What did Hitler mean by this?

Reminds me of this joke from fascist Italy:

A functionary visits a firm and asks the responsible guy: "Did you clean your firm from Socialists?"
"No, about 40% of the workers are - but you know, we need them, they're experienced special workers and stuff..."
"Well - is the firm free of Communists at least?"
"Actually, all the other 60% are Communists."
"What the hell? There is not a single fascist among your employees?"
"Oh, fascists? All of them are!"
Did you invent that joke? If not, where did it come from?
There were a lot of people who turned their coats with quite rapidity. As F. H. M. Hildebrand says in Underground Humor in Nazi Germany:

Underground Humor in Nazi Germany said:
At the famous Nazi march on 1 May 1933 two old friends meet. The first one clenches his fist and shouts, ‘Heil Moscow!’, whereupon the other chap says, ‘Not quite so loud—in the seventh row behind us there marches a Nazi!’

Who nowadays in the SA enlists
With both eyes shut and with a turned-up nose?
Reactionaries, true, but mostly Communists.
Now march through fear in step with former foes.

Hein, a layabout in Hamburg, used to belong to the Rotfront [the German Communist Party militia] before joining the SA in 1933. When he meets his friend Tetje the latter comments, ‘Well, well! How is it that you already have two stars on your uniform when you’ve only been in the SA a month?’
Hein: ‘Do you think it was for nothing that I served in the Rotfront for the past two years?’

In a Stormtroopers’ pub somebody has written on a wall: ‘The KPD [German Communist Party] is still alive! Hail Moscow!’ Next day somebody has written underneath it: ‘Which cowardly dog has written this? He is to report at once!’
The following day there is yet another addition: ‘I haven’t got time to report; I’m on SA duty!’
I also said "imagine". I find it unlikely, that, Speer would have misrembered a conversation to such a level, as to lead to this very strange conversation.
Really? I mean, look at that wiki page. Large parts of it looks like the transcript of a mental patient describing conversations they once had while doing drugs with a bunch of PolSci students. The whole thing is unlikely.

I can well believe that Hitler spouted all that, but it also wouldn’t surprise me if Speer had mentally cut and pasted a lot of conversations in the wrong order and to the wrong people. Fresh eyewitness evidence is questionable, years afterwards is very dubious without contemporaneous notes or corroboration. I mean, fundamentally it comes down to “so this convicted war criminal and chum of Hitler who lied about his part in the holocaust said that one time years ago Hitler said...” which wouldn’t exactly be compelling evidence in court.

Like I said, I wouldn’t read too much into it. Interesting to speculate on but without better sourcing or corroborating evidence it’s all soap bubbles.
I really do not believe this is strange, but more Franco and company seemed in the hands of reactionaries, that the Nazi's could more idealistically minded folks in the reds is not far-fetched. Remember Fascism is a revolutionary ideology at heart, that while it adopts nationalistic symbols is by no means conservative or reactionary, even if like Communism it hasn't taken place under the perceived ideal conditions.
Apropos Speer: Did anyone ever try to double-check all he said about Hitler? The one or other thing, I imagine, could have turned out to be false. After all, he wrote enough books.
Sorry for reviving an old thread but I managed to find more of the final part of this quote, from https://books.google.pt/books?id=HPxnAAAAMAAJ&q="The+whole+thing+will+start+all+over+again.+But+with+us+on+the+opposite+side."&dq="The+whole+thing+will+start+all+over+again.+But+with+us+on+the+opposite+side."&hl=pt-PT&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjZro_50v3hAhVZDWMBHU7eBXIQ6AEIKDAA: "one of these days we'll be able to make use of them. When we call it quits with Franco. Then we'll let them go home. And you'll see what happens then! The whole thing will start all over again. But with us on the opposite side. I don't give a damn about that. Let him find out what I can be like!"
What do you, all, think, now, that, we have more context?
I finally have the full quote, along with the context in that it appeared, from https://edoc.pub/queue/spandau-the-secret-diaries-albert-speer-pdf-free.html: "When we celebrated Christmas of 1942 in the vicinity of Bordeaux, I heard from the head of the construction unit during the dinner that a group of former so-called Spanish Reds who were interned in a nearby camp had invited me to their Christmas party. Without an SS escort squad — right up to the end of the war this distinction was accorded only to Donitz, Bormann, Keitel, Ribbentrop, Funk, and Goebbels, in addition to Hitler and Himmler — I drove over to the camp with a small following. The party had already begun. A Spaniard made a short speech to introduce me: the throng responded with faint applause. Folk dances and other popular offerings followed, each time to stormv applause. The rather stiff attitude toward me relaxed only after I had a sizable supply of cigarettes and wine distributed. These Spaniards, who had fought on the side of the Republic, had fled across the Pyrenees to France at the end of the civil war. By now they had been held behind barbed wire for almost three years. They were people with likable, courageous faces; we sat to gether until late at night, and there was a note of cordiality in our goodbyes. Two weeks later I told Hitler about the incident and asked him to authorize preferential treatment for these Spaniards. They hated Franco, who had defeated them, I said, and likewise the French brand of democracy that was keeping them imprisoned. "That's highly interesting," Hitler interrupted eagerly. "Did you hear that, Keitel? You know my opinion of Franco. Two years ago, when we were about to meet, I still thought he was a true leader, but I met a fat little sergeant who couldn't at all grasp my far-reaching plans. We ought to keep these Red Spaniards on the back burner—there are many thousands of them, after all. They're lost to democracy, and to that reactionary crew around Franco too—we have real chances there. I believe you to the letter, Speer, that they were impressive people. I must say, in general, that during the civil war the idealism was not on Franco's side; it was to be found among the Reds. Certainly they pillaged and desecrated, but so did Franco's men, without having any good reason for it—the Reds were working off centuries of hatred for the Catholic Church, which always oppressed the Spanish people. When I think of that I understand a good many things. Franco knows perfectly well why he objected only half a year ago to our employing these Spanish Reds. But one of these days"—Hitler stabbed the air with his finger—"one of these days we'll be able to make use of them. When we call it quits with Franco. Then we'll let them go home. And you'll see what happens then! The whole thing will start all over again. But with us on the opposite side. I don't give a damn about that. Let him find out what I can be like!""
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