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Flag Challenge 216: Most Suitable

Create a flag using any symbol from a deck of cards.
Both Latin and Germanic decks allowed.

Challenge opens: now
Challenge closes: 19th January, 23:59 GMT
Flag Challenge 216: Most Suitable

Create a flag using any symbol from a deck of cards.
Both Latin and Germanic decks allowed.

Challenge opens: now
Challenge closes: 19th January, 23:59 GMT
Does the symbol have to come from the card suits? or could the symbol have been chosen independently from the suits and just happen to be the same symbol?
And the winner is:
Province of Quebec
During New France's colonial time, the colony faced a constant shortage of currency. Chests of coins would be brought in from france by merchant ships licenced by the government only to leave a few months later on the exact same ships as locals bought desperatly needed goods.Eventually the local authorities introduced an emergency currency, the Monnaie de Cartes or Playing Card Money.

Card Money proved so popular that it came to be associated with economical success amongst the french-canadian population. For this reason, when it came time to chose a provincial flag for the province of Quebec, the symbols used to represent the 4 suits were incorporated into it to signify its hope of future prosperity.

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Congratulations @Marc Pasquin we await your challenge.
Flag Challenge 217: Hip to be Square

Re-imagine a real life flag as containing a square and explain why it does,

The square can be an independent element, a field division, an outline, etc.....

Challenge opens: now
Challenge closes: 3 February 2020 23:59
Australian Eastern Daylight Time
Congratulation as the winner of Flag Challenge 217: Hip to be Square is:

Okay here is my attempt.

Japanese Army War Flag

Universe 29-TL-SUN-1097 has an interesting POD in that the divergence starts with a fire and the small supply of red paint, resulting in a bit of an optical illusion.

The flag of Japan, the rising sun, had symbolic meaning since the early 600s starting in the Asuka period. As the Japanese islands are east of the Asian mainland, the sun "rises" from the east. In 607 CE, an official correspondence that began with "from the Emperor of the rising sun" was sent to Chinese Emperor Yang of Sui. Japan is often referred to as "the land of the rising sun".

A well-known variant of the flag of Japan sun disc design is the sun disc with 16 red rays in a Siemens star formation. The Rising Sun Flag has been used as a traditional national symbol of Japan since the early 1600 Edo period. The Army war flag was adopted in 1870 and the naval flag a few years later. While the Army’s flag had the sun in the center with the rays emanating out, the Navy’s flag would place the sun closer to the lanyard or flag pole.

Just prior to the Satsuma Rebellion a fire had erupt in one of the supply depots that the army had set up. In order to not lose honor men were ordered to quickly find any available white fabric and red paint in order to recreate the Army war flags that had been lost in the fire. While several flags were painted to standard, about a quarter of the way through the available cloth, the men realized there was not enough red paint. It was decided to just place the sixteen red rays of the sun on the flag in order to create as many flags as needed. It was during the Battle of Tabaruzaka that the flags were first used in large numbers. The optical blur of the Seimen’s rays on the flag caused many to see a square in the center of the flag when at a distance from the flag. After the Imperial army was victorious in the battle, the “square sun” began to be painted onto several of the flags, lacking the circle, as a good sign of victory and good luck.

Flag: The Japanese Army War flag with the square sun would be official adopted in 1910. The square was associated with the Earth and the physical world in many cultures and also represented a sense of stability. As a square is made up of straight lines it is seen as rigid and unbreakable, leading to stability and a strong foundation. The connection of the square with the four cardinal points of the compass enhanced the connection of the “square sun” to the “circular sun” of the Imperial flag.

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Flag Challenge 218: Lawyers in Love

As it is nearly Valentines Day, I thought I would go with an idea I have been thinking about for a while now, so…

Create a flag based around the song “Lawyers in Love” by Jackson Browne

You can make a flag about the new US moon colonies, the new US states/territories in the former USSR, design a flag for the lawyer amusement park in the abandoned Soviet territory, you could make a flag for where ever the people of the USSR escaped to…

The only rule is you must connect the flag to the song "Lawyers in Love" somehow.

Go on, go have fun.

