about securing San Diego's pick. "They don't feel what we've offered is good enough," said Sharman. "It doesn't look like we're going to get anything accomplished. All the reports we get are that he's not coming out unless he comes to the Lakers. If that's the case, they (the Clippers) are turning down an awful lot."

Sharman did not reveal the specifics of the Los Angeles offer, but did say it involved "a lot of money, draft picks and other considerations."

San Diego owner Donald T. Sterling said yesterday he was offered the $6 million by Laker owner Jerry Buss at a party in Beverly Hills on Tuesday night. Sterling reportedly said he would accept $10 million plus a player, but Buss balked at including a player.

Sampson turned down approximately $400,000 per year from the Boston Celtics after his freshman year, $800,000 a year from Dallas and Detroit after his sophomore year, and could make $1.5 million this year from Los Angeles or San Diego.

Sampson's bargaining power could be drastically reduced next year if the first team drafting is one of the NBA's poorer franchises and could not afford to offer Sampson $1 million per year.

When asked if San Diego, which had the second-worst record in the league this year, could afford Sampson, Podleski said, "Whomever we draft, we'll sign, no matter what."

Seven underclassmen have already decided to forgo their final year of amateur eligibility to enter the NBA draft: Quintin Dailey of San Francisco, Terry Cummings of De Paul, Dominique Wilkins of Georgia, Cliff Levingston of Wichita State, John Bagley of Boston College, LaSalle Thompson of Texas and Rob Williams of Houston.

North Carolina's James Worthy, who is expected to be the No. 1 choice overall if Sampson remains at Virginia, will probably announce today that he is leaving school for the NBA. Clark Kellogg of Ohio State also is expected to announce in favor of the draft

The coin flip to determine whether Los Angeles or San Diego selects first takes place May 20

The 1982 NBA Draft took place on the 29th June of that year and the Lakers would have the 1st pick thanks to that trade with Cleveland which would become a trend for the Cavs as they had already traded 4 consecutive 1st round picks to Dallas so they had a great chance at building a contender. But as for the Lakers they tried to get Ralph Sampson to leave Virginia early and declare for the 1982 NBA Draft which with him realising that he could contend for an NBA title in his first season playing alongside Magic Johnson he would accept as he felt that he could help the Lakers to win an NBA championship. As for the rest of the draft the Clippers would take North Carolina forward James Worthy, the Jazz would take Terry Cummings third as he could play both forward positions. At the 4th pick Dallas would take Dominique Wilkins who had only fallen this far due to him not wanting to play the Clippers or Jazz and Sleepy Floyd would be selected by Golden State and spend the bulk of his career there.

11Ralph Sampson^C
United States
Los Angeles Lakers (from Cleveland)Virginia (Jr))

12James Worthy^SF
United States
San Diego ClippersNorth Carolina (Jr.)

13Terry Cummings*PF
United States
New Orleans JazzDePaul (Jr.)

14Dominique Wilkins^SF
United States
Dallas MavericksGeorgia (Jr.)

113Sleepy Floyd+SG
United States
Golden State WarriorsGeorgetown (Sr.)


The San Antonio Spurs today acquired Moses Malone, the National Basketball Association's most valuable player last season, in a trade with the Phoenix Suns for the veteran center Dave Corzine and San Antonio's No. 1 selection in next year's draft.
On Sept. 2 the Spurs signed Malone to an offer sheet that reportedly would pay him a minimum of $11.8 million for six years and in excess of $15 million if several bonus clauses materialized. The Suns, under the league rule regarding free agency, had 15 days from Sept. 2 to match that offer, or lose Malone to the Spurs.
However, on Sept. 8, the league called several provisions of the Spurs offer illegal. Today, the league said from its New York office that the three most-disputed provisions had been dropped ''by mutual consent of all parties involved,'' and thus Commissioner Larry O'Brien had approved the trade.
Under the new contract, Malone, the 28-year-old center who has been the league's m.v.p. twice, still stands to make a minimum of $11.2 million. He will make an additional $100,000 in each of the next six seasons that the Spurs have a home playoff game, and another $100,000 a season if he averages 30 minutes a game, which he has done throughout his career.

Those clauses would bring the value of the contract to $12.4 million. Should Malone play in the maximum home playoff games over the next six years, the figure could rise to $13 million. He could make even more in a clause tied to his 5 percent share of the team's gross receipts after $4 million and 10 percent after $6 million.
''I don't think anyone knew what I was worth until San Antonio spoke up,'' Malone said tonight after a hurriedly called news conference in San Antonio. The trade was announced jointly in San Antonio and Phoenix.
Malone commented: ''No one in Phoenix recognized how much I did.'' After the challenge to the San Antonio offer, a hearing on the validity of the contract and offer sheet was held Monday in New York under Kingman Brewster, the former president of Yale.
Angelo Drossos, owner of the Spurs, said: ''Neither party, I thought, felt victory or defeat after the Brewster ruling. It was a nothing ruling. It didn't mean anything.''

According to the league statement today, though, certain provisions will be struck from the contract: ''The three provisions which will be deleted involve an annual bonus if San Antonio is not among the top six teams in the N.B.A. in road attendance, a bonus if San Antonio's home gate revenues are less than $3 million and a bonus if San Antonio does not have a statistical leader other than Malone in any year.''
The league did allow provisions for $100,000 a year in guaranteed endorsements and the percentage of gross receipts above $4 million. D
rossos said that he and his attorney, Laurence Shaiman, met twice on Sunday with lawyers for Karl Eller, the Suns owner, and Thomas, and were ''not close'' to a resolution. On Monday, while the N.B.A. arbitration was held, representatives of both clubs talked again and, said Drossos, ''there was no deal.''
Tuesday, Drossos was in Atlanta, and at his request Shaiman called representatives of Eller to see if there would be any reason to fly to Phoenix and talk further about a possible deal. ''They said yes,'' Katz said.
Meanwhile, Malone was en route to San Antonio, where he was to undergo a physical examination as part of San Antonio's tentative offer. He was booked on a flight from here back to Phoenix in midafternoon, but his plans were changed.
''Late this afternoon,'' Drossos said, ''we got the word agreeing, and it was go for the deal and no-go for Moses going back to San Antonio.''

After the draft came free agency and the big question was where would Moses Malone go to as the first thought destination the Lakers had just taken Ralph Sampson who was to be their new franchise center he had to think of another option the team that actually came to get him was a surprising one in the San Antonio Spurs who did have to give up Dave Corzine and a 1983 1st round draft pick to get him from Phoenix but they did get him as the guy to put a team consisting of George Gervin, Mike Mitchell and Johnny Moore over the top and to win an NBA championship.

Due to that one move the Spurs would be the 1 seed in the Western Conference winning 58 games with the Lakers bolstered with the arrival of Sampson would win 57 games and be right behind them in the West and just behind them would be the Houston Rockets on 55 wins with Calvin Murphy in his final season while the Stars would once again be the 4th seed with 50 wins and destined to be 1st round exits were the Golden State Warriors and the Portland Trail Blazers.

Whilst in the East it was still the Celtics and Nets but the Celtics did appear vulnerable as the chemistry was slightly off and Bill Fitch was starting to lose the team but they would still win 61 games while the Nets would win 58 games as it was becoming more apparent to that the era of Erving and Abdul Jabbar was in it’s autumn. The Bucks would once again get the 2 seed with 46 wins after winning the Central Division and in a surprise the New York Knicks would win 45 games as Bernard King was firmly back as one of the best players in the league. In the 5th and 6th seeds would be the Kentucky Colonels on 42 wins and the Washington Bullets on 41 wins.

In the West the Warriors would be eliminated by the Rockets in 2 games and the Blazers would upset the Stars in a 3 game series with Andrew Toney just going off in the series to cause the upset. Portland’s run would be ended in the second round by the Spurs who would win 5 games led by Moses Malone fresh off his 3rd MVP Victory while in the other series the Lakers would defeat the Rockets in 5 games which set up a Lakers-Spurs conference finals with this time the Spurs having the upper hand. And the Spurs would take advantage as they would win the series in 6 games with Malone having the upper hand over Sampson being the key factor.

As for the East the playoffs went as they had been for the past 3 years with the Celtics beating the Knicks and the Nets beating the Bullets and Bucks in order to meet in the conference finals in which the Nets would beat the Celtics in 5 games as several Celtics were inferior versions of themselves in the playoffs compared to the regular season.

This would set up an NBA Finals series of the San Antonio Spurs vs the New Jersey Nets in what was the first a rematch of the 1976 NBA Finals. This would be the second finals matchup between Moses Malone and Kareem Abdul Jabbar and in that first matchup Kareem’s experience had win out but this time Malone not only had the physical edge but he also had a lot more big game experience as did the whole roster and they would use that experience to win the 1983 NBA title beating the Nets in 6 game with Malone winning Finals MVP for getting the better of Kareem in the series this not only gave George Gervin an NBA ring but it also confirmed that Kareem’s 13 year reign as the best center in professional basketball was over and there was a new top dog in the NBA.

But that would be as good as it got for Malone and the Spurs as they wouldn’t get this far again but the next 5 years would be a throwback to the 1960s a feud between the two most successful franchises in the NBA became a legendary rivalry for the first time.

Eastern Conference
1z-Boston Celtics6121.744
2y-Milwaukee Bucks4636.55015
3x-New Jersey Nets5824.7073
4x-New York Knicks4537.54916
5x-Kentucky Colonels4240.51219
6x-Washington Bullets4141.50020
7Atlanta Hawks3844.47623
8Detroit Pistons3547.42626
9Chicago Bulls3448.41327
10Philadelphila 76ers3151.37630
11Cleveland Cavaliers2260.26839

12Indiana Pacers2062.24441

#Western Conference
1c-San Antonio Spurs5824.707
2y-Los Angeles Lakers5725.6951
3x-Houston Rockets5527.6703
4x-Utah Stars5032.5858
5x-Portland Trail Blazers4339.52415
6x-Golden State Warriors4042.48818
7Kansas City Kings3745.45121
8Dallas Mavericks3448.41424
9Seattle Supersonics3349.40125
9New Orleans Jazz3052.36628
11Denver Nuggets2557.30533
12San Diego Clippers2162.25637

12Phoenix Suns1468.17144

Oct. 29 – Nov. 7Reggie Theus (Chicago Bulls)
Nov. 8 – Nov. 14Kelly Tripucka (Detroit Pistons)
Nov. 15 – Nov. 21Alex English (Boston Celtics)
Nov. 22 – Nov. 28Larry Bird (Boston Celtics)
Nov. 29 – Dec. 5Buck Williams (Chicago Bulls)
Dec. 6 – Dec. 12Larry Bird (Boston Celtics)
Dec. 13 – Dec. 19Isiah Thomas (Detroit Pistons)
Dec. 20 – Dec. 26Maurice Lucas (Los Angeles Lakers)
Dec. 27 – Jan. 2Kiki Vandeweghe (Denver Nuggets)
Jan. 3 – Jan. 9Mickey Johnson (New Jersey Nets)
Jan. 10 – Jan. 16Alex English (Boston Celtics)
Jan. 17 – Jan. 23Joe Barry Carroll (New York Knicks)
Jan. 24 – Jan. 30Artis Gilmore (Kentucky Colonels)
Jan. 31 – Feb. 6Moses Malone (San Antonio Spurs)
Feb. 7 – Feb. 21Larry Nance (Los Angeles Lakers)
Feb. 22 – Feb. 27Walter Davis (Golden State Warriors)
Feb. 28 – Mar. 6John Drew (Philadelphia 76ers)
Mar. 7 – Mar. 13Magic Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers)
Mar. 14 – Mar. 20Andrew Toney (Portland Trail Blazers)
Gus Williams (New Jersey Nets)
Mar. 21 – Mar. 27Jeff Ruland (Washington Bullets)
Mar. 28 – Apr. 3Larry Bird (Boston Celtics)
Apr. 4 – Apr. 10Magic Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers)
Apr. 11 – Apr. 17Mike Glenn (Atlanta Hawks)

October/NovemberLarry Bird (Boston Celtics)
DecemberLarry Drew (Kansas City Kings)
Moses Malone (San Antonio Spurs)
JanuaryAlex English (Boston Celtics)
FebruaryMoses Malone (San Antonio Spurs)
MarchJeff Ruland (Washington Bullets)

October/NovemberTerry Cummings (New Orleans Jazz)
DecemberClark Kellogg (Indiana Pacers)
JanuaryRalph Sampson (Los Angeles Lakers)
FebruaryTerry Cummings (New Orleans Jazz
MarchRalph Sampson (Los Angeles Lakers)

Eastern Conference All-Stars

HCBill FitchBoston Celtics2nd
PGIsiah ThomasDetroit Pistons2nd
SGSidney MoncriefMilwaukee Bucks2nd
SFLarry BirdBoston Celtics4th
PFJulius ErvingNew Jersey Nets7th
CKareem Abdul JabbarNew Jersey Nets6th
SF/SGMarques JohnsonMilwaukee Bucks4th
CArtis GilmoreKentucky Colonels1st
PGGus WilliamsNew Jersey Nets2nd
CRobert ParishBoston Celtics3rd
SGAlex EnglishBoston Celtics2nd
SGDavid ThompsonAtlanta Hawks6th
PFBuck WilliamsChicago Bulls2nd

Western Conference All Stars

HCPat RileyLos Angeles Lakers2nd
PGMagic JohnsonLos Angeles Lakers3rd
SGGeorge GervinSan Antonio Spurs7th
SFWalter DavisGolden State Warriors2nd
PFMaurice LucasLos Angeles Lakers4th
CKareem Abdul-JabbarSan Antonio Spurs13th
SFMike MitchellSan Antonio Spurs2nd
CRalph SampsonLos Angeles Lakers1st
SGAndrew ToneyPortland Trail Blazers1st
C/PFJack SikmaHouston Rockets3rd
SFKiki VandewegheDenver Nuggets1st
PGDennis JohnsonHouston Rockets2nd
SF/SGJamaal WilkesLos Angeles Lakers3rd

Western Conference​

Champion: San Antonio Spurs

Western Conference Quarterfinals

(3) Houston Rockets
vs. (6) Golden State Warriors : Rockets win series 2–1

  • Game 1 @ Houston: Houston 108, Golden State 97
  • Game 2 @ Oakland: Houston 105, Golden State 96

(5) Portland Trail Blazers vs (4) Utah Stars : Trail Blazers win series 2-1

  • Game 1 @ Utah: Portland 121, Utah 108
  • Game 2 @ Portland: Utah 113, Portland 99
  • Game 3 @ Utah: Portland 117, Utah 112

