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I'd like to leave this here

That looks like a nice alternative flag for Australia. But that's not this week's challenge. :)

Deadline for this week's challenge is tonight (BST). We've only got two entries - which is one more than enough! - but if anybody wants me to leave it open longer, just let me know.
So I won with this:

Originally Posted by The Professor


Flag of the Terre d'Yxnay aka Panie d'Yxnay aka Yxnain

The state is a feudality ruled by the Grand Pan on the outskirts of the ruins of Paris.
Saint Peter and his menagerie feature heavily in the local art.
The flag is based on the traditional arms of the Pan - a golden castle surmounted by 3 stars.

New challenge shortly
Flag Challenge 111: The Commonwealth

Your mission is to design the flag, and outline brief history, of a state popularly known as The Commonwealth.
The state was previously dominated by a single ethnos but this has now been (mostly) corrected by recent constitutional changes.

Notes and restrictions
- fantasy elements allowed
- the state can have a longer title but cannot currently include an ethnonym ie Lilliput Isles Commonwealth is acceptable but Lilliputian Commonwealth is not

Submissions open: 17 April
Submissions close: 24 April (Midnight GMT)
Voting opens: 25th April-ish
Voting closes: 2nd May-ish

Submissions close: EDIT: 2nd May (Midnight GMT)
Voting opens: 3rd May-ish
Voting closes: 10th May-ish
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We have a tie!
The Commonwealth of New England was founded after gaining independence from the United Kingdom and was a foremost trading power in the Atlantic due to its commercial and Maritime traditions. It was ruled with an iron fist by the premier trading families of the Commonwealth who selected a Grand Mayor from among their ranks. The Lower classes did have a vote in the government; it’s just that a man with property just happened to have twenty. This continued for a good portion of the 19th Century, when along came Charles Roosevelt; Roosevelt was a charismatic and populist leader and enacted many reforms that gave everyone a vote in the Grand Mayoral election. The government was mostly left unchanged; they only left the oligarchic patrimony of North America.

The Pacific Commonwealth was established out of that portion of the American Zone of Occupation of Japan which had formerly been the South Pacific Mandate. The flag is UN blue, representing both the UN under whose aegis the AZOJ operated, and the Pacific Ocean. The orange disc is a stylised island, bordered by white sand, representing all the islands of the nation, brought together as one.

As xt828 has conceded victory due to lacking time for one, the next challenge

Flag Challenge 112: The Leader of the Band

Your mission is to design the flag, and outline the brief history, of a state that leads an international alliance.

Notes and restrictions
- fantasy and sci-fi elements allowed

Submissions open: 13 May
Submissions close: 20 May (Midnight GMT)
Voting opens: 21st May-ish
Voting closes: 28th May-ish

(Cookie if you recognize the name's origin)
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Flag Challenge 112: The Leader of the Band
(Cookie if you recognize the name's origin)

Probably not this, but my grandpa used to sing a song that I think dates from the 1930s:

Sue used to love me until I took her to a dance,
Sue used to love me, but now I've lost my big romance,
Sue was a good girl and I can never understand,
Why did she fall for The Leader of the Band?

(OK, so I subsistuted 'Sue' for 'She' three times. :D)
Probably not this, but my grandpa used to sing a song that I think dates from the 1930s:

Sue used to love me until I took her to a dance,
Sue used to love me, but now I've lost my big romance,
Sue was a good girl and I can never understand,
Why did she fall for