Challenge opens: now
Challenge closes: 19 February 2020 09:00
Congratulations to The Professor as the winner of Flag Challenge 218

The Rodinian Union (Soyuz Rodjinskiy)
On 24th April 1986 Reactor IV at Chernobyl breached the laws of physics. In most universes this would have resulted in a meltdown fine, in this universe however things were different. Maybe their Lawyers were in love?
At any rate a roughly heart shaped piece of reality around Chernobyl consisting of the Belarusian SSR south of Minsk, Russian SSR west of Moscow, and central Ukrainian SSR, were transported to an apparently virgin Earth.
In the weeks after the remaining authorities maintained control, luckily both helped and hindered by an absence of radioactive material coming along with the transport.
Out of political necessity the remaining SSRs were joined together officially the Pan-Russian SSR but unofficially simply called Rodjina (after the Standard Russian dialect for nation or motherland).
The last 4 decades have seen an expansion of territory and the beginnings of re-industrialisation, but also a drift in ideology. The politicians still vocally maintain an adherence to communism but the authoritarianism adopted from Stalin has fallen away under the early deliberate attempts to avoid imposing a social hierarchy in the wake of the Event.
The old Soviet Union flag is still used on official and cultural holidays but has gained a near religious reverence and taboo. As such the Pan Russian, rather Rodjinian, flag was first formed as a modification of Ukrainian and Russian SSR flags with blue and celeste/turquoise stripes added to the SU flag. Recently the Leninist symbol has been removed under local demand. In its place is a Socialist Star with additional rays to symbolise both their current exile but also new beginnings.
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It is all yours now Professor
Flag Challenge 219: Wannabe Claimant to the Crown of the Couldhavebeen

An ATL Empire than nearly was OTL has fallen. Generations later one of the fragments makes a bid at a "restoration".
Create the imperial flag, or banner of arms, of the claimant and advise what has changed in the interim.

Challenge opens: now
Challenge closes: 5th March 23:59 GMT
Challenge now closes: 12th March 23:59 GMT
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Flag Challenge 220: I Swear By Thee, To Save Lives

Your task, should you accept it, is to create an alternative medical flag.

It could be a

1) new medical symbol, from a different cultural background, other than the current Red Cross/ Red Crescent/Rod of Asclepius, featured on a flag,
2) the old symbols for a, new AH country.
3) flag for a new medical organization, (like an American NHS, or the Combat medic Corp of an AH country’s armed forces)

Or anything else, as long as it’s a medically related symbol is accepted, and it’s new.

Challenge opens: now
Challenge closes: 29th March
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The winner is:

The Order of the Fourteen Auxiliaries

The Order was founded by the Emperor of All Romans, His Holiness Pope Clemens VI, in 1349 as a non-profit and sovereign medical order to go out and provide vital care to all peoples regardless of nationality or status during the Great Pesitlence. In the modern day the Order is working hard all over the globe to tackle the new plague - Covid-19. In 670 years we've been operational we have come a long way in dealing with outbreak of disease and these little demons stand no chance against us as long as you also do your part.

You can help the Order by:
1 - Observing quarantine guidance - stay home and avoid contact with people outside your household
2 - Cleanliness - wash your hands and surfaces in your home regularly
3 - Prayer - pray for us and for those affected by the virus

"Fourteen Holy Helpers, who served God in humility and confidence on earth and are now in the enjoyment of His beatific vision in Heaven; because thou persevered till death thou gained the crown of eternal life. Remember the dangers that surround us in this vale of tears, and intercede for us in all our needs and adversities. Amen."

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Hopeful.

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(Explanation of the flag: It's relatively simple design based off of the Red Cross, except with the Patriarchal Cross instead of the Greek cross. The Roman numerals 'XIV' are inscribed on the flag to invoke the "14 Holy Helpers" who became the fourteen saints called upon to provide protection during the black death.)
It’s your turn now!
@FriendlyGhost the Winner has abdicated in your favour.
Flag Challenge № 222: Atlantis

Atlantis ... island of myth and legend. Your challenge is to design a flag for this fabled land.
You may use any Atlantis you want, from the original Greek stories to modern science fiction versions, or make up your own back-story.
(If you use one from a lesser-known story, a link to that story would be appreciated, just for interest, but is not mandatory.)

Submissions Open: now
Submissions Close: 25th April 2020 at 22:00 GMT (23:00 UK Summer time / midnight Central European Summer time / 18:00 USA Eastern Daylight time / 15:00 USA Pacific Daylight time / 08:00 26th April Australian Eastern time)
Voting Opens: the next day, 26th April
Voting Closes: 4 days later

Note on numbering: this challenge is № 222 even though it follows what was numbered as 220; challenges 211-221 were unfortunately mis-numbered as 210-220.