Western Conference Semifinals

(1) San Antonio Spurs
vs. (5) Portland Trail Blazers : Spurs win series 4–1

  • Game 1 @ San Antonio: San Antonio 142 , Portland 123
  • Game 2 @ San Antonio: San Antonio 126, Portland 109
  • Game 3 @ Portland: San Antonio 127, Portland 126 (OT)
  • Game 4 @ Portland: Portland 124, San Antonio 114
  • Game 5 @ San Antonio: San Antonio 133, Portland 103

(2) Los Angeles Lakers vs. (3) Houston Rockets : Lakers win series 4–1

  • Game 1 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 118, Houston 97
  • Game 2 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 112, Houston 106
  • Game 3 @ Houston: Los Angeles 115, Houston 109 (OT)
  • Game 4 @ Houston: Houston 108, Los Angeles 95
  • Game 5 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 112, Utah 107

Western Conference Finals

(1) San Antonio Spurs
vs. (2) Los Angeles Lakers : Spurs win series 4–2

  • Game 1 @ San Antonio: San Antonio 119, Los Angeles 107
  • Game 2 @ San Antonio : Los Angeles 113, San Antonio 103
  • Game 3 @ Los Angeles: San Antonio 113, Los Angeles 100
  • Game 4 @ Los Angeles: San Antonio 129, Los Angeles 121
  • Game 5 @ San Antonio: Los Angeles 117 San Antonio 112
  • Game 6 @ Los Angeles: San Antonio 101 Los Angeles 100

Eastern Conference​

Champion: New Jersey Nets

Eastern Conference Quarterfinals

(3) New Jersey Nets
VS. (6) Washington Bullets : Nets win series 2–0

  • Game 1 @ New Jersey: New Jersey 103, Washington 95
  • Game 2 @ Washington: New Jersey 98, Washington 79

(4) New York Knicks vs. (5) Kentucky Colonels : Knicks win series 2–0

  • Game 1 @ New York: New York 118, Kentucky 107
  • Game 2 @ Louisville: New York 105, Kentucky 99

Eastern Conference Semifinals

(1) Boston Celtics
vs. (4) Washington Bullets: Celtics win series 4–0

  • Game 1 @ Boston: Boston 109, Washington 91
  • Game 2 @ Boston : Boston 106, Washington 103
  • Game 3 @ Washington : Boston 92, Washington 83
  • Game 4 @ Washington : Boston 103, Washington 99

(2) Milwaukee Bucks vs. (3) New Jersey Nets : Nets win series 4–1

  • Game 1 @ New Jersey: New Jersey 125, Milwaukee 122
  • Game 2 @ New Jersey: New Jersey 120, Milwaukee 109
  • Game 3 @ Milwaukee: Milwaukee 110, New Jersey 98
  • Game 4 @ Milwaukee: New Jersey 100, Milwaukee 93
  • Game 5 @ New Jersey: New Jersey 102, Milwaukee 90

Eastern Conference Finals

(1) Boston Celtics vs. (3) New Jersey Nets : Nets win series 4–0

  • Game 1 @ Boston: New Jersey 116, Boston 95
  • Game 2 @ Boston: New Jersey 121, Boston 113
  • Game 3 @ New Jersey: New Jersey 99, Boston 97
  • Game 4 @ New Jersey: New Jersey 109, Boston 94

NBA Finals​

(W1) San Antonio Spurs VS. (E3) New Jersey Nets : Spurs win series 4–2

  • Game 1 @ San Antonio : San Antonio 113, New Jersey 107
  • Game 2 @ San Antonio: San Antonio 103, New Jersey 93
  • Game 3 @ New Jersey: New Jersey 111, San Antonio 94
  • Game 4 @ New Jersey: San Antonio 115 , New Jersey 108
  • Game 5 @ San Antonio: New Jersey 105, San Antonio 92
    Game 6 @ New Jersey: San Antonio 114, New Jersey 104
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1983-84 NBA Season
The 1984 season would begin with the 1983 NBA Draft which took place on the 28th June 1983 this would be the NBA Commissioner's Larry O Brian’s final NBA Draft as he would hand over the position to David Stern. Due to the departure of Moses Malone the Phoenix Suns had pullumeted in the 83 season winning only 14 Games but they would earn the 1st pick which they would use to select Missouri center Steve Stipanovich, a solid center who would be forced to retire after 5 seasons due to degenerative knee condition. With the 2nd pick the Pacers would take Rodney McCray as they were starting their rebuild following the end of the George McGinnis era. Byron Scott would end up in San Diego with the 3rd pick and actually stay there as the Lakers don't have the assets to trade for him. Dale Ellis would still be selected by Dallas at 9th, while Jeff Malone would end up as the Chicago Bulls new shooting guard as he would be taken with the 8th pick in the draft. The playoffs would also consist of 16 teams as 8 teams in both conferences which meant that there would be no more 1st round byes and the first round would also be a best of 5 series.

11Steve StipanovichC
United States
Phoenix SunsMissouri (Sr.)
12Rodney McCraySF
United States
Indiana PacersLouisville (Sr.)
13Byron ScottSG
United States
San Diego ClippersArizona State (Jr.)

19Jeff Malone+SG
United States
Chicago BullsMississippi State (Sr.)

The main offseason transaction would actually be a coaching change as Bill Fitch would resign as coach of the Boston Celtics being replaced by former Celtics Hall of Fame player KC Jones who was nowhere near as good a coach as Fitch but would be perfect for this team as in this season Larry Bird would enter his peak this time at power forward at first winning his 2nd MVP award with Tiny Archibald in his final season, elite scorer in Alex English, one of the league’s best centers in Robert Parish and the 6th man of the year winner in Kevin McHale the Celtics would romp to a 67 win season and take the 1 seed in the Eastern Conference. Milwaukee would once again be the 2nd seed with 52 wins while both the Nets and Knicks would get better records by winning 56 and 48 games respectively. The bottom half of the standings would consist of Detroit in their 1st playoff appearance of the Isiah Thomas era, Kentucky once again with their aging roster which meant that a rebuild was inevitable, Chicago who also would surprise and make their 1st playoff appearance in a while and finally Washington.

As for the Western conference the Lakers would get the 1st seed with 52 wins with Sampson improving and the Lakers also added Randy Wittman via the draft to start at shooting guard which ensured that Michael Cooper would become the 6th Man. In the 2nd seed was actually a team that surprised everyone in the Dallas Mavericks as they would win 48 games and win the Midwest division lead by Mark Aguirre and Dominique Wilkins, behind them would be the Houston Rockets who would win 47 games with their team who were on the downswing with some key players either gone or slowing down. As for the defending champions San Antonio they would struggle at some points in the season ending with a record of 45-37 which was a disappointment for the team that had won the title the previous season. From 5 to 8 it was Portland led by Andrew Toney, Kansas who still had Adrian Dantley leading the way for them, Utah who were starting to also go on a downward trend and Seattle who were led by Tom Chambers.

In the East playoffs the Celtics would sweep the Bullets, while the Bucks would be taken to 4 by the Bulls before advancing to the next round, as for the Nets they would finally end Kentucky’s playoff era as they would win in 4 games. The Knicks would still beat the Pistons in 5 games in a classic series. The Celtics and Nets would not meet in a conference finals as the Nets would be beaten by Milwaukee in 6 games while the Celtics would beat New York this time in 5. As for the Conference finals Boston would defeat the Bucks in 5 games and would look to the opposing coast as there was one team in particular they had wanted to face since 1980.

As for the West, Los Angeles would defeat Seattle easily in 3 games while Dallas’s run would continue as they beat the playoff experienced Stars in 4 games. Houston would eliminate Kansas in 3 games as Bobby Jones just shut down Dantley and that was that as for the Spurs vs Blazers matchup the defending champions would not be upset as they would win in 4 games but the age of some of the players was beginning to show and their opponents would take advantage. In the 2nd round the Mavericks run would come to an end as the Rockets would win in 6 games to advance and the Spurs defence would come to an end as the Lakers would defeat them in 5 games which set up the same conference finals as 1982 but this time there would be a different result as Los Angeles would win 4 games to 2 to advance to the NBA Finals and what would be everyone’s dream matchup the Boston Celtics vs the Los Angeles Lakers.

This would be the 1st time that the Lakers and Celtics met in the finals since 1969 and in one of the greatest finals series of all time with the Lakers easily winning both Games 1 and 3 and would have won the second game if not for Gerald Henderson stealing an errant pass from Jammal Wilkes to force overtime in which the Celtics were able to ensure that the Lakers didn't leave Boston with a 2-0 series lead. The 4th game was heading much the same way until Kurt Rambis was clotheslined by Kevin McHale which changed the tone of the series into a legitimate contest with the Celtics winning Game 4 in Overtime and also winning the 5th game with the Garden also known as the ‘’Heat Game’’. The Lakers would win the 6th game in the Forum which sent the series to a 7th game in the Boston Garden.

Lakers Finish Celtics In Seven Games, 121-116

By Anthony Cotton

June 12, 1984
On the occasion of the 166th consecutive sellout at Boston Garden, with 13 championship banners hanging from the ceiling, Magic Johnson scored six straight points late in the fourth quarter as the Los Angeles Lakers held off the Celtics, 121-116, to win the NBA championship today.

With Johnson, 25, scoring a team-high 42 points along with Fifteen rebounds and seven assists, the Lakers denied the Celtics the opportunity to win their Fourteenth NBA title and in the process erased a lifetime of frustration. The Lakers had lost eight straight previous championship series to Boston.

For that matter, it was only the second time in their illustrious history the Celtics have lost a championship series. The St. Louis Hawks beat them in the 1957-58 season, also four games to two. It also marked the first time Boston lost a deciding game at the Garden.

"This removes one of the most odious statements in basketball," Lakers owner Jerry Buss said. "It can no longer be said the Lakers have never defeated the Celtics in a championship series."

Coach Pat Riley, winner of his first championship ring in three seasons, agreed. "It's like writing an autobiography. It's cathartic," he said. "Everything (in the past) has been purged, as it should be. Winning one time against them may not make a lot of difference to some, but it does to this team. Now we're 1-0 against them."

Ralph Sampson scored 28 points, 12 rebounds on 11-for-15 shooting for the Lakers and Jammal Wilkes scored 16 points in what was his best performance since recovering from the illness that forced him to miss the first 2 rounds of the Playoffs.

Magic said that the Lakers loss in the 1980 finals still "bothered me. Any time you make mistakes . . . it bothers you. It was a long year to wait for this moment."

The Lakers won this series in large part because of their fast break, particularly after big wins in Game 1 and 3. They were outrebounded today, 52-43, giving Boston a 337-314 edge for the series.

The Celtics were consistently outhustled by the Lakers today. "As soon as we left the locker room, everybody on this team knew that we'd win today," said Los Angeles forward Kurt Rambis, who had 10 rebounds. "That's what we did, we won this game on hustle."

"They pounced on all the loose balls, they got all the big rebounds and Magic made all the excellent passes," Celtics guard Tiny Archibald said. "You just have to give them all the credit."

Today, as he did throughout the series, with the notable expectation of Games 2 and 4 Johnson, the series MVP, turned back the Celtics at nearly every turn. Twelve of his points came in the final quarter, with his last six putting the game -- and the title -- on ice for the Lakers.

In the Celtics' 129-125 victory in Game 4, much was made of their ability to stay close with three substitutes on the floor. That situation was reversed today. For much of the second quarter, the Celtics stayed with their starters while Los Angeles shuttled players in and out of the game.

Although the teams were tied, 55-55, at the half, the Lakers were far fresher in the second half.

"We stayed close with our two key people (Johnson and Sampson) on the bench," Riley said. "We didn't crack those last three or four minutes. If we were down by seven points, things might have been difficult."

Instead, the relatively fresh Lakers went against a Boston team that would use only seven men over the course of the game, with each starter playing at least 39 minutes.

"Fatigue wasn't a factor. We just didn't hit the shots we wanted," said Boston Coach K.C. Jones, citing the combined six-for-31 shooting by guards Dennis Johnson and Danny Ainge. "They were playing us to hit from the outside and we just didn't do it." The Celtics shot only 39 percent (37 for 96) from the floor.

Jones also refused to use Larry Bird's elbow, finger and ankle problems as excuses. Although he scored 28 points and got 10 rebounds, Bird missed 17 of 29 shots today and shot 48.4 percent for the series.

"I live and die with the jump shot," he said. "That's what got me here and that's what won us championships. Every one I missed, I said the next one's going in, but they didn't."

Even so, the Celtics did their best to make things uncomfortable for Los Angeles. The Lakers were leading, 82-73, entering the final quarter but Boston closed to 86-82 with 8:56 left behind the play of Bird and Kevin McHale (32 points, 16 rebounds).

The next six points were scored by Johnson, Sampson (28 points) and Rambis. Bird then scored four straight points to cut the margin back to six with 6:46 remaining but McHale fouled out 1:35 later trying to block a shot by Rambis.

McHale, the fourth-year veteran from Minnesota, averaged 20 points and nearly 8 rebounds a game in the finals. With him out of the game, Boston never got within five.

"They just beat us," he said later. "There are no sour grapes here. They get all the glory."

The 7th game would live up to all of the hype of the series as former Finals MVP in Cedric Maxwell would end up scoring 24 points as the Celtics would score 116 points yet that wouldn't be enough as Magic Johnson would take advantage of Tiny Archibald’s age and lack of size at the point guard position to score 42 points, 15 rebounds and 7 assists to lead the Lakers to a 5 point victory in the Boston Garden and what would be the first NBA Title of the Showtime Era over their biggest rivals on their own floor.

Meanwhile in Boston it was the opposite of jubilation as they had not only lost a very likely NBA title but had lost to the Lakers of all teams. This defeat would motivate Red Auerbach to make three moves in that offseason. Two of those moves would have a short term benefit to the Celtics while the other move would benefit the Celtics into the 90s and beyond.

