What if all countries had to use Nordic Cross style flags?

Like it says in the title what if all flags were in the form of a Nordic Cross?

This occured to me a while ago when I saw the proposals for a German flag in the Nordic style and I started wondering what a British flag would look like in the same fashion.

Would there be enough colours to go round? Would Denmark, Switzerland and Austria get into a war over who could have the white cross on a red field? Would Libya adopt a green cross with a green border on a green field?

So proposed flags would follow the style of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, a Nordic Cross, either with or without a border, with no embellishments.



Assuming Nordic crosses with decorations are allowed, then the Canadian one needs a maple leaf of course. Either at the centre of the cross, or in the upper right quarter. Likewise, in that case the UK could simply shift the centre of its cross(es) to the left to get a Nordic Cross.
Something like this was done a while back in the main Flag Thread. That one was more "Use elements of OTL flags and reshape them into Nordic crosses." Here is one I made back then for Swaziland.

Nordic Swaz.png


This is a Nordic cross variant of the Union Jack that I made a while ago (well before turning non-Nordic cross flags into Nordic crosses became popular).