What happens next?

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    May 5, 2016
    Note! This not a “Could this happen”, this is a “What happens now?”

    I was wargaming the Battle of Denmark Strait recently (Tabletop) and had a bit of an interesting result, between a little luck on my part, and some mistakes and unkind rolls on my opponents part…

    Hood is sunk. Not by a detonation, but by several shorts that were ruled to cause underwater damage. Added to that, my opponent wouldn’t reduce speed, and a failed damage control roll. She capsizes.

    Prince of Wales takes a shell to the bridge from Prinz Eugen, and the ship is ruled out of control. She strikes the corpse of Hood, and takes a fair amount of damage, resulting in her foundering.

    Bismarck has taken minor damage, no fuel leakage like OTL. Rear director destroyed, a couple of hits for no damage. (Belt hits, a turret hit that didn’t do anything).

    Bismarck (My control) gets into a convoy, and butchers HMS Ramillies and most of the convoy. At the point, I turn for home. I have evaded detection since Denmark Strait, since I didn’t feel the need to get on my radio and chat it up. I withdraw to Gotenhafen, picking up a cruiser tail at some point, but nothing was in position to interdict me, and the cruiser doesn’t try his luck. Ramillies has caused additional damage, including jamming a turret, but still nothing major.

    In a final bit of a mix of poor decision/bad luck…he runs Rodney out of fuel. Turns out running around at high speed drains the fuel tank quite quickly. While she was being towed back, a u-boat found them and sunk Rodney.

    So, the question: This obviously changes things. A lot. But how? Is Churchill sacked? Are all heavy units withdrawn from the Mediterranean? Does Japan try her luck early? Does Goebbels choke on the drool from the propaganda possibility?

    Again, this is not a wank, this is a result from a game, I'm just asking what happens next, so we can try to keep going.
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    Mar 11, 2018
    Don't forget the U-Boat that found itself in perfect position to torpedo Ark Royal and Repulse but which was out of torpedoes :)
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    May 5, 2016
    The u-boat never found herself in that position. Things developed a bit differently...
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    Oct 29, 2016
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    Whatever port the Bismarck takes refuge in is going to get flattened by the RAF.
    That is if the British submarines staking out wich ever port the Bismarck is heading to* don't put several torpedoes into him.

    *Ultra intercepts will allow the Royal Navy to know exactly what port the Bismarck is heading
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    May 5, 2016
    How many bombers does the RAF have in 1941 (June) that can reach Wilhelmshaven? Bismarck needs repairs, of course so that's the next location. No fighter escort, so I imagine that with a little planning, that would become quite the bomber trap. That falls outside of the scope of our game, though I do believe you correct in that.
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