Eastern Conference
1z-Boston Celtics6715.818
2y-Milwaukee Bucks5032.61017
3x-New Jersey Nets5626.68311
4x-Detroit Pistons4834.61019
5x-New York Knicks4735.57320
6x-Kentucky Colonels4339.52524
7x-Chicago Bulls4042.48827
8x-Washington Bullets3745.45130
9Atlanta Hawks3349.39234
10Philadelphia 76ers3151.36836
11Cleveland Cavaliers2656.31741

12Indiana Pacers2458.29343

#Western Conference
1c-Los Angeles Lakers5230.634
2y-Dallas Mavericks4834.5854
3x-Houston Rockets4735.5735
4x-San Antonio Spurs4537.5497
5x-Portland Trail Blazers4240.51210
6x-Kansas City Kings4141.50011
7x-Utah Stars4141.50011
8x-Seattle Supersonics3844.46316
9New Orleans Jazz3745.45115
10Golden State Warriors3745.45115
11Denver Nuggets3547.42717
12San Diego Clippers2755.33025

13Phoenix Suns2062.24532

Yearly awards​

Oct. 28 – Nov. 6Eddie Johnson (Kansas City Kings)
Nov. 7 – Nov. 13Magic Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers)
Nov. 14 – Nov. 20Kiki Vandeweghe (New York Knicks)
Nov. 21 – Nov. 27Mark Aguirre (Dallas Mavericks)
Nov. 28 – Dec. 4Rickey Green (New Orleans Jazz)
Dec. 5 – Dec. 11Jeff Ruland (Washington Bullets)
Dec. 12 – Dec. 18Adrian Dantley (Kansas City Kings)
Dec. 19 – Dec. 26Dan Roundfield (Atlanta Hawks)
Dec. 27 – Jan. 2Isiah Thomas (Detroit Pistons)
Jan. 3 – Jan. 8Purvis Short (Golden State Warriors)
Jan. 9 – Jan. 15Kelly Tripucka (Detroit Pistons)
Jan. 16 – Jan. 22Buck Williams (Chicago Bulls)
Jan. 31 – Feb. 5Bernard King (New York Knicks)
Feb. 6 – Feb. 12Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (New Jersey Nets)
Feb. 13 – Feb. 19Larry Bird (Boston Celtics)
Feb. 20 – Feb. 26Magic Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers)
Feb. 27 – Mar. 4Mickey Johnson (Golden State Warriors)
Mar. 5 – Mar. 11Larry Bird (Boston Celtics)
Mar. 12 – Mar. 18Adrian Dantley (Kansas City Kings)
Mar. 19 – Mar. 25Moses Malone (San Antonio Spurs)
Mar. 26 – Apr. 1Isiah Thomas (Detroit Pistons)
Apr. 2 – Apr. 8Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Los Angeles Lakers)
Apr. 9 – Apr. 15Dominique Wilkins (Dallas Mavericks)

NovemberSteve Stipanovich (Phoenix Suns)
DecemberJeff Malone (Chicago Bulls)
JanuaryThurl Bailey (New Orleans Jazz)
FebruaryJeff Malone (Chicago Bulls)
MarchJeff Malone (Chicago Bulls)

HCK.C. JonesBoston Celtics1st
PGIsiah ThomasDetroit Pistons3rd
SGSidney MoncriefMilwaukee Bucks3rd
SFJulius ErvingNew Jersey Nets10th
PFLarry BirdBoston Celtics5th
CKareem Abdul JabbarNew Jersey Nets14th
SFBernard KingNew York Knicks4th
C/PFBill LaimbeerDetroit Pistons2nd
SF/SGKelly TripuckaDetroit Pistons2nd
C/PFJeff RulandWashington Bullets1st
PFKevin McHaleBoston Celtics1st
SGAlex EnglishBoston Celtics3rd
CRobert ParishBoston Celtics4th

HCFrank LaydenNew Orleans Jazz1st
PGMagic JohnsonLos Angeles Lakers4th
SGAndrew ToneyPortland Trail Blazers2nd
SFGeorge GervinSan Antonio Spurs9th
PFAdrian DantleyKansas City Kings4th
CRalph SampsonLos Angeles Lakers2nd
SFMark AguirreDallas Mavericks1st
PFMaurice LucasLos Angeles Lakers4th
SF/SGJim PaxsonSan Diego Clippers2nd
C/PFJack SikmaHouston Rockets6th
SFKiki VandewegheDenver Nuggets2nd
PGRickey GreenNew Orleans Jazz1st
SF/SGWalter DavisPhoenix Suns5th

Western Conference​

Champion: Los Angeles Lakers

Western Conference Quarterfinals

(1) Los Angeles Lakers
vs. (8) Seattle Supersonics : Lakers win series 3–0

  • Game 1 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 116, Seattle 105
  • Game 2 @ Los Angeles : Los Angeles 109, Seattle 102
  • Game 3 @ Seattle: Los Angeles 109, Seattle 102

(2) Dallas Mavericks vs. (7) Utah Stars : Mavericks win series 3–1

  • Game 1 @ Dallas: Dallas 123, Utah 121
  • Game 2 @ Dallas: Dallas 132 , Utah 116
  • Game 3 @ Utah: Utah 129, Dallas 124
  • Game 4 @ Utah: Dallas 121, Utah 117

(3) Houston Rockets vs. (6) Kansas City Kings : Rockets win series 3–1

  • Game 1 @ Houston: Kansas City 113, Houston 106
  • Game 2 @ Houston: Houston 122, Kansas City 116
  • Game 3 @ Kansas City: Houston 106, Kansas City 103
  • Game 4 @ Kansas City: Houston 117, Kansas City 105

(4) San Antonio Spurs vs (5) Portland Trail Blazers : Spurs win series 3-1

  • Game 1 @ San Antonio: San Antonio 88, Portland 86
  • Game 2 @ San Antonio: Portland 104, San Antonio 94
  • Game 3 @ Portland: San Antonio 107, Portland 96
  • Game 4 @ Portland: San Antonio 105, Portland 104 (OT)

Western Conference Semifinals

(1) Los Angeles Lakers
vs. (4) San Antonio Spurs : Lakers win series 4–1

  • Game 1 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 134 , San Antonio 91
  • Game 2 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 117, San Antonio 101
  • Game 3 @ San Antonio: San Antonio 125, Los Angeles 115
  • Game 4 @ San Antonio: Los Angeles 122, San Antonio 115
  • Game 5 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 115, San Antonio 99

(2) Dallas Mavericks vs. (3) Houston Rockets : Rockets win series 4–2

  • Game 1 @ Dallas: Dallas 107, Houston 97
  • Game 2 @ Dallas: Houston 102, Dallas 96
  • Game 3 @ Houston: Houston 106, Dallas 94
  • Game 4 @ Houston: Houston 111, Dallas 110
  • Game 5 @ Dallas: Dallas 118, Houston 107
  • Game 6 @ Houston: Houston 102, Dallas 82

Western Conference Finals

(1) Los Angeles Lakers
vs. (3) Houston Rockets : Lakers win series 4–2

  • Game 1 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 110, Houston 94
  • Game 2 @ Los Angeles : Los Angeles 118, Houston 103 Magic Johnson's 24 assists sets an NBA playoff record for assists in a game.
  • Game 3 @ Houston: Houston 123, Los Angeles 120
  • Game 4 @ Houston: Los Angeles 126, Houston 115
  • Game 5 @ Los Angeles: Houston 117 Los Angeles 112
  • Game 6 @ Houston: Los Angeles 99 Houston 97

Eastern Conference​

Champion: Boston Celtics

Eastern Conference Quarterfinals

(1) Boston Celtics VS. (8) Washington Bullets : Celtics win series 3–0

  • Game 1 @ Boston : Boston 93, Washington 85
  • Game 2 @ Boston : Boston 98, Washington 85
  • Game 3 @ Washington : Boston 98, Washington 95

(2) Milwaukee Bucks VS. (8) Chicago Bulls : Bucks win series 3–1

  • Game 1 @ Milwaukee : Milwaukee 103, Chicago 91
  • Game 2 @ Milwaukee : Milwaukee 101, Chicago 85
  • Game 3 @ Chicago : Chicago 101, Milwaukee 87
  • Game 4 @ Chicago : Milwaukee 96, Chicago 93

(3) New Jersey Nets VS. (8) Kentucky Colonels : Nets win series 3–1

  • Game 1 @ New Jersey : New Jersey 116, Kentucky 101
  • Game 2 @ New Jersey : New Jersey 116, Kentucky 102
  • Game 3 @ Louisville : Kentucky 108, New Jersey 100
  • Game 4 @ Louisville : New Jersey 101, Kentucky 98

(4) Detroit Pistons vs. (5) New York Knicks : Knicks win series 3–2

  • Game 1 @ Detroit: New York 94, Detroit 93
  • Game 2 @ Detroit: Detroit 113, New York 105
  • Game 3 @ New York: New York 120, Detroit 105
  • Game 4 @ New York: Detroit 119, New York 112
  • Game 5 @ Detroit: New York 127, Detroit 123 Bernard King/Isiah Thomas Duel. King put up 44 points while having the flu and both middle fingers dislocated, while Thomas scored 16 points in the last 93 seconds of regulation to force OT.

Eastern Conference Semifinals

(1) Boston Celtics
vs. (5) New York Knicks : Celtics win series 4–1

  • Game 1 @ Boston: Boston 109, New York 91
  • Game 2 @ Boston : Boston 106, New York 103
  • Game 3 @ New York : New York 100, Boston 93
  • Game 4 @ New York : Boston 118, New York 113
  • Game 5 @ Boston : Boston 123, Washington 99

(2) Milwaukee Bucks vs. (3) New Jersey Nets : Bucks win series 4–2

  • Game 1 @ New Jersey: New Jersey 106, Milwaukee 100
  • Game 2 @ New Jersey: Milwaukee 98, New Jersey 94
  • Game 3 @ Milwaukee: Milwaukee 100, New Jersey 93
  • Game 4 @ Milwaukee: New Jersey 106, Milwaukee 99
  • Game 5 @ New Jersey: Milwaukee 92, New Jersey 84
  • Game 6 @ Milwaukee: Milwaukee 98, New Jersey 97

Eastern Conference Finals

(1) Boston Celtics
vs. (2) Milwaukee Bucks : Celtics win series 4–1

  • Game 1 @ Boston: Boston 121, Milwaukee 94
  • Game 2 @ Boston: Boston 125, Milwaukee 107
  • Game 3 @ Milwaukee: Boston 109, Milwaukee 97
  • Game 4 @ Milwaukee: Milwaukee 119, Boston 114
  • Game 5 @ Boston : Boston 119, Milwaukee 104

NBA Finals​

(W1) Los Angeles Lakers VS. (E1) Boston Celtics : Lakers win series 4–3

  • Game 1 @ Boston: Los Angeles 115, Boston 109
  • Game 2 @ Boston: Boston 124, Los Angeles 121 (OT) Gerald Henderson steals the ball
  • Game 3 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 137, Boston 104
  • Game 4 @ Los Angeles: Boston 129 , Los Angeles 125
  • Game 5 @ Boston: Boston 121, Los Angeles 103
  • Game 6 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 119, Boston 108
  • Game 7 @ Boston: Los Angeles 121, Boston 116 Magic Johnson score 42/15/7 to lead the Lakers to victory in the Garden
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1984-85 NBA Season
The beginning of a new era in the NBA would commence with the 1984 NBA Draft which is regarded as one of the greatest NBA draft classes of all time with 5 hall of fame players, 4 of whom would earn the status by starring in the NBA. The 1st pick would once again belong to the Phoenix Suns as they would once again get the 1st pick in the draft and would take Hakeem Olujawon from the University of Houston to play alongside Steve Stepinaovich in the front court.

The team that owned the 2nd pick in the draft were the Indiana Pacers who hadn’t traded their 1984 1st round pick for Tom Owens as Portland needed to keep Owens beyond 1981 because Mychal Thompson who was their center was now in Philadelphia and looking at the Indiana Pacers team they already had Rodney McCray at Small Forward, Clark Kellogg who was still healthy at power forward, Herb Williams at Center and were planning on taking Vern Fleming who was to be their point guard with the pick they got from New York. That left a hole at shooting guard that they needed to fill and so with the 2nd Pick of the 1984 NBA Draft the Indiana Pacers would select Michael Jordan from North Carolina.

Dallas would own the 3rd pick in the draft as this was the second of 4 consecutive 1st round picks that they would get from Cleveland and with this pick they would select Sam Perkins from North Carolina to provide a big man to play alongside Dale Ellis, Mark Aguirre and Dominique Wilkins San Diego with the 4th pick of the draft needed a center and would take Sam Bowie as their current center. Bill Walton was a free agent and would leave the Clippers this offseason. Philadelphia would still select Charles Barkley with the 5th pick in the draft. Denver would select future DOPY winner Alvin Robertson at 7. John Stockton would still be selected by the Jazz this time at 9th with Otis Thorpe going to Washington at 10 and Kevin Willis would go to Utah at 12, the final notable pick in the draft would be at 23 when the Lakers would take Jerome Kersey to be their new small forward as Jamaal Wilkes was on the downswing of his career.

12Michael Jordan^G/F
United States
Indiana PacersNorth Carolina (Jr.)
13Sam PerkinsF/C
United States
Dallas Mavericks (from Cleveland)[e]North Carolina (Sr.)

14Sam BowieC
United States
Los Angeles ClippersKentucky (Sr.)

17Alvin Robertson*G
United States
Denver NuggetsArkansas (Sr.)

19John Stockton^G
United States
Orlando MagicGonzaga (Sr.)

110Otis Thorpe+F/C
United States
Washington BulletsProvidence (Sr.)

112Kevin Willis*F/C
United States
Utah StarsMichigan State (Sr.)

123Jerome KerseyF
United States
Los Angeles LakersLongwood (Sr.)

The offseason would then take place and Red Auerbach would show once again why he was the best GM in the league with 3 great moves the first one was that with the retirement of Tiny Archibald and Magic Johnson’s game 7 performance in the 1984 NBA Finals made Boston trade backup center Wayne Cooper to the Houston Rockets for 1982 Finals MVP Dennis Johnson.
The second trade the Celtics made was put in motion because Cedric Maxwell was a free agent and he wanted to leave as he wanted a bigger role and Boston couldn’t give him that so had a look at what they needed and they saw that they needed a backup center and with the Clippers having just drafted Sam Bowie, Red knew that Bill Walton was available with him also being a free agent Boston would give the Clippers Maxwell and Micheal Young who was their 1984 1st round pick while the Clippers would give them Walton who would be their new backup center and who they had played most of the last 2 seasons but he had missed 4 seasons with his various injuries so it was certainly a risk but when Walton had been healthy he had won an MVP. The third move that Red made was that he traded Gerald Henderson to the Seattle Supersonics in exchange for their 1986 first round draft pick.

After 10 season the New Orleans Jazz would relocate to Orlando and become the Magic as the Jazz had poor attendances in New Orleans coupled with some disastrous front office moves which set the team back which led to the decision to relocate the Orlando as the league was considering expansion and Orlando was chosen as the New City for the Jazz to move to though they would change their name to the Magic due to the fact that Disneyland is in Orlando. Amway Arena as the Magic’s venue would be called had a capacity of 17,000 as the venue had been fast tracked by a few years in anticipation of an NBA team relocating there or in the unlikely event that the NBA would award them an expansion team over a bid from Miami.

The 1985 season was dominated once again by Boston as they would win 71 games as Larry Bird would win his 2nd straight MVP award while Kevin McHale would win his 2nd straight 6th man of the Year award and KC Jones would be named as Coach of the Year. Milwaukee would once again be the 2nd seed with 50 wins while New Jersey would dip once again and win only 53 games for the 3rd seed in the East. Detroit and Chicago would prove that last year wasn't a fluke as they would get the 4th and 5th seed respectively and meet in the 1st round. Washington would once again make the playoffs as the 6th seed, Cleveland would surprise everyone and make the playoffs as the 7th seed and Indiana led by Rookie of the Year Michael Jordan would be the 8th seed.

While in the West it would be the Lakers once again as the 1st seed with 55 wins as Jamaal Wilkes started to struggle with injuries and Jerome Kersey was only a rookie and would take time to develop his game, the winner of the midwest division would be the Houston Rockets as they would win 51 games and claim the 2nd seed behind Houston would be both of it’s local rivals as the Mavericks would win 47 games and the Spurs would win 46 with George Gervin certainly in the winter of his career by this point. From 5 to 8 would be Portland with Clyde Drexler taking more of a starting role, Denver who exceeded expectations, Utah in the 7th seed once again and New Orleans who made their 1st playoff appearance after over a decade in the NBA.

In the East playoffs the Celtics would sweep the Pacers but not before Jordan showed the league that he would be a force for years to come with 63 points in the second game of the series. Milwaukee would easily dispatch Cleveland in 4 games while the Bullets were eliminated by the Nets in 4 games and in the matchup of the 1st round the Pistons would beat the Bulls in 5 games. Boston would teach Detroit a lesson as they would beat the Pistons in 5 games, while New Jersey would beat Milwaukee in 5 games to once again set up a Boston vs New Jersey matchup which the Celtics would win in 4 games to definitely show the East that they were the top dogs now and they waited to see if their newest rivals would come out of the West.

As for the West the Lakers would predictably beat New Orleans in 3 games while Houston would defeat Utah who were at the end of their run this time, as for the other 2 Texas teams Dallas would dispatch of Denver in 3 while San Antonio would once again end Portland’s season. This once again set up Lakers vs Spurs and once again Los Angeles would win the series with Ralph Sampson getting the better of Moses Malone. As for the Texas matchup it would go to 7 games but Dallas would win out and make its first western conference finals appearance after just 5 seasons of existence. That would be as far as it went for Dallas however as Los Angeles would win in 5 games to set up a rematch between Boston and Los Angeles.

Even though the matchup was the same the pendulum had swung as the Celtics had gotten better while the Lakers had gotten slightly worse and the Celtics would dominate the series winning it in 5 games with Larry Bird just dominating Jerome Kersey, Dennis Johnson doing a good job against Magic and off the bench Kevin McHale was unstoppable Bird would win his 1st finals MVP trophy and the 85 Celtics are now regarded as one of the greatest teams of all time.

Eastern Conference
1z-Boston Celtics7111.878
2y-Milwaukee Bucks5032.61021
3x-New Jersey Nets5329.64618
4x-Detroit Pistons4636.56125
5x-Chicago Bulls4438.53627
6x-Washington Bullets4042.48831
7x-Cleveland Cavaliers3646.43932
8x-Indiana Pacers3448.41537
9Philadelphila 76ers3250.39141
10Kentucky Colonels30 52.36641
11New York Knicks2953.35342

12Atlanta Hawks2755.32844

#Western Conference
1c-Los Angeles Lakers5527.671
2y-Houston Rockets5131.6224
3x-Dallas Mavericks4735.5738
4x-San Antonio Spurs4636.5619
5x-Portland Trail Blazers4240.51213
6x-Denver Nuggets4141.50014
7x-Utah Stars3943.47616
8x-Orlando Magic3646.43919
9Seattle SuperSonics3349.40322
10Los Angeles Clippers3151.37824
11Kansas City Kings3151.37824
12Golden State Warriors2854.34127

13Phoenix Suns2656.31729

Western Conference[edit]​

Adrian Dantley, Kansas City Kings2326662110
Moses Malone, San Antonio Spurs2910154610124
Ralph Sampson, Los Angeles Lakers23510126111
Magic Johnson, Los Angeles Lakers317147851521
George Gervin, San Antonio Spurs251012343123
Kiki Vandeweghe, Denver Nuggets140300210
Rolando Blackman, Los Angeles Clippers1957122811
Terry Cummings, Orlando Magic1578225016
Mark Aguirre, Dallas Mavericks23714123215
Jack Sikma, Houston Rockets120200200
Calvin Natt, Seattle SuperSonics111312313
Akeem Olajuwon, Phoenix Suns152226516

Eastern Conference[edit]​

Julius Erving, New Jersey Nets23515224312
Larry Bird, Boston Celtics31816568221
Kareem Abdul Jabbar, New Jersey Nets33210361217
Isiah Thomas, Detroit Pistons25914112522
Michael Jordan, Indiana Pacers222934627
Norm Nixon, Washington Bullets132812215
Robert Parish, Boston Celtics102500614
Bernard King, New York Knicks22610127113
Sidney Moncrief, Milwaukee Bucks221566548
Larry Nance, Milwaukee Bucks16717347017
Dennis Johnson, Boston Celtics123722638
Alex English, Boston Celtics112412315

Western Conference​

Champion: Los Angeles Lakers

Western Conference Quarterfinals

(1) Los Angeles Lakers vs. (8) Orlando Magic : Lakers win series 3–0

  • Game 1 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 142, Orlando 114
  • Game 2 @ Los Angeles : Los Angeles 147, Orlando 130
  • Game 3 @ Orlando: Los Angeles 119, Orlando 103

(2) Houston Rockets vs. (7) Utah Stars : Mavericks win series 3–1

  • Game 1 @ Houston: Houston 141, Utah 111
  • Game 2 @ Houston: Houston 113 , Utah 111
  • Game 3 @ Utah: Utah 115, Houston 112
  • Game 4 @ Utah: Dallas 116, Utah 111

(3) Dallas Mavericks vs. (6) Denver Nuggets : Mavericks win series 3–1

  • Game 1 @ Dallas: Dallas 115, Denver 101
  • Game 2 @ Dallas: Denver 122, Dallas 96
  • Game 3 @ Denver: Dallas 96, Denver 94
  • Game 4 @ Denver: Dallas 104, Denver 97

(4) San Antonio Spurs vs (5) Portland Trail Blazers : Spurs win series 3-1

  • Game 1 @ San Antonio: San Antonio 139, Portland 131 (2OT)
  • Game 2 @ San Antonio: Portland 124, San Antonio121
  • Game 3 @ Portland: San Antonio 122, Portland 109
  • Game 4 @ Portland: San Antonio 115, Portland 113

Western Conference Semifinals

(1) Los Angeles Lakers vs. (4) San Antonio Spurs : Lakers win series 4–1

  • Game 1 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 125 , San Antonio 101
  • Game 2 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 134, San Antonio 118
  • Game 3 @ San Antonio: San Antonio 130, Los Angeles 126
  • Game 4 @ San Antonio: Los Angeles 115, San Antonio 107
  • Game 5 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 139, San Antonio 120

(2) Houston Rockets vs. (3) Dallas Mavericks : Dallas win series 4–1

  • Game 1 @ Dallas: Dallas 130, Houston 113
  • Game 2 @ Dallas: Dallas 131, Houston 123 (OT)
  • Game 3 @ Houston: Houston 131, Dallas 123
  • Game 4 @ Houston: Dallas 125, Houston 118
  • Game 5 @ Dallas: Dallas 116, Houston 104

Western Conference Finals

(1) Los Angeles Lakers vs. (3) Dallas Mavericks : Lakers win series 4–1

  • Game 1 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 129, Dallas 122
  • Game 2 @ Los Angeles : Dallas 136, Los Angeles 114
  • Game 3 @ Houston: Los Angeles 136, Dallas 114
  • Game 4 @ Houston: Los Angeles 120, Dallas 116
  • Game 5 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 153 Dallas 109

Eastern Conference​

Champion: Boston Celtics

Eastern Conference Quarterfinals

(1) Boston Celtics VS. (8) Indiana Pacers : Celtics win series 3–0

  • Game 1 @ Boston : Boston 108, Indiana 106
  • Game 2 @ Boston : Boston 126, Indiana 123 (2OT) Jordan scores 63 points
  • Game 3 @ Indiana : Boston 105, Indiana 98

(2) Milwaukee Bucks VS. (7) Cleveland Cavaliers : Bucks win series 3–1

  • Game 1 @ Milwaukee : Milwaukee 109, Cleveland 100
  • Game 2 @ Milwaukee : Milwaukee 122, Cleveland 115
  • Game 3 @ Cleveland : Cleveland 115, Milwaukee 108
  • Game 4 @ Cleveland : Milwaukee 106, Chicago 93

(3) New Jersey Nets VS. (6) Washington Bullets : Nets win series 3–1

  • Game 1 @ New Jersey : New Jersey 104, Washington 97
  • Game 2 @ New Jersey : New Jersey 113, Washington 94
  • Game 3 @ Washington : Washington 118, New Jersey 100
  • Game 4 @ Washington : New Jersey 106, Kentucky 98

(4) Detroit Pistons vs. (5) Chicago Bulls : Pistons win series 3–0

  • Game 1 @ Detroit: Detroit 125, Chicago 105
  • Game 2 @ Detroit: Detroit 121, Chicago 111
  • Game 3 @ Chicago: Detroit 116, Chicago 115

Eastern Conference Semifinals

(1) Boston Celtics vs. (4) Detroit Pistons : Celtics win series 4–1

  • Game 1 @ Boston: Boston 133, Detroit 99
  • Game 2 @ Boston : Boston 121, Detroit 114
  • Game 3 @ Detroit : Detroit 125, Boston 117
  • Game 4 @ Detroit : Boston 128, Detroit 119
  • Game 5 @ Boston : Boston 123, Detroit 111

(2) Milwaukee Bucks vs. (3) New Jersey Nets : Bucks win series 4–0

  • Game 1 @ New Jersey: New Jersey 127, Milwaukee 105
  • Game 2 @ New Jersey: New Jersey 112, Milwaukee 108
  • Game 3 @ Milwaukee: New Jersey 109, Milwaukee 104
  • Game 4 @ Milwaukee: New Jersey 121 Milwaukee 112

Eastern Conference Finals

(1) Boston Celtics vs. (3) New Jersey Nets : Celtics win series 4–1

  • Game 1 @ Boston: Boston 108, New Jersey 93
  • Game 2 @ Boston: Boston 106, New Jersey 98
  • Game 3 @ New Jersey: Boston 105, New Jersey 94
  • Game 4 @ New Jersey: New Jersey 115, Boston 104
  • Game 5 @ Boston : Boston 104 New Jersey 100

NBA Finals​

(W1) Los Angeles Lakers VS. (E1) Boston Celtics : Celtics win series 4–1

Oct. 26 – Nov. 4Larry Nance (Milwaukee Bucks)
Nov. 5 – Nov. 11Alex English (Boston Celtics)
Nov. 12 – Nov. 18Moses Malone (San Antonio Spurs)
Nov. 19 – Nov. 25Bernard King (New York Knicks)
Nov. 26 – Dec. 2Jack Sikma (Houston Rockets)
Dec. 3 – Dec. 9Orlando Woolridge (Chicago Bulls)
Dec. 10 – Dec. 16Derek Smith (Los Angeles Clippers)
Dec. 17 – Dec. 23Terry Cummings (Orlando Magic)
Dec. 25 – Dec. 30Micheal Ray Richardson (Atlanta Hawks)
Jan. 1 – Jan. 6Isiah Thomas (Detroit Pistons)
Jan. 7 – Jan. 13World B. Free (Cleveland Cavaliers)
Jan. 14 – Jan. 20Michael Jordan (Indiana Pacers)
Jan. 21 – Jan. 27Tom McMillen (Washington Bullets)
Jan. 28 – Feb. 3Dominique Wilkins (Dallas Mavericks)
Feb. 4 – Feb. 17Magic Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers)
Feb. 18 – Feb. 24Mark Aguirre (Dallas Mavericks)
Feb. 25 – Mar. 3Sleepy Floyd (Golden State Warriors)
Mar. 4 – Mar. 10Darrell Griffith (Golden State Warriors)
Mar. 11 – Mar. 17Larry Bird (Boston Celtics)
Mar. 18 – Mar. 24Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (New Jersey Nets)
Mar. 25 – Mar. 31Calvin Natt (Los Angeles Clippers)
Apr. 1 – Apr. 7Derek Smith (Los Angeles Clippers)
Apr. 8 – Apr. 14Micheal Ray Richardson (Atlanta Hawks)

NovemberAlex English (Boston Celtics)
DecemberLarry Bird (Boston Celtics)
JanuaryTerry Cummings (New Orleans Jazz)
FebruaryMagic Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers)
MarchLarry Bird (Boston Celtics)

NovemberMichael Jordan (Indiana Pacers)
DecemberAkeem Olajuwon (Phoenix Suns)
JanuaryMichael Jordan (Indiana Pacers)
FebruaryAkeem Olajuwon (Phoenix Suns)
March (tie)Michael Jordan (Indiana Pacers)
March (tie)Akeem Olajuwon (Phoenix Suns)

NovemberDoug Moe (Denver Nuggets)
DecemberKC Jones (Boston Celtics)
JanuaryChuck Daly (Detroit Pistons)
FebruaryGeorge Karl (Cleveland Cavaliers)
MarchPat Riley (Los Angeles Lakers)

1985-86 NBA Season
In the middle of the 3rd game of the Eastern Conference finals between Boston and New Jersey the first NBA Draft Lottery took place and the prize was a 7 foot center from Georgetown named Patrick Ewing and here is how the first NBA Draft lottery would turn out Golden State, Atlanta, Seattle, Los Angeles, Sacramento, New York, Phoenix, Philadelphia and Kentucky which meant that Golden State would get the biggest prize as Ewing would join a team containing Sleepy Floyd and Walter Davis . Atlanta would select Wayman Tisdale while Seattle and Los Angeles would swap their picks with Xavier Mcdaniel going to Los Angeles while the Supersonics hoped that Benoit Benjamin would be their new center. Sacramento would still select Joe Kleine and New York would select local college star Chris Mullin at 6. Phoenix needed a perimeter player to complinet Hakeem and they would select Detlef Schrempf from Washington. Philadelphia would select Jon Koncak as they needed a center to complement Charles Barkley and Kentucky would select Charles Oakley to be their new power forward as Dan Issel had just retired. Cleveland got given an extra 1st round pick due to the Stepien debale and they would select Keith Lee. Karl Malone went to Indiana at the 11th pick as Clark Kellogg was starting to get injuries which would end his career. Joe Dumars would still end up being selected by the Detroit Pistons to start the bad boys era, LA and Boston would take future all stars AC Green and Terry Porter respectively.

Due to the Orlando Magic being forced to relocate to the Eastern Conference that would mean that the Milwaukee Bucks would once again be in the Western Conference.

11Patrick Ewing^C
United States[2]
Golden State WarriorsGeorgetown (Sr.)
12Wayman TisdalePF
United States
Atlanta HawksOklahoma (Jr.)
13Benoit BenjaminC
United States
Seattle Super SonicsCreighton (Jr.)
14Xavier McDaniel+PF
United States
Los Angeles ClippersWichita State (Sr.)
15Joe KleineC
United States
Sacramento KingsArkansas (Sr.)
16Chris Mullin^SF
United States
New York KnicksSt. John's (Sr.)
17Detlef Schrempf*SF/PF
West Germany
Phoenix SunsWashington (Sr.)
18Jon KoncakC
United States
Philadelphia 76ersSMU (Sr.)

19Charles Oakley+PF
United States
Kentucky Colonels *Virginia Union (Sr.)

111Karl Malone^PF
United States
Indiana PacersLouisiana Tech (Jr.)

124Terry Porter+PG
United States
Boston CelticsWisconsin–Stevens Point (Sr.)

The 86 season was very similar to the 85 season in the East as Boston would once again dominate and won 73 games which was the best record in NBA History up to that point with Larry Bird winning his 3rd consecutive MVP award and Bill Walton winning the 6th man of the Year award after Kevin McHale became a starter for the first time. Detroit would once again be the 2nd seed with 47 wins as Central Division champions with Milwaukee being switched to the west but it was becoming increasingly clear that they were going to have to make some changes if they wanted to win an NBA title New Jersey would once again be the 3rd seed with 52 wins although it was becoming increasingly clear that they were going to have to rebuild as Gus Williams had noticeably dropped off compared to 2 years earlier and with Erving and Kareem about to retire it seemed only a matter of time before it would end.. Orlando would be the 4th seed on 45 wind and would face Chicago who would be the 5th seed again with 44 wins but were hoping for a different result in their 1st round matchup. Washington would once again be the 6th seed on 40 wins and just behind them would be the New York Knicks with 37 wins with the return of both King and Carroll and in the 8th seed would be the Indiana Pacers on 36 wins .

It was also very similar in the West with the Lakers once again getting the 1st seed with 58 wins as Jerome Kersey continued to slowly integrate himself into the starting lineup due to this both Jamaal Wilkes and Bob Mcadoo stayed with the Lakers and don't retire till 1986 for Mcadoo and 1987 for Wilkes, another thing that takes place is that Sampson doesn't have a freak fall which would cause his injuries to happen the way that they did. Dallas would be the 2nd seed firmly entrenching themselves as the 2nd best team in the Western Conference with 50 wins behind them would be the Milwaukee Bucks on 49 wins and then it would be the other 2 Texas teams in the Spurs on 44 wins and the Rockets on 43 wins. Adrian Dantley led Sacramento to 40 wins and the 6th seed but it would be his last season playing for the Kings. Portland would register 38 wins and be the 7th seed as once again foot injuries would strike as Andrew Toney would start to struggle with injuries which would ultimately end his career and this was the season where Clyde Drexler would start to emerge as one of the league’s best shooting guards. And in the 8th seed would be the Golden State Warriors led by the Rookie of the Year in Patrick Ewing who led them to 36 wins.

In the East playoffs it would be another Boston wrecking crew as they would once again sweep Indiana, while the Bulls would beat the Magic while both the Bucks and Nets won their expected matchups against the Knicks and Bullets respectively. In the 2nd round it would be Chicago who would gain the privilege of being humiliated by the Celtics in another sweep the 4th game being particularly dominant as Boston went on a 36-6 third quarter including a 24-0 while Detroit would lose to New Jersey in 5 games to set up a Boston vs New Jersey series which Boston would of course win easily in 5 games to advance to the NBA Finals with a 11-1 record and waited to see if there would be a third round against their rivals from the West.

As for the West the Lakers would beat Golden State in 3 games as Ewing and Sampson had their 1st matchup in the playoffs, Dallas would easily beat Portland in 4 games, While in the battle of Texas it would be the Rockets that would win as Moses Malone was out due to injury and with the retirement of George Gervin rumours of Moses Malone’s departure began. Milwaukee would defeat Sacramento in 4 games even with Sidney Moncreif being out through injury . Los Angeles would once again defeat Houston in the 2nd round and would once again meet Dallas in the conference finals after they beat the Jazz in their 2nd round matchup. In their 2nd consecutive conference finals matchup it would once again be Los Angeles who would win out this time in 6 games as Ralph Sampson would prove to be the difference in this series as the Mavericks didn't have enough depth in the team to beat the Lakers yet.

So for the 3rd time in a row it would be the Lakers vs the Celtics in the NBA Finals and unfortunately for Los Angeles it would be another Celtics victory as they would win the series in 5 games with the Lakers only winning game 3 in a series which the Celtics had dominated and as a result Larry Bird would win his 2nd consecutive finals MVP trophy and which would prompt some changes for Los Angeles in the offseason.

HCK.C. JonesBoston Celtics4th
PGIsiah ThomasDetroit Pistons5th
SGMichael JordanDNPIndiana Pacers2nd
SFJulius ErvingNew Jersey Nets10th
PFLarry BirdBoston Celtics7th
CKareem Abdul JabbarNew Jersey Nets12th
PFBuck WilliamsChicago Bulls3rd
PFKevin McHaleBoston Celtics2nd
SGAlex EngilshBoston Celtics5th
PGMaurice CheeksPhiladelphia 76ers2nd
CArtis GilmorteKentucky Colonels6th
SGJeff MaloneChicago Bulls1st
CRobert ParishBoston Celtics6th
HCPat RileyLos Angeles Lakers5th
PGMagic JohnsonLos Angeles Lakers6th
SGAlvin RobertsonDenver Nuggets1st
SFJames WorthyLos Angeles Clippers1st
PFRalph SampsonLos Angeles Lakers3rd
CMoses MaloneSan Antonio Spurs8th
SGRolando BlackmanLos Angeles Clippers2nd
SF/SGAdrian DantleySacramento Kings6th
SFDominique WilkinsDallas Mavericks1st
SGClyde DrexlerPortland Trail Blazers1st
CAkeem OlajuwonPhoenix Suns2nd
CPatrick Ewing DNPGolden State Warriors1st
SGSidney MoncriefMilwaukee Bucks5th

Eastern Conference
1z-Boston Celtics739.89-
2y-Detroit Pistons4735.57326
3x-New Jersey Nets5230.63521
4x-Orlando Magic4537.54928
5x-Chicago Bulls4438.53629
6x-Washington Bullets4042.48833
7x-New York Knicks3745.45236
8x-Indiana Pacers3547.42738
9Philadelphia 76ers3349.40240
10Atlanta Hawks2953.35444
11Cleveland Cavaliers2656.31747

12Kentucky Colonels2557.30448

#Western Conference
1c-Los Angeles Lakers5824.707
2y-Dallas Mavericks5032.6108
3x-Milwaukee Bucks4933.5989
4x-San Antonio Spurs4438.53714
5x-Houston Rockets4339.52515
6x-Sacramento Kings4042.48818
7x-Portland Trail Blazers3844.46420
8x-Golden State Warriors3646.43922
9Phoenix Suns3448.41424
10Los Angeles Clippers3349.40225
11Seattle SuperSonics3151.37827
12Utah Stars3052.36628

13Denver Nuggets2854.34130

Yearly awards[edit]​

Oct. 25 – Nov. 3Derek Smith (Los Angeles Clippers)
Nov. 4 – Nov. 10Buck Williams (Chicago Bulls)
Nov. 11 – Nov. 17Patrick Ewing (Golden State Warriors)
Nov. 17 – Nov. 24Alex English (Boston Celtics)
Nov. 25 – Dec. 1Larry Bird (Boston Celtics)
Dec. 2 – Dec. 8Jeff Ruland (Washington Bullets)
Dec. 9 – Dec. 15Alvin Robertson (Denver Nuggets)
Dec. 16 – Dec. 22Larry Nance (Milwaukee Bucks)
Dec. 23 – Dec. 29Dominique Wilkins (Dallas Mavericks)
Dec. 30 – Jan. 5Clyde Drexler (Portland Trail Blazers)
Jan. 6 – Jan. 12Calvin Natt (Seattle Supersonics)
Jan. 13 – Jan. 19Larry Bird (Boston Celtics)
Jan. 20 – Jan. 26Charles Barkley (Philadelphia 76ers)
Jan. 27 – Feb. 2Alex English (Boston Celtics)
Feb. 3 – Feb. 16Larry Bird (Boston Celtics)
Feb. 17 – Feb. 23Sidney Moncrief (Boston Celtics)
Feb. 24 – Mar. 2Charles Barkley (Philadelphia 76ers)
Mar. 3 – Mar. 9Magic Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers)
Mar. 10 – Mar. 16Larry Bird (Boston Celtics)
Mar. 17 – Mar. 23Adrian Dantley (Sacramento Kings)
Mar. 24 – Mar. 30Charles Barkley (Philadelphia 76ers)
Mar. 31 – Apr. 6Herb Williams (Indiana Pacers)
Apr. 7 – Apr. 13Dominique Wilkins (Dallas Mavericks)

NovemberAkeem Olajuwon (Phoenix Suns)-
DecemberAlvin Robertson (Denver Nuggets)
JanuaryDominique Wilkins (Dallas Mavericks)
FebruaryLarry Bird (Boston Celtics)
MarchLarry Bird (Boston Celtics)

NovemberPatrick Ewing (Golden State Warriors)
DecemberKarl Malone (Indiana Pacers)
JanuaryPatrick Ewing (Golden State Warriors)
FebruaryCharles Oakley (Kentucky Colonels)
MarchBenoit Benjamin (Seattle Supersonics)

NovemberPat Riley (Los Angeles Lakers)
DecemberCotton Fitzsimmons (San Antonio Spurs)
JanuaryFrank Layden (Orlando Magic)
FebruaryChuck Daly (Detroit Pistons)
MarchK.C. Jones (Boston Celtics)

Western Conference​

Champion: Los Angeles Lakers

Western Conference Quarterfinals

(1) Los Angeles Lakers
vs. (8) Golden State Warriors : Lakers win series 3–0

  • Game 1 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 135, Golden State 88
  • Game 2 @ Los Angeles : Los Angeles 122, Golden State 94
  • Game 3 @ Oakland: Los Angeles 114, Golden State 94

(2) Dallas Mavericks vs. (7) Portland Trail Blazers : Mavericks win series 3–0

  • Game 1 @ Dallas: Dallas 107, Portland 87
  • Game 2 @ Dallas: Dallas 113 , Portland 103
  • Game 3 @ Portland: Dallas 115, Portland 98

(3) Milwaukee Bucks vs. (6) Sacramento Kings : Bucks win series 3–1

  • Game 1 @Milwaukee: Milwaukee 133, Sacramento 126
  • Game 2 @ Milwaukee: Sacramento 108, Milwaukee 106
  • Game 3 @ Sacramento: Milwaukee 115, Sacramento 104
  • Game 4 @ Sacramento: Milwaukee 116, Sacramento 112

(4) San Antonio Spurs vs (5) Houston Rockets : Rockets win series 3-1

  • Game 1 @ San Antonio: Houston 101,San Antonio 93
  • Game 2 @ San Antonio: San Antonio 113, Houston 106
  • Game 3 @ Houston: Houston 100, San Antonio 98
  • Game 4 @ Houston: Houston 117, San Antonio 113

Western Conference Semifinals

(1) Los Angeles Lakers
vs. (4) Houston Rockets : Lakers win series 4–1

  • Game 1 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 120 , Houston 116
  • Game 2 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 117, Houston 113
  • Game 3 @ Houston: Houston 117, Los Angeles 113
  • Game 4 @ Houston: Los Angeles 116, Houston 113
  • Game 5 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 120, Houston 107

(2) Dallas Mavericks vs. (3) Milwaukee Bucks : Dallas win series 4–2

  • Game 1 @ Dallas: Dallas 126, Milwaukee 119
  • Game 2 @ Dallas: Dallas 119, Houston 101
  • Game 3 @ Milwaukee: Milwaukee 116, Dallas 115
  • Game 4 @ Milwaukee: Milwaukee 114, Dallas 111 (OT)
  • Game 5 @ Dallas: Dallas 131, Milwaukee 103
  • Game 6 @ Milwaukee: Dallas 126, Milwaukee 122 (2OT)

Western Conference Finals

(1) Los Angeles Lakers
vs. (3) Dallas Mavericks : Lakers win series 4–2

  • Game 1 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 119, Dallas 107
  • Game 2 @ Los Angeles : Los Angeles 112, Dallas 102
  • Game 3 @ Dallas: Dallas 117, Los Angeles 109
  • Game 4 @ Dallas: Dallas 105, Dallas 95
  • Game 5 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 121 Dallas 117
  • Game 6 @ Dallas: Los Angeles 116 Dallas 111

Eastern Conference​

Champion: Boston Celtics

Eastern Conference Quarterfinals

(1) Boston Celtics
VS. (8) Indiana Pacers : Celtics win series 3–0

  • Game 1 @ Boston : Boston 122, Indiana 104
  • Game 2 @ Boston : Boston 126, Indiana 113
  • Game 3 @ Indiana : Boston 123, Indiana 104

(2) Detroit Pistons VS. (7) New York Knicks : Pistons win series 3–0

  • Game 1 @ Detroit : Detroit 119, New York 107
  • Game 2 @ Detroit : Detroit 111, New York 97
  • Game 3 @ New York : Detroit 115, New York 113

(3) New Jersey Nets VS. (6) Washington Bullets : Nets win series 3–1

  • Game 1 @ New Jersey : New Jersey 96, Washington 94
  • Game 2 @ New Jersey : New Jersey 102, Washington 97
  • Game 3 @ Washington : Washington 118, New Jersey 110
  • Game 4 @ Washington : New Jersey 134, Kentucky 109

(4) Orlando Magic vs. (5) Chicago Bulls : Bulls win series 3–1

  • Game 1 @ Orlando: Chicago 140, Orlando 122
  • Game 2 @ Orlando: Chicago 137, Orlando 111
  • Game 3 @ Chicago: Orlando 106, Chicago 97
  • Game 4 @ Chicago: Chicago 114, Orlando 113 (2OT)

Eastern Conference Semifinals

(1) Boston Celtics
vs. (4) Chicago Bulls : Celtics win series 4–0

  • Game 1 @ Boston: Boston 103, Chicago 91
  • Game 2 @ Boston : Boston 119, Chicago 108
  • Game 3 @ Chicago : Boston 111, Chicago 107
  • Game 4 @ Chicago : Boston 132, Chicago 99

(2) Detroit Pistons vs. (3) New Jersey Nets : Nets win series 4–1

  • Game 1 @ New Jersey: New Jersey 118, Detroit 112
  • Game 2 @ New Jersey: New Jersey 119, Detroit 107
  • Game 3 @ Detroit: Detroit 109, New Jersey 104
  • Game 4 @ Detroit: New Jersey 109 Detroit 102
  • Game 4 @ New Jersey: New Jersey 126 Detroit 112

Eastern Conference Finals

(1) Boston Celtics
vs. (3) New Jersey Nets : Celtics win series 4–1

  • Game 1 @ Boston: Boston 128, New Jersey 93
  • Game 2 @ Boston: Boston 126, New Jersey 108
  • Game 3 @ New Jersey: Boston 115, New Jersey 104
  • Game 4 @ New Jersey: New Jersey 106, Boston 104
  • Game 5 @ Boston : Boston 114 New Jersey 96

NBA Finals​

(W1) Los Angeles Lakers VS. (E1) Boston Celtics : Celtics win series 4–1

  • Game 1 @ Boston: Boston 112, Los Angeles 100
  • Game 2 @ Boston: Los Angeles 111, Boston 100
  • Game 3 @ Los Angeles: Boston 117, Los Angeles 95
  • Game 4 @ Los Angeles: Boston 106 , Los Angeles 103
  • Game 5 @ Boston: Boston 114, Los Angeles 97
Philadelphia 76ers
San Diego are a rebuilding team under their new owner Donald Sterling
Hope Donald Sterling gets publicly exposed for his racism earlier than OTL.
He was booked on a flight from here back to Phoenix in midafternoon, but his plans were changed.
''Late this afternoon,'' Drossos said, ''we got the word agreeing, and it was go for the deal and no-go for Moses going back to Phoenix.''
1986-87 NBA Season
The 1986 NBA Draft was held on the 17th June less than a week after Boston won it’s 2nd second consecutive NBA title and they would hold a top draft pick due to that trade for Gerald Henderson which had given them Seattle’s 1986 1st round draft pick. The results of the lottery were as follows: Seattle, Utah, Atlanta, Cleveland, Kentucky, Denver, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Phoenix. But Seattle owed their pick to Boston from that Gerald Henderson trade and so for the 2nd time in the Larry Bird era Boston would have the 1st pick in the NBA Draft and in this draft they knew exactly who they were after in Maryland forward Len Bias as Red Auerbach had been planning to take him for 3 years as one of the Celtics scouts had compared him to Michael Jordan and with the 1st pick in the 1986 NBA Draft the Celtics would select Len Bias but he would still decide to dabble in cocaine but wouldn't overdose as his good friend in Brian Tribble would be the one to overdose on that fateful night. Utah would select Chuck Person as they still had Alvin Adams at center and were looking for positional need over best available. Brad Daugherty would be selected by the Atlanta Hawks with the 3rd pick Cleveland would once again owe their pick to Dallas and Dallas would take Roy Tarpley at 4 to be their spark off the bench. Kentucky and Denver would bust with Chris Washburn and William Bedford respectively. All 3 of these players would eventually experience drug issues during their NBA Career. Philadelphila would then get 2 draft picks as they had their own and the Clippers 1st round pick due to a trade in 1980 involving Joe Bryant with these 2 picks the 76ers would select their backcourt of the future to complement Charles Barkley in Ron Harper and Johnny Dawkins. There would be no notable picks till the 25th pick in which Portland would take a center from the then Soviet Union in Arvydas Sabonis who was said to be a 7 foot 4 Bill Walton who could shoot 3s but who wouldn't be in the NBA for the foreseeable future. Mark Price would still be traded from Dallas but not to Cleveland. Dennis Rodman still ends up at the Pistons while Jeff Hornacek would be selected by the Los Angeles Lakers at the 46th pick.

11Len BiasSF
United States
Boston Celtics (from Seattle)Maryland (Sr.)

12Chuck PersonSF
United States
Indiana PacersAuburn (Sr.)

14Roy TarpleyC
United States
Dallas Mavericks (from Cleveland)Michigan (Sr.)

17Ron HarperSG
United States
Philadelphia 76ers (from L.A. Clippers)Miami (OH) (Sr.)

18Johnny DawkinsPG
United States
Philadelphia 76ersDuke (Sr.)

There were to be some major trades in this offseason with Jack Sikma being traded from Houston to Milwaukee with Houston signalling their intent to rebuild Another move that took place was Sacramento traded Adrian Dantley to Detroit in exchange for Cliff Robinson, Kent Benson and a future 1st round draft pick. But the biggest trade of the offseason was Dallas trading Mark Aguirre, James Donaldson, Mark Price and a future 1st round pick to the San Antonio Spurs in exchange for Moses Malone as Dallas felt that he would put them over the top against the Lakers and San Antonio were planning to be in the David Robinson sweepstakes and felt that this would be the best time for a rebuild.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles it was time for a change in the team as they had lost the last 2 NBA Finals series and needed with Bird having 3 rings compared to Magic’s 1 Pat Riley made it clear to Magic that he was to become more of a scorer if LA had any chance of dethroning Boston who had just added Len Bias. Magic would listen to Pat Riley and lead the Lakers to 62 wins which was the best record in the League and Magic would win his 1st MVP award. Behind them would once again be the Dallas Mavericks with 58 wins with the addition of Moses Malone to a core of Wilkins, Harper and Dale Ellis who would win the most improved player award . The 3rd seed would be the Golden State Warriors with 50 wins with Patrick Ewing starting to assert himself as one of the best centers in the league.Milwaukee on 48 wins as the addition of Jack Sikma down low gave the Bucks a better option, Then it would be Portland on 45 wins with Clyde Drexler asserting himself as the star of the team, Phoenix on 40 wins led by Hakeem Olujawon won was justifying to Phoenix that he was still a good choice from him even with MJ available, Sacramento on 38 wins with help from the pieces acquired from the Adrian Dantley trade and Seattle led by Tom Chambers who would get 35 wins as the 8th seed.

As for the East Boston would finally get a challenge that wasn't by the Nets as the Detroit Pistons would get the 2nd seed with 54 wins as they were starting to form the Bad Boys persona that they would hold for the next 5 years.Boston would have some injuries with Bill Walton missing part of the season, Kevin McHale hurting his foot late in the season but their further depth and the addition of Len Bias who was on the bench for this season as he would slowly develop as Kevin McHale did the Celtics would once again get the best record in the East with 61 Wins as with the addition of Bias Boston was able to rest it’s players a lot more so they would be much fresher for the playoffs. Orlando would be the 3rd seed with 48 wins with John Stockton becoming their starting point guard, New Jersey would win 47 games in what could have been Julius Erving’s last season but he would opt to stay for one more year to retire with Kareem. Philadelphia would be the 5th seed with 45 wins as Charles Barkley had a breakout season and became the best power forward in the league. Michael Jordan would lead Indiana to a 44 wins season as Karl Malone solidified himself as the second option next to MJ who finished 2nd in the MVP vote. New York would be the 7th seed with 41 wins and Chicago would noticeably dip as Tripucka noticeably declined and the Bulls would only win 40 games to obtain the 8th seed.

In the West playoffs Los Angeles would sweep Seattle, while their most likely opponents in Dallas would beat the Kings in 4 games. In the first playoff matchup between Olujawon and Ewing Ewing would win the matchup in 4 games as the Sun's twin towers experiment wasn't working out as well as they had hoped and they would make changes in the offseason. Portland would lose in 5 games to the Bucks, setting up a Lakers vs Bucks matchup in which Los Angeles would win in 6 games. As for Dallas vs Golden State that series would go to 6 games with the help of the Sleepy Floyd game but Dallas would advance to the Conference finals matchup against the Lakers. This would be a close series but the Lakers would pull it out in 7 games with Magic showing exactly why he won the MVP with a 40 point triple double in Game 7 to advance to their 6th straight NBA Finals and they were hoping that their East coast rivals would show up.

As for the East it appeared as it would be another Boston domination after the first 2 rounds with the Celtics sweeping the Bulls and beating New Jersey in 5 games after they beat Philadelphia in 4 games. As for the other series Detroit would once again defeat New York by beating them in 3 games. Indiana would beat Orlando in 4 games as the Pacers were led by Jordan and Malone . Detroit would beat Indiana in 5 games with an Isiah Thomas buzzer beater sealing the series victory which would advance the Pistons to a meeting with Boston in the Eastern Conference finals. In the first competitive Eastern Conference finals series for a few years Boston would weather the Bad Boys this time to win the series in 6 games with Larry Bird adding to Boston’s resume of clutch plays with his steal and pass to Dennis Johnson for a game winning basket at the end of Game 5.

For the 4th time in a row it would be the Boston Celtics vs the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals and the Lakers wanted to square the ledger while the Celtics wanted to extend their lead to 3-1, and for the first time there wasn't a favourite as even though the Celtics were still deeper the Lakers had the best record and the MVP and had traded for Mychal Thompson as a backup big men whose main job was to neutralise Kevin McHale who hadn't broken his foot this season due to the addition of Bias. The Lakers would win the first 2 games at the Forum and the Celtics would bounce back in game 3 and were ahead by 15 in Game 4 before LA came back and took the Lead with less than a minute to go before Boston took the lead on a Larry Bird 3 pointer. LA then had one more chance with Magic who went for a hook shot but missed due to the defense of Len Bias. LA would win Game 5 and Boston would game 6 in the forum, before the 7th game which went down to the wire where the score was tied with LA having the ball with 1 second to go where Ralph Sampson would win the title on a miracle heave to give the Los Angeles Lakers the 1987 NBA Title and Magic his 2nd Finals MVP trophy.

Eastern Conference
1c-Boston Celtics6121.744
2y-Detroit Pistons5428.6587
3x-Orlando Magic4834.61013
4x-New Jersey Nets4735.59814
5x-Philadelphia 76ers4537.57316
6x-Indiana Pacers4240.51219
7x-New York Knicks4141.50020
8x-Chicago Bulls4042.48821
9Washington Bullets3151.37830
10Cleveland Cavaliers2854.34233
11Atlanta Hawks2458.29337

12Kentucky Colonels2062.24441

Western Conference
1z-Los Angeles Lakers6220.756
2y-Dallas Mavericks5824.7084
3x-Golden State Warriors5032.61112
4x-Milwaukee Bucks4834.58617
5x-Portland Trail Blazers44 38.51220
6x-Phoenix Suns4042.48822
7x-Sacramento Kings3844.46324
8x-Seattle SuperSonics3448.41528
9Denver Nuggets3349.40229
10Utah Stars2953.35433
11Houston Rockets2854.34134
12San Antonio Spurs2557.29537

13Los Angeles Clippers2260.25940

GMichael JordanIndiana Pacers3rd1,141,733
FAlex EnglishBoston Celtics2nd1,029,131
FJulius ErvingNew Jersey Nets11th819,468
FLarry BirdBoston Celtics8th902,701
CKareem Abdul JabbarNew Jersey Nets13th565,491
FKevin McHaleBoston Celtics3rd455,859
GIsiah ThomasDetroit Pistons6th713,173
FCharles BarkleyPhiladelphia 76ers1st479,176
GJeff MaloneChicago Bulls2nd206,255
CBill LaimbeerDetroit Pistons4th432,104
CRobert ParishBoston Celtics7th510,471
GMaurice CheeksPhiladelphia 76ers3rd174,512
Head coach: K. C. Jones (Boston Celtics)

GMagic JohnsonLos Angeles Lakers7th949,304
GAlvin RobertsonDenver Nuggets2nd457,251
FDominique WilkinsDallas Mavericks2nd588,778
FRalph SampsonLos Angeles Lakers4th611,480
CAkeem OlajuwonPhoenix Suns3rd792,148
CMoses MaloneDallas Mavericks10th572,779
GRolando BlackmanLos Angeles Clippers3rd307,838
GSleepy FloydGolden State Warriors1st--
CJoe Barry CarrollGolden State Warriors1st--
FMark AguirreSan Antonio Spurs2nd339,337
GDale EllisDallas Mavericks1st--
FJames WorthyLos Angeles Clippers1st343,348
Head coach: Pat Riley (Los Angeles Lakers)

Yearly awards​

October 31 – November 9Michael Jordan (Indiana Pacers)
November 10 – November 16Robert Parish (Boston Celtics)
November 17 – November 23Alvin Robertson (Denver Nuggets)
November 24 – November 30Hot Rod Williams (Cleveland Cavaliers)
December 1 – December 7Tom Chambers (Seattle SuperSonics)
December 8 – December 14Dominique Wilkins (Dallas Mavericks)
December 15 – December 21Magic Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers)
December 22 – December 28Patrick Ewing (Golden State Warriors)
December 29 – January 4Larry Bird (Boston Celtics)
January 5 – January 11Isiah Thomas (Detroit Pistons)
January 12 – January 19Otis Thorpe (Washington Bullets)
January 20 – January 26Alex English (Boston Celtics)
January 27 – February 1Fat Lever (Denver Nuggets)
February 2 – February 15Magic Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers)
February 16 – February 22Moses Malone (Dallas Mavericks)
February 23 – March 1Michael Jordan (Indiana Pacers)
March 2 – March 8Magic Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers)
March 9 – March 15Karl Malone (Indiana Pacers)
March 16 – March 22Magic Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers)
March 23 – March 29Larry Smith (Golden State Warriors)
March 30 – April 5Magic Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers)
April 6 – April 12Michael Jordan (Indiana Pacers)
April 13 – April 15Julius Erving (New Jersey Nets)

NovemberMichael Jordan (Indiana Pacers)
DecemberMagic Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers)
JanuaryCharles Barkley (Philadelphia 76ers)
FebruaryMichael Jordan (Indiana Pacers)
MarchMagic Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers)

NovemberChuck Person (Utah Stars)
DecemberRon Harper (Philadelphia 76ers)
JanuaryRon Harper (Philadelphia 76ers)
FebruaryChuck Person (Utah Stars)
MarchBrad Daugherty (Atlanta Hawks)

NovemberPat Riley (Los Angeles Lakers)
DecemberFrank Layden (Orlando Magic)
JanuaryBill Fitch (Phoenix Suns)
FebruaryMike Schuler (Portland Trail Blazers)
MarchGeorge Karl (Golden State Warriors)

Western Conference​

Champion: Los Angeles Lakers

Western Conference Quarterfinals

(1) Los Angeles Lakers
vs. (8) Seattle SuperSonics : Lakers win series 3–0

  • Game 1 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 128, Seattle 95
  • Game 2 @ Los Angeles : Los Angeles 139, Seattle 127
  • Game 3 @ Seattle: Los Angeles 140, Seattle 103

(2) Dallas Mavericks vs. (7) Sacramento Kings : Mavericks win series 3–1

  • Game 1 @ Dallas: Dallas 151, Sacramento 129
  • Game 2 @ Dallas: Dallas 112 , Sacramento 110
  • Game 3 @ Sacramento: Sacramento 117, Dallas 107
  • Game 4 @ Sacramento: Dallas 124, Sacramento 98

(3) Golden State Warriors vs. (6) Phoenix Suns : Warriors win series 3–1

  • Game 1 @ Oakland: Golden State 125, Phoenix 115
  • Game 2 @ Oakland: Phoenix 111, Golden State 98
  • Game 3 @ Phoenix: Golden State 117, Phoenix 108
  • Game 4 @ Phoenix: Golden State 113, Phoenix 101

(4) Milwaukee Bucks vs (5) Portland Trail Blazers : Bucks win series 3-1

  • Game 1 @ Milwaukee: Milwaukee 99, Portland 85
  • Game 2 @ Milwaukee: Milwaukee 103, Portland 100
  • Game 3 @ Portland: Portland 110, Milwaukee 95
  • Game 4 @ Portland: Milwaukee 98, Portland 94

Western Conference Semifinals

(1) Los Angeles Lakers
vs. (4) Milwaukee Bucks : Lakers win series 4–1

  • Game 1 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 125 , Milwaukee 116
  • Game 2 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 116, Milwaukee 101
  • Game 3 @ Milwaukee: Los Angeles 133, Milwaukee 108
  • Game 4 @ Milwaukee: Milwaukee 112, Los Angeles 107
  • Game 5 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 118, Milwaukee 106

(2) Dallas Mavericks vs. (3) Golden State Warriors : Dallas win series 4–2

  • Game 1 @ Dallas: Dallas 111, Golden State Warriors 106
  • Game 2 @ Dallas: Golden State 99, Dallas 97
  • Game 3 @ Oakland: Dallas 102, Golden State 84
  • Game 4 @ Oakland: Dallas 117, Golden State 102
  • Game 5 @ Dallas: Golden State 129, Dallas 121
  • Game 6 @ Oakland: Dallas 128, Golden State 125 (2OT)

Western Conference Finals

(1) Los Angeles Lakers
vs. (3) Dallas Mavericks : Lakers win series 4–3

  • Game 1 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 104, Dallas 91
  • Game 2 @ Los Angeles : Los Angeles 112, Dallas 102
  • Game 3 @ Dallas: Dallas 122, Los Angeles 104
  • Game 4 @ Dallas: Dallas 145, Dallas 119
  • Game 5 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 111 Dallas 103
  • Game 6 @ Dallas: Dallas 116 Los Angeles 112
  • Game 7 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 117 Dallas 114

Eastern Conference​

Champion: Boston Celtics

Eastern Conference Quarterfinals

(1) Boston Celtics
VS. (8) Chicago Bulls : Celtics win series 3–0

  • Game 1 @ Boston : Boston 108, Chicago 104
  • Game 2 @ Boston : Boston 105, Chicago 96
  • Game 3 @ Chicago : Boston 105, Chicago 94

(2) Detroit Pistons VS. (7) New York Knicks : Pistons win series 3–0

  • Game 1 @ Detroit : Detroit 110, New York 94
  • Game 2 @ Detroit : Detroit 94, New York 93
  • Game 3 @ New York : Detroit 96, New York 87

(3) Orlando Magic VS. (6) Indiana Pacers : Pacers win series 3–1

  • Game 1 @ Orlando : Indiana 106, Orlando 94
  • Game 2 @ Orlando : Orlando 120, Indiana 107
  • Game 3 @ Indiana : Indiana 128, Orlando 85
  • Game 4 @ Indiana : Indiana 97, Orlando 96

(4) New Jersey Nets vs. (5) Philadelphia 76ers : Nets win series 3–1

  • Game 1 @ New Jersey : New Jersey 107, Philadelphia 104
  • Game 2 @ New Jersey : New Jersey 117, Philadelphia 114 (OT)
  • Game 3 @ Philadelphia : Philadelphia 124, New Jersey 118
  • Game 4 @ Philadelphia : New Jersey 102, Philadelphia 89

Eastern Conference Semifinals

(1) Boston Celtics
vs. (4) New Jersey Nets : Celtics win series 4–1

  • Game 1 @ Boston: Boston 111, New Jersey 98
  • Game 2 @ Boston : Boston 126, New Jersey 124
  • Game 3 @ New Jersey : New Jersey 116, Boston 112
  • Game 4 @ New Jersey : Boston 138, New Jersey 137 (2OT)
  • Game 5 @ Boston : Boston 119, New Jersey 113

(2) Detroit Pistons vs. (6) Indiana Pacers : Pistons win series 4–1

  • Game 1 @ Detroit: Detroit 112, Indiana 111
  • Game 2 @ Detroit: Indiana 115, Detroit 102
  • Game 3 @ Indiana: Detroit 108, Indiana 99
  • Game 4 @ Indiana: Detroit 104, Indiana 96
  • Game 4 @ Detroit: Detroit 99, Indiana 98

Eastern Conference Finals

(1) Boston Celtics
vs. (2) Detroit Pistons : Celtics win series 4–2

  • Game 1 @ Boston: Boston 104, Detroit 91
  • Game 2 @ Boston: Boston 110, Detroit 101
  • Game 3 @ Detroit: Detroit 122, Boston 104
  • Game 4 @ Detroit: Detroit 145, Boston 119
  • Game 5 @ Boston : Boston 108 Detroit 107 Larry Bird steals Isiah Thomas' inbound pass and gives the ball to Dennis Johnson, who hits the game-winning lay-up with 1 second left.
  • Game 6 @ Detroit : Boston 111 Detroit 107

NBA Finals​

(W1) Los Angeles Lakers VS. (E1) Boston Celtics : Lakers win series 4–3

  • Game 1 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 126, Boston 113
  • Game 2 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 135, Boston 128
  • Game 3 @ Boston: Boston 113, Los Angeles 99
  • Game 4 @ Boston: Boston 106 , Los Angeles 105
  • Game 5 @ Boston: Los Angeles 113, Boston 108
  • Game 6 @ Los Angeles: Boston 104, Los Angeles 97
  • Game 7 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 114, Boston 112
Kareem Abdul Jabbar was one of the greatest basketball players ever and had probably the most perfect basketball career of all time as he dominated in high school and college before joining the NBA in 1969 and having a 20 year career in the league winning 6 MVP’s and 6 Championships along with many other accolades but instead of Kareem joining the NBA and eventually playing with Magic Johnson what if he signed with the ABA in 1969 and more specifically for the New York Nets.

This is something that actually could have happened as has been told in Terry Pluto’s oral history of the ABA titled Loose Balls which is a great and inciting read. As Mike Storen who was the GM of the Indiana Pacers at the time tells it in Pluto’s book the ABA put together a psychological profile on Abdul Jabbar who was known as Lew Alcindor at the time which they spent around $10,000 to create this profile and got 2 clear things about how Alcindor would make his decision

  1. Alcindor would make the decision himself. It wouldn’t be (UCLA booster and Alcindor’s agent) Sam Gilbert. Nor would it be (UCLA coach) John Wooden, or Alcindor’s parents, or a friend. Alcindor had enough confidence in himself to decide himself.
  2. Once he made that decision, he would stick to it. He had a very strong strain of loyalty and you could place a lot of faith in what he said.

To provide some context on how big a signing Alcindor would have been for the 3 year old league he would have been their undisputed star and probably would have fast tracked a merger with the NBA as on the list of sure things to enter the NBA contain the following names Wilt, Oscar, Kareem, Bird, Magic, Sampson, Hakeem, Jordan, Ewing, Robinson, Shaq, Duncan, LeBron, Durant, Davis and Zion as 10 of them are hall of famers and 2 of them are guaranteed to be inducted once there careers are over that is a pretty good list.

In 1969 Alcindor was the undisputed no 1 prospect to who was leaving college as he had dominated in college winning 3 consecutive national titles with UCLA and losing only 2 games in the 3 years that he played at UCLA. Both leagues also needed him desperately as for the NBA he would be the biggest star to join the league since Oscar Robertson in 1960 and for the ABA he would have made their league legitimate and given them a national TV contract and fast tracked an eventual merger with the NBA

And to add a sweetener to the ABA’s plan to sign Alcindor the team he would have joined were the New York Nets who had earned the rights to Alcindor by being the worst team in the league and as Alcindor was from New York the ABA thought that coming home would appeal to him in addition to being near family and it having a Muslim population with him having just converted to Islam which lead to him changing his name in 1971 and the ABA also thought that New York would be a better place for him to play in than Milwaukee who had his NBA rights which they were right about because he ended up leaving Milwaukee after 6 seasons and went to Los Angeles where he would spend the remainder of his career.

With all of that it sounded like the ABA had the better chance of obtaining Alcindor and to ensure that Alcindor signed with them they wrote up a $1 million dollar check which they were to give to Alcindor as part of their offer. The reasons for this were twofold firstly it would show that the ABA were in good financial shape and it would also make Alcindor an instant millionaire if he signed with the ABA which from doing their research the ABA knew that Alcindor would like that and it would help them to obtain Alcindor’s signature.

So Lew tells both the NBA and ABA that he would be in New York on a certain date and that he would take an offer from each team and would make a decision and that they were to give him one offer and he would make his decision based on that.

The problem comes in here as the then commissioner of the ABA George Mikan who was the first great NBA player leading the Minneapolis Lakers to 5 NBA titles in 6 years wanted to be in on the signing as did Arthur Brown who was the then owner of the Nets the team that had Alcindor’s rights and it was decided that it would be only these 2 who would be presenting the ABA’s offer. Why having Mikan in on the signing be a problem became apparent when he and Brown returned to Mike Storen having presented the ABA’s offer to Alcindor when Storen asked ‘’ That check got us where we wanted to go right’’? “Mikan said, ‘We decided that it wasn’t necessary to give him our best offer. We figure when he comes back to us, then we’ll use the check for the second round of talks.’

“Storen screamed, ‘You did what?’
“Mikan said, ‘Don’t panic, we know that he’s coming back. He’s going to get the NBA’s offer and he’ll come back to us.’
“Storen said, ‘Is that what he said he would do?’
“Mikan said, ‘Not exactly. The kid did say that he would make the decision.’
The ABA’s offer was $1 million for 4 years while the NBA’s was $1.4 million for 5 years not surprisingly Alcindor chose the NBA and the ABA’s chance to land the best player of the 1970’s was gone just like that and in a stunning surprise George Mikan was fired as commissioner of the ABA.

This is where the divergence comes in as in our scenario Mikan gives Alcindor that check and a mink coat for his mother and Alcindor signs for the ABA with this one decision the next 50 years of professional basketball in the US will look very different than in our timeline and the destinies of some of the NBA's greatest players look very different
I didn't realize Jabar was a singer. Anyway, was ABBA even around in 1969? I thought ABBA was more a 1970s' group. Wait, you wrote ABA. Nevermind.
I didn't realize Jabar was a singer. Anyway, was ABBA even around in 1969? I thought ABBA was more a 1970s' group. Wait, you wrote ABA. Nevermind.
Somebody beat you to this joke (except they went with the American Bar Association) a couple of pages ago. It wasnt funny then.

Edit: a bit disrespectful to the author, too, isnt it?
1987-88 NBA Season New
The 1987 NBA Draft took place on the 22nd June 1987 with the top prize being Center David Robinson but there was a caveat with him not being available till the 1990 season due to his service in the Navy the draft order would go like this San Antonio, Denver, Kentucky, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Utah, Cleveland, Washington and Houston with San Antonio getting the big prize and the player who would lead their next era and with the next 2 years they would able to further build their supporting cast for when he eventually arrived. The first 5 picks would go as in our timeline with Chicago still getting Scottie Pippen after finding a willing trading partner in the Clippers in exchange for Olden Polynice. Utah would select Kenny Smith at 6 while Cleveland would still select Kevin Johnson but keep him as they did not have Mark Price so they would actually play him. Derrick Mckey would go to Houston while Seattle would select Horace Grant which showed Tom Chambers that they were looking for life beyond him and he was to be an unrestricted free agent in 1988. Sacramento would land Reggie Miller with the 11th pick and both Mark Jackson and Reggie Lewis would still end up in New York and Boston respectively.

15Scottie Pippen^SF
United States
Los Angeles Clippers (from New York, traded to Chicago for Olden Polynice)Central Arkansas (Sr.)

16Kenny SmithPG
United States
Utah StarsNorth Carolina (Sr.)

19Derrick McKeySF/PF
United States
Houston RocketsAlabama (Jr.)
110Horace Grant+PF/C
United States
Seattle SuperSonicsClemson (Sr.)
111Reggie Miller^SG
United States
Sacramento KingsUCLA (Sr.)

There would be no major trades or offseason moves so the main storyline was whether Pat Riley’s promise that the Lakers would repeat as champions would be fulfilled which from the outset of the season looked to be a tall order as they weren't even the best team in the West this season as the Dallas Mavericks would win 61 games and be the 1st seed in the West led by Dominique Wilkins, Dale Ellis and Moses Malone along with 6th Man of the Year in Roy Tarpley, Los Angeles would struggle with some injuries towards the end of the season and win 57 games to be the 2nd seed in the West. From there it would be Portland with Drexler and Most improved player in Kevin Duckworth leading the way, Golden State with Ewing, Phoenix with Hakeem and Otis Thorpe who they got in a trade with Washington for Stipanovich at the beginning of the season, Milwaukee with Moncrief’s injuries really starting to affect him, Los Angeles Clippers who surprised everyone with their season and finally Sacramento with Reggie Miller exceeding several of his draft mates.

In the East it would be the end of an era in a sense as both Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Julius Erving would announce their retirements at the end of the season and were lavished by the league on their farewell tour as they both retired as top 10 players in NBA History and had won 5 NBA titles together. But this also meant that the Nets would be rebuilding and this season would be the last in which they made the playoffs for some time as the 7th seed only Orlando would be behind them in the playoffs. The top 6 seeds would be Boston once again with 62 wins, Detroit with 54, Indiana on 51 with Michael Jordan winning his 1st MVP award, Chicago on 47, New York on 45 and Philadelphia on 43 with both New Jersey and Milwaukee on 41 wins each.

The Western playoffs had more anticipation this year in the fact that Los Angeles might not make the finals for the first time since 1981 and the team most likely to do that would be the Dallas Mavericks and once again these 2 teams would meet after the Lakers beat their city rivals in 4 games and then defeated Portland in 5 games while Dallas would eliminate Sacramento in a sweep and the Phoenix Suns whose star in Olajuwon had gotten revenge over Patrick Ewing for eliminating him the season before. So for the 3rd year in a row the Mavericks and Lakers would meet in the conference finals but unlike those 2 occasions it would be Dallas who would win the series in 6 games with Dale Ellis being the difference maker as he was lights out in this series.

While in the East while it did feel like that another team would be the East representative in the NBA Finals for 1988 the Celtics were very keen on that not being the case as they would easily beat both Orlando and Chicago to make their 9th straight conference finals appearance where they would once again meet the Detroit Pistons who would end the careers of Abdul Jabbar and Erving in sweeping the Nets and beat the Pacers in 6 games with a defensive scheme called the Jordan Rules being implemented for the first time. Boston would be taken to 7 games by this Pistons team but they would get past them with an Isiah Thomas sprained ankle in Game 6 and an accidental head clash between Adrian Dantley and Ricky Pierce in Game 7 give Boston enough of an advantage for them to narrowly win the series where they would meet the Dallas Mavericks who were younger and fresher and the favourites to win the title.

The 1988 NBA Finals were the first with a team that wasn't either Boston or Los Angeles even though Boston was still in the finals and the favorites as they were the much more experienced team compared to the Mavericks although Boston did have some injury concerns with Bill Walton having to retire at the end of the 88 season as he had one too many foot injuries, Alex English was starting to show his age while Larry Bird had bone spurs which would eventually cause him to miss the 89 season in its entirety and Kevin McHale was starting to have problems with his feet. Due to all of these injuries the Celtics were the walking wounded and Dallas would take advantage of that by taking the series to a 7th game in what was one of the All time great finals series and in Game 7 Dominique Wilkins would score 51 points to get the better of Larry Bird who scored 34 points to lead Dallas to a 120-118 triumph in Game 7 and give the Dallas Mavericks it’s first NBA Championship with Wilkins winning finals MVP for his performance in the series.

Eastern Conference
1c-Boston Celtics6220.756
2y-Detroit Pistons5428.6593
3x-Indiana Pacers 5131.62211
4x-Chicago Bulls4735.57315
5x-New York Knicks4537.54915
6x-Philadelphia 76ers4339.52419
7x-New Jersey Nets4141.50021
8x-Orlando Magic4141.50021
9Cleveland Cavaliers3448.42628
10Atlanta Hawks3250.40230
11Washington Bullets3052.37732

12Kentucky Colonels2656.32836

Western Conference
1z-Dallas Mavericks6121.744
2y-Los Angeles Lakers5824.7083
3x-Portland Trail Blazers5032.60911
4x-Golden State Warriors4735.57314
5x-Phoenix Suns4537.54916
6x-Milwaukee Bucks4438.53717
7x-Los Angeles Clippers4141.50020
8x-Sacramento Kings3745.45124
9San Antonio Spurs35 47.42726
10Houston Rockets3052.29331
11Denver Nuggets2854.26833
12Seattle Supersonics2557.23136

13Utah Stars1765.20745

GIsiah ThomasDetroit Pistons7th
GMichael JordanIndiana Pacers4th
FAlex EnglishBoston Celtics8th
FLarry BirdBoston Celtics9th
CKareem Abdul JabbarNew Jersey Nets14th
GDanny AingeBoston Celtics1st
FBrad DaughertyAtlanta Hawks2nd
GDoc RiversAtlanta Hawks1st
FKarl MaloneIndiana Pacers1st
FCharles BarkleyPhiladelphia 76ers2nd
FKevin McHaleBoston Celtics4th
FJulius ErvingNew Jersey Nets13th
Head coach: KC Jones (Boston Celtics)

GMagic JohnsonLos Angeles Lakers8th
GFat LeverDenver Nuggets1st
FDominique WilkinsDallas Mavericks4th
FLarry NanceLos Angeles Lakers2nd
CAkeem OlajuwonHouston Rockets4th
GClyde DrexlerPortland Trail Blazers2nd
CMoses MaloneDallas Mavericks11th
FJames WorthyLos Angeles Clippers3rd
FXavier McDanielLos Angeles Clippers1st
FMark AguirreSan Antonio Spurs3rd
GAlvin RobertsonDenver Nuggets3rd
CPatrick EwingGolden State Warriors3rd
Head coach: John McCleod (Dallas Mavericks)

Nov. 6 – Nov. 15Larry Bird (Boston Celtics)
Nov. 16 – Nov. 22Xavier McDaniel (Los Angeles Clippers)
Nov. 23 – Nov. 29Clyde Drexler (Portland Trail Blazers)
Nov. 30 – Dec. 6Clyde Drexler (Portland Trail Blazers)
Dec. 7 – Dec. 13Magic Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers)
Dec. 14 – Dec. 20Larry Nance (Los Angeles Lakers)
Dec. 21 – Dec. 27Dominique Wilkins (Dallas Mavericks)
Dec. 28 – Jan. 3Karl Malone (Indiana Pacers)
Jan. 4 – Jan. 10Byron Scott (Los Angeles Clippers)
Jan. 11 – Jan. 17Dominique Wilkins (Dallas Mavericks)
Jan. 18 – Jan. 24Michael Jordan (Indiana Pacers)
Jan. 25 – Jan. 31Bernard King (New York Knicks)
Feb. 1 – Feb. 14Dominique Wilkins (Dallas Mavericks)
Feb. 15 – Feb. 21John Stockton (Orlando Magic)
Feb. 22 – Feb. 28Roy Tarpley (Dallas Mavericks)
Feb. 29 – Mar. 6Bobby Hansen (Orlando Magic)
Feb. 7 – Mar. 13Clyde Drexler (Portland Trail Blazers)
Mar. 14 – Mar. 20Charles Barkley (Philadelphia 76ers)
Mar. 21 – Mar. 27Michael Jordan (Indiana Pacers)
Mar. 28 – Apr. 3Michael Jordan (Indiana Pacers)
Apr. 4 – Apr. 10Harold Pressley (Sacramento Kings)
Apr. 11 – Apr. 17Lafayette Lever (Denver Nuggets)
Apr. 18 – Apr. 24Karl Malone (Indiana Pacers)

NovemberMichael Jordan (Indiana Pacers)
DecemberLarry Nance (Larry Nance)
JanuaryMichael Jordan (Indiana Pacers)
FebruaryJohn Stockton (Orlando Magic)
MarchKarl Malone (Indiana Pacers)
AprilLafayette Lever (Denver Nuggets)

NovemberMark Jackson (New York Knicks)
DecemberMark Jackson (New York Knicks)
JanuaryArmon Gilliam (Kentucky Colonels)
FebruaryMark Jackson (New York Knicks)
MarchGreg Anderson (San Antonio Spurs)
AprilKevin Johnson (Cleveland Cavaliers)

NovemberDoug Collins (Chicago Bulls)
DecemberChuck Daly (Detroit Pistons)
JanuaryWes Unseld (Washington Bullets)
FebruaryPat Riley (Los Angeles Lakers)
MarchJack Ramsay (Indiana Pacers)
AprilLenny Wilkens (Cleveland Cavaliers)

Western Conference​

Champion: Dallas Mavericks

Western Conference Quarterfinals

(1) Dallas Mavericks
vs. (8) Sacramento Kings : Mavericks win series 3–0

  • Game 1 @ Dallas: Dallas 122, Sacramento 110
  • Game 2 @ Dallas : Dallas 130, Sacramento 112
  • Game 3 @ Sacramento: Dallas 109, Sacramento 107

(2) Los Angeles Lakers vs. (7) Los Angeles Clippers : Lakers win series 3–2

  • Game 1 @ Los Angeles L: Lakers 126, Clippers 123
  • Game 2 @ Los Angeles L: Clippers 111 , Lakers 91
  • Game 3 @ Los Angeles C: Lakers 124, Clippers 115
  • Game 4 @ Los Angeles C: Clippers 125, Lakers 115
  • Game 4 @ Los Angeles L: Lakers 115, Clippers 96

(3) Portland Trail Blazers vs. (6) Milwaukee Bucks : Blazers win series 3–1

  • Game 1 @ Portland: Portland 120, Milwaukee 110
  • Game 2 @ Portland: Milwaukee 119, Portland 108
  • Game 3 @ Milwaukee: Portland 93, Milwaukee 92
  • Game 4 @ Milwaukee: Portland 107, Milwaukee 97

(4) Golden State Warriors vs (5) Phoenix Suns : Suns win series 3-1

  • Game 1 @ Oakland: Phoenix 108, Golden State 96
  • Game 2 @ Oakland: Golden State 114, Phoenix 105
  • Game 3 @ Phoenix: Phoenix 113, Golden State 108
  • Game 4 @ Phoenix: Phoenix 111, Golden State 96

Western Conference Semifinals

(1) Dallas Maverick
s vs. (5) Phoenix Suns : Mavericks win series 4–2

  • Game 1 @ Dallas: Phoenix 126 , Dallas 115
  • Game 2 @ Dallas: Dallas 112, Phoenix 108
  • Game 3 @ Phoenix: Phoenix 107, Dallas 105
  • Game 4 @ Phoenix: Dallas 124, Phoenix 103
  • Game 5 @ Dallas: Dallas 110, Phoenix 106
  • Game 6 @ Phoenix: Dallas 108, Phoenix 95

(2) Los Angeles Lakers vs. (3) Portland Trail Blazers : Lakers win series 4–1

  • Game 1 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 110, Portland 91
  • Game 2 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 101, Portland 97
  • Game 3 @ Portland: Portland 96, Los Angeles 89
  • Game 4 @ Portland: Los Angeles 113, Portland 100
  • Game 4 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 109, Portland 98

Western Conference Finals

(1) Dallas Mavericks
vs. (2) Los Angeles Lakers : Mavericks win series 4–3

  • Game 1 @ Dallas: Dallas 113, Los Angeles 98
  • Game 2 @ Dallas : Dallas 123, Los Angeles 101
  • Game 3 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 106, Dallas 94
  • Game 4 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 118, Dallas 104
  • Game 5 @ Dallas: Dallas 119, Los Angeles 102
  • Game 6 @ Los Angeles: Los Angeles 105, Dallas 103
  • Game 7 @ Dallas: Dallas 117, Los Angeles 102

Eastern Conference​

Champion: Boston Celtics

Eastern Conference Quarterfinals

(1) Boston Celtics
VS. (8) Orlando Magic : Celtics win series 3–1

  • Game 1 @ Boston : Boston 112 Orlando 92
  • Game 2 @ Boston : Boston 128, Orlando 102
  • Game 3 @ Orlando : Orlando 109, Boston 100
  • Game 4 @ Orlando : Boston 102, Orlando 94

(2) Detroit Pistons VS. (7) New Jersey Nets : Pistons win series 3–0

  • Game 1 @ Detroit : Detroit 96, New Jersey 87
  • Game 2 @ Detroit : Detroit 102, New Jersey 101
  • Game 3 @ New York : Detroit 99, New Jersey 78

(3) Indiana Pacers VS. (6) Philadelphia 76ers : Pacers win series 3–1

  • Game 1 @ Orlando : Indiana 104, Philadelphia 93
  • Game 2 @ Orlando : Indiana 106, Philadelphia 101
  • Game 3 @ Indiana : Philadelphia 110, Indiana 102
  • Game 4 @ Indiana : Indiana 107, Philadelphia 101

(4) Chicago Bulls vs (5) New York Knicks : Bulls win series 3-2

  • Game 1 @ Chicago: Chicago 110, New York 107
  • Game 2 @ Chicago: Chicago 104, New York 97
  • Game 3 @ New York: New York 123, Chicago 115
  • Game 4 @ New York: New York 105, Chicago 99
  • Game 5 @ Chicago: Chicago 121, New York 111

Eastern Conference Semifinals

(1) Boston Celtics
vs. (5) Chicago Bulls : Celtics win series 4–1

  • Game 1 @ Boston: Boston 110, Chicago 101
  • Game 2 @ Boston : Boston 108, Chicago 97
  • Game 3 @ Chicago : Chicago 110, Boston 92
  • Game 4 @ Chicago : Boston 112, Chicago 104
  • Game 5 @ Boston : Boston 102, Chicago 100

(2) Detroit Pistons vs. (3) Indiana Pacers : Pistons win series 4–2

  • Game 1 @ Detroit: Indiana 94, Detroit 88
  • Game 2 @ Detroit: Detroit 100, Indiana 91
  • Game 3 @ Indiana: Indiana 99, Detroit 97
  • Game 4 @ Indiana: Detroit 86, Indiana 80
  • Game 5 @ Detroit: Detroit 94, Indiana 85
  • Game 6 @ Indiana: Detroit 103, Indiana 94

Eastern Conference Finals

(1) Boston Celtics
vs. (2) Detroit Pistons : Celtics win series 4–3

  • Game 1 @ Boston: Detroit 104, Boston 96
  • Game 2 @ Boston: Boston 119, Detroit 115 (2OT) Adrian Dantley hits a game-tying free throw with 10 seconds left in regulation to force OT; Kevin McHale hits the game-tying 3 pointer with 5 seconds left in the first OT to force the second OT.
  • Game 3 @ Detroit: Detroit 98, Boston 94
  • Game 4 @ Detroit: Boston 79, Detroit 78
  • Game 5 @ Boston : Boston 102, Detroit 96 (OT)
  • Game 6 @ Detroit : Detroit 95, Boston 90
  • Game 7 @ Boston : Boston 117, Detroit 114

NBA Finals​

(W1) Dallas Mavericks VS. (E1) Boston Celtics : Mavericks win series 4–3

  • Game 1 @ Dallas: Dallas 105, Boston 93
  • Game 2 @ Dallas: Boston 108, Dallas 96
  • Game 3 @ Boston: Boston 99, Dallas 86
  • Game 4 @ Boston: Dallas 111 , Boston 86
  • Game 5 @ Boston: Boston 104, Dallas 94
  • Game 6 @ Dallas: Dallas 103, Boston 102
  • Game 7 @ Dallas: Dallas 120, Boston 118
So Kareem and Doctor J retire together. The local boys from Brooklyn and Roosevelt (Long Island) did great things for New York and the metropolitan area.