What are good choices to introduce someone to A/H?

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    For good ISOTs, S. M. Stirling's Island in the Sea of Time (Nantucket and surrounding waters 1998 CE -> 1250 BCE) and Eric Flint's 1632 (West Virginia coal town 2000 CE -> Thuringia, 1632 CE). 1632 is by far the more historical & well-developed of the two, but both are solid reads.
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    If they play video games, Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg is by far the best mod for Hearts of Iron, the best content available (paid or otherwise) for that game, and a fantasically detailed AH, improving in terms of plausibility with every update (while keeping most of the fun).

    Eric Flint's 1632 and its many sequels are a great place to start for ISOTs. They start to decrease slightly in quality around 1635 and are slowly recovering, though. That's my opinion anyway.

    ISOT proper, I like the concept but have problems with Stirling's, um, attitudes that come out in the writing. It's also more pulpy than most traditional AH and ISOT works, in a way that can be irritating to some readers.

    Don't start with the Draka. Just don't.

    The Two Georges and TL-191 are both decent but flawed options, but skip the post-Great War books from TL-191. That's when it straight-up jumps the shark.

    Good timelines from AH.com are also IMO good ideas. What Madness Is This? (currently in its second iteration), Look To The West, AANW, and the ongoing "1945 US ISOT to the Two Georges" thread down in ASB that @MikeTurcotte is going, those are all great options IMO.
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    Well, I think perhaps the best way to start will be to ask him if there is any particular era of real life history that he is particularly interested in (Rome, Medieval Europe, ancient China, WW2, Cold War.... etc, etc) to begin with, and work from there to see if there exist any note worthy AH works within that era.
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    "Fatherland" or "SS-GB" novels. They both still stand the test of time, although "Dominion" is pretty decent as well.
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    Gibson/Sterling’s The Difference Engine is what got me into AH as a wee one when it came out (well, mostly that map since I didn’t have a solid knowledge of Victorians lol). Good way to introduce someone to if they like the Victorian era.
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