WF Panama Canal build by French

so the first attempt to build the Panama Canal (POD with locks)
by French is successfuly and complete in 1890
How gona be the 20 century with a French Canal ?
the French <-> USA relationship
also World War One and Two
and will be a Panama crisis simelar like Suez Crisis in 1956?
Interesting POD. I don't know much about the argument, but I would say that the french canal would play a merry hell on the Monroe doctrine on the long run, especially if the french leave a military garrison, not to mention the whole keg of problems that would arise if the french would attempt to create the state of Panama (odds are that Colombia retain those territories, but I'm no south America expert)

During WW2, the french canal will become a supporter of Free France for sure (a few warships will care of that :rolleyes:).

Finally, rather a Suez-like crisis, I see a peaceful devolution of the canal to Panama (or Colombia) brokered by USA.
Once finishied since the canal was built by a French company I imagine the arrangment for them was to get some rigths on the earnings on the canal. The French are not interested in making and independent Panama since they already were building the canal for Colombia. Having France there...I don't think USA would get involved. So this Panama would be part of Colombia and by now the canal would be complety under colombian control.
the french Panama Canal would be controlled like The Suez Canal Company
by a shareholders company called Compagnie universelle du Canal maritime de Panama

while Compagnie universelle du Canal maritime de Suez
are the majority of the shareholders, French private investors.

the Compagnie universelle du Canal maritime de Panama
will have a more international private investors.
mabye U.S. Investor like John D. Rockefeller
I assume there would be no Canal Zone. there would be much less resentment. Since the US is not involved there is one less grievance against the Colussus of the North.It also means that Jimmy Carter has one less difficult thing to do j
A never made Question

Ironically, I'm Colombian, and I never make that question to myself(Panama is a bitter memories for us, but no so irrendentia like Anzofagasta for bolivia, because panama in general was like Choco, a litter poor area), well, now i try to answer that in the expirience of suez channel:

At the moment of the channel, Columbia Fight their last civil war( Guerra de los Mil Dias/Thousand days war), and was economically and politically wrecked, for that the americans obtain panama... with the french there, i think Los Conservadores(The Conservatives, the ruling part) power will beg to the french to protect panama de Los Liberales Radicales(Radical Liberals, a splinter cell of El Partido Liberal/Liberal Party), and make a garrison there or become a international area in Colombia Soil(much like was nominally the suez channel before the suez war), besides a little influx of capital(that is well inverted can make a lot of butterflies), the changes will be than being more close to the french... maybe even taking part of WW1 or demand the total neutrality of the Canal Area until the u-boat bullshit(I'm of some german heritage) even make jump in the final areas of the war

interbellum similar.... but for ww2, maybe if the french are defeated like OTL, both free french will ask to us to reclaim Panama Canal area to protect them.... and that will make another scandal like the suez war post bellum(but no so violent, i think the american will dictact on favor of Colombian by all of the post colonialism speech),

In general... More Stronger Comercial and Political Link with the France(having French like a second intruction language beside the english currently), and that will make some interesting butterflies with Colombia internal conflict(more easily beaten, a negotiate peace or more bloddy that before), but that is more income for columbia than maybe will be stole by corruption or maybe not...

And I'll no have a big reason to hate the american like now but still if the behave like OTL...)

that will be a Half full glass for columbia, great POD
nice idea Nivek

I think that France install French Foreign Legion to protect the Panama Canal

during WW2 with the french are defeated.
the U.S. will protect the Panama Canal against Germans and Japan