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Epilogue: There’s no such thing as a Hollywood ending...

Epilogue: There’s no such thing as a Hollywood ending...

13.8 billion years ago. There was nothing. No Star existed not even time was a thing. Then in a split second the universe as know it exploded into life. 13.8 billion years ago the big bang happened. In a fraction of a second. The elements were made and soon the world began to develop. The sun we know came into existence. Planets were pulled into her orbit; one such planet was the earth. A planet full of volcanoes that over time cooled down and became the planet we know. Life followed as the dinosaurs came and were wiped out. Those that survived lived on as man began to rise upward towards the starts. They gained the ability to make fire, to use the wheel. Humanity continued to grow into tribes into towns, towns into cities then empires. The Egyptians, Romans ruled, the dark ages dominated but soon man began to prosper.

They learnt the power of gunpowder and soon expanded outwards across the ocean into America. From there, things only continued to grow. Countries gained freedom; kings lost their heads and new machinery began to power empires. Factories rose, there smoke cascading into the skies. Horses were replaced by cars, newspapers by radio. We conquered the skies then each other. The atomic bomb brought devastation untold upon Japan then left the world living in fear. That is the history as we all know today. Of hitter’s Nazi regime, of JFK’S assassination, of the roman empire and the Russian revolution. It’s the history we all accept happened yet sometimes writers ponder different worlds; some suffer from de ja Vu unexplained. We accept these as common places but out there is something no human can comprehend.

We are not the only universe out there. We are not even the prime universe. The prime universe is a cold dark dying universe. Nearly all the stars have all but died out, life is all but nearly completely gone. Their version of the earth has long since been consumed by the sun. yet life lives on. Near the centre of that universe, a star still burns The Multeye lives on. they live on with powers beyond human comprehension. They have evolved and conquered more than man has and now have the powers to create, watch and destroy universes. They have almost reached god-like levels of powers yet have no concept of gods. Some of their species long to find a universe they can escape to; they watched universes with different variables. Like What Walt Disney lived longer and was more progressive. To see the effect on each universe, to see if it was suitable to survive.

Some of The Multeye were evil. Lived to see their universes suffer as they did. They placed tyrants in charge, lived to see any species they could find to live under painful depressing situations. Most of the Multeye just watched on in their dying days. enjoying the entertainment, the universe we know today is one they decided to simply just watch but there are hundreds more. Some of the Multeye breakthrough into other universes sapping their power. That universe almost always rejects that lowly Multeye for resson they could not understand. They would seek out certain people to change that universe, believing it was their duty of care to set things right for everyone. sometimes their actions lead to worsening situations. A Maltese once caused the world to become dominated by a Nazi germane empire. To be careful was the motto for any Multeye as their actions could change entire universes. Yet some did not abide by this as the laws that once bound their civilisation together had long since eroded and now factions with different intent and views existed In remaining pockets around a dying star.

So, well a group of Multeye became fixated on Hollywood and Walt Disney, another broke free from the group. That lone Multeye had become obsessed with the progressive era and had watched many many universes where it went wrong. It had seen one where Theodore Roosevelt became a tyrant or another well Woodrow Wilson made America the racist bastion of the world. This Multeye was ready to give up the life it had in the prime universe to break through to a universe just reaching the late 1880s. it was here that it would seek out two people. Eugene V. Debs and Theodore Roosevelt. This lone Multeye was determined to guide them, to show them what would be if they did not change. That Multeye was ready to see the progressive era succeed. It was its mission, one way or another a new progressive paradigm would rise. To do what its people could not and prevent the spreading of the unspeakable one.

The Multeye will return in.....

The Progressive Paradigm
Sharon Tate and...Roman Polanski.
Save Sharon Tate, AIUI, you've save all the trouble Polanski got into. AIUI, he was involved with her & went to pieces afterward.

In that vein, is it too late to save Dorothy Stratten? And, consequently, save Peter Bogdonavich a boatload of grief?

