What are people's opinions on creating a fictional character to start off a TL?

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    Like when the POD is for example that a royal daughter is born a son , or miscarriage doesn't happen, or a prince who was an imbecile is instead a genius, and the character(s) that wouldn't exist if not for that change take a central role in the story you are telling. Is that considered cheating ?
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    That's not cheating in the least bit. There are several what ifs about that. And I'm down with putting fictional characters in any point of the story to begin with, just like I'm fine with fictional characters appearing in any other genre of fiction.
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    Have a look at the actual total number of royal births to anyone in medieval periods versus how many lived to even young adulthood, and it's fine to create someone, because their historical analogue was there anyway.

    In more modern times, you are in Butterfly territory, but if you change something vaguely notable in 1920, then having someone born slightly different, or with a different name and personality in 1922, can easily be the butterfly representation of the parents doing things differently in the interim, even just having some garlic and not fancying it one night, and so delaying it and creating someone different.

    And if it is someone from nowhere, well look at any war - be it Napoleonic, Crimean, First World War, and the thousands of people who died, not only in the war, but from disease. The 10,000 or so in Leclerc's Haitian army for example could have become someone, or their descendants could have
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