@phx1138: you appeared late that is true but the advice and answers you have given helped me teach me things I will Never Forget. Future timelines will be researched better thanks to your advice.
More than happy to be of assistance. I do wish I'd been soon enough you could fix it.

I do see my second point has been overtaken by events... :oops: Oh, well.
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Save Sharon Tate, AIUI, you've save all the trouble Polanski got into. AIUI, he was involved with her & went to pieces afterward.

In that vein, is it too late to save Dorothy Stratten? And, consequently, save Peter Bogdonavich a boatload of grief?


More than happy to be of assistance. I do wish I'd been soon enough you could fix it.

I do see my second point has been overtaken by events... :oops: Oh, well.
Your point is not finished yet. Though Maybe she will be for this story, I plan on taking some people and just making wiki-boxes for the fun of it at some point.
And thank you
There's a comic book character called Captain Carrot! I thought Danny the street was odd.
I knew about Cap'n C before Danny.

Speaking as a huge fan of Morrison's DP, did you understand any of it? I didn't... :oops::oops::oops: Nor do I know anyone who did.
gay undertones of Bert and Ernie.
What gay undertones? I watched "Sesame Street" as a kid. I always believed they were brothers. The only "gay undertones" are the ones that have been introduced in the 21st Century (evidently by gay {equal} rights advocates).:rolleyes: And if them living together & not brothers makes them gay, you've got a shitload of explaining to do where "The Odd Couple" is concerned...& since the Broadway show was popular around the time "Sesame Street" debuted, I'd bet the show informed the creation of Bert & Ernie, & their relationship.

Oh, BTW, that gay kiss in 1966 is going to generate more than a few "protests". Recall, that's before Stonewall. That's at a time when just being gay was illegal in a lot of places. A gay kiss in a major film, let alone a Disney film, in 1966 IMO is damn near impossible, & if it happens, it's liable to produce riots, not just protests. Recall the fuss Kirk kissing Uhura produced!
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Unexpected update!
Anyone who is interested to see what the Multeye will do next. Don't worry. The next story is currently in the works and the release date will be soon.
I feel like we can have some wiki boxes for franchises so if anyone has a top 4 they want to see. let me know
And in the meantime well we wait for the next chapter:
Check out Short fandom stories by Tmckay. There pretty interesting. instead of one big story, it focuses on different franchises and offers a different view on them. Like the Simpsons, star wars, fallout and more. Done some wiki boxes for it and if you need something to read well waiting for book II, then that is the thread for you.
Regarding obscure TV candidate I can think of is Police Squad.

Police Squad was a comedy show created by the Zucker/Abrams/Zucker comedy team (most known for Airplane and the Naked Gun series-the latter was actually based off of Police Squad). It was just as hilarious as their usual work, but it got cancelled after six episodes because-and I quote-"the viewer had to watch it in order to appreciate it".
Boy, is that true. It was absolutely full of sight gags.
People on the Internet complain all the time about that Firefly show getting cancelled too soon, but that's nothing compared to Police Squad
Let me second that, squared. IMO, "Police Squad" deserved to run 10 years or more. (And I don't dislike everything Whedon has done...but I never got "Firefly".)
So I have run in my mind run out of people who we can save or change. But I did find one I didn't know so if anyone else has any.
A bit late to change it, but if you saved Buddy Holly, you might have saved Ritchie Valens & The Big Bopper, too--provided they don't hire a nitwit who's not qualified to fly on instruments, or too stupid to realize flying into a thunderstorm is a really bad idea. (OTOH, if you only saved Holly, you may've killed Waylon Jennings. )

In that same vein, you could (maybe) save Patsy Cline, too--by giving her a manager (& a pilot) who also isn't that stupid. (He was OTL, & it killed everybody aboard.)

Just butterflies would probably save Stevie Ray. (Might kill The Dixie Pistols, but hey, that's a good trade even so. Not even Tim Truman would complain.)
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August, September, October
Summer will soon give way to fall
Orange replacing Greens for that is nature's call
The heat we treasure will fade into the cold we embrace
It's a feeling one can never replace
So watch as the door
Opens Once more
into a universe, we once believed gone forever

What if Everything went right: The Greatest Show-people returns​

October 31st 2021 For a Halloween Special
Watch How the happiest places on earth become the spookiest for the Halloween session.
See which horror movies are considered the best
And Most importantly of all:
Catch up with George, Peter and all the other Disney members as Halloween comes to town.
Update and the future
The Hallowen Speiccal is comeing along well. It will be out On the day followed by a second special at a later date.
That Brings us to the poll and the question.
The idea was always to leave this for 10/20 years but with recent changes in how Disney is acting. I feel empowered to bring this from 2004 to 2021.
But that choice is not mine
It is yours.
The Hallowen Speiccal is comeing along well. It will be out On the day followed by a second special at a later date.
That Brings us to the poll and the question.
The idea was always to leave this for 10/20 years but with recent changes in how Disney is acting. I feel empowered to bring this from 2004 to 2021.
But that choice is not mine
It is yours.
I'd wait until 2022 or 2023 to work on the sequel. It's still a shorter wait than your original goal, but at the same time, it's closer to the centennial of the company.
I'd wait until 2022 or 2023 to work on the sequel. It's still a shorter wait than your original goal, but at the same time, it's closer to the centennial of the company.
The plan as of now is 2022/2023 if the vote goes that way.
Got a lot to do this year from the processive paradigm, the female world and helping a close friend.
Lining it up with 100 years is not a bad idea.
To Be Who I am
To Be Who I am
(surprise chapter well i get back into writing as I deal with life problems)
George Arthur Disney. A Sixty-six-year-old veteran of Hollywood and son of Walter Elias Disney. Now work at the television studio for his father’s company. It was not a role he had expected himself to land in but it was one he was happy to find. Disney had done so much over the year, had seen the very world change around him. He was close to his father in his youth, saw him a figure to look up to. At the time the little Disney knew not of the fame and popularity his father held yet as he grew up in the world of Hollywood things became clearer and clearer. At such a young age he burst onto the screen as an actor and since then had done everything. He was currently in the progress of writing a book that would go into depth about the younger years he had so long hidden from. To many, his image was that of a Disney even though rumours had always persisted about his wilder side.

His wild side was a by-product of the feelings he felt inside. In his later years, he described it as a metal detector. He could go through it, there was a chance he would be happy on the other side but it had the chance of revealing something he did not want to reveal about himself. At such a young age the feelings Disney had he ignored. The time he was born was not the most acceptable time, homosexuality was still shunned and young George learned very quickly the weight of his family name. The Disney company was mainly aimed at families, to be gay could bring bad press. So as George watched the male Hollywood stars feeling things he felt were wrong he ignored it and surpassed it. things others got to live he never saw. From prom to first dates, he shunned it all. When people asked, where’s your girlfriend. George would simply tell them he hadn’t the time. He was after all a heavily carer focused man like his father was. He thrived working, putting energy into the projects he adored.

George found it amusing that his father’s films were so dedicated to happily ever after, to princesses finding prices and for true love to thrive. But to that young man, it seemed nigh on impossible for him to reach that. After all, being gay was simply wrong and that was the way it had to be. George had family, had a job, had a life and should have been happy yet he felt empty. He would go on to meet James dean and rock Hudson. They truly opened his eyes to the world he was missing and thought it would take time. They pried him away from his insecurities and began to mould truly the man George Disney was to become. Yet soon secrets George had never revealed came to happen. Drugs, alcohol and random hook-ups. It was not something he was truly proud of but desperate, alone and starved of affection from the people he was attracted to. It was an escape he craved, an escape he would do anything for and those not so secret men of Hollywood gave him all the desires he wanted.

George was living two lives. The pure paragon of the Disney studios and the homosexual fighting to survive. Being trapped in a world where he had to act both day and night, on-screen and off drove George to a deep deep depression. Anxiety began to sneak its way into his brain and the drug usage continued to grow. Never enough so it affected his life but enough to dumb the continued pain he felt. He thought releasing himself with the pleasure of other men was simply enough to get by but it was far from that happy ever after he had so longed after. The newspapers continued to publish stories, rumours circulated but it was never anything solid. Despite it all, George held his father in high regard and did not want to sully the companies name with a homosexual. Then came the 1960s which would blow apart George’s world.

Tab Hunter. A Seventy-three-year-old man was slightly older than George. Hunter and Disney came into each circle and something stuck gold for George. It was not something they could openly admit but almost straight away friendship was struck up. Though Hunter and those close to him, Disney slowly began to turn his life away, free from the suicidal thoughts and need for drugs to feel good. For Disney, the changing times gave him hope. Hunter always seemed to be by his side. Some newspapers reported them as the closest friends in all of Hollywood. But by now, it was more than friendship as Disney began to accept himself though he still decided to hide it to protect the stigma his family faced if he embraced it fully. The world may have been changing at the time but still, people stood steadfast against it. Embrace it or not, George Disney was in love.

Then George Disney got caught on camera kissing Tab Hunter. His entire world felt like it had melted away, he was happy with hunter. They were semi-official and were happy together. But for the whole world to know. It felt like the ship had sunk beneath his feet. The news exploded nationwide. Disney’s beloved son: a homosexual, a shocking secret revealed: Disney is gay. George felt like his entire world was over and for a time considered ending it then and there. The only option was to simply go into hiding and during that time suffer immensely with a relapse onto the alcohol; which nearly drove hunter away. His father had been long gone, but his legacy remained and George often felt like he could never live up to the man who had changed Hollywood forever. George expected hate, expected to be attacked, expected hunter to be attacked, his home to be vandalised. For a time, he believed his entire career was over. Yet that fear, that anxiety and depression which had eaten away at him. Which had nearly killed him so many times never came to pass. The world had changed, in his fear George had never come to realise the new reality. Over time, the outcaste became an icon of a community he had long since fought against being truly in. he turned to one of his closest friends (Marylyn Monroe) for advice and she told him to do what feels right, to please everyone would be impossible. Monroe felt like his sister and they had both supported each other through drug problems. They were proof that Hollywood was not always squeaky clean like it wanted to appear. It was time for George Disney to finally step out of the cage he had incased himself in for years.

On March 3rd 1980, George Arthur Disney came out live on national tv on Marylyn Monroe’s show. The tidal wave that followed was not one he expected. Rock Hudson, Tab Hunter, James’s dean Anthony Perkins and more all too began to open up about these truths. Nationwide others began to write to George telling him their stories. It was not all happy but the very thing he feared had never come to pass. Soon George embraced himself truly for the first time, a liberation that felt like a roller-coaster ride. Alongside hunter he pledged to work alongside children who found themselves in positions as he did. The greatest gay icon was an award bestowed to him nine years later in 1989, it was something that meant everything to him. Growing up there were no gay men on tv, in film or out. Role models were hard to find but now there were many. And it was a great feeling. His love for tab hunter never died no matter what he went on to do. In 1988, California legalised civil partnership becoming the first state to do so. George Arthur Disney and tab hunter became some of the first to make use of that. They were inseparable. In 1995, they established the LGBT Prom Foundation, through fundraisers and donations. The group were able to put on inclusive proms for all, for over 11 years George Disney had worked with that group. Now as he stood watching the fireworks with hunter by himself. He realised that despite all the struggle and all the pain. He had finally gotten to see the sunrise. Being gay was not easy in youth but by pushing forward. The world was No Disney movie George knew that. But the world would go on spinning, lives would continue to be lived. To Many George Arthur Disney was the next Walt, to him he was simply just a man. A man who finally got to have the one thing he had always wanted. A happily ever after or more simply a chance to be the person he truly was.

His suffering, however, is the suffering of so many others. Had granted something else to thousands of others. A Happy Beginning, a chance to be free.
A Chance to simply love

My father stood for progress. I stand now protecting that message. Progress into tomorrow, leave behind yesterday but always embrace the scars. For they make you who you are.
*George Arthur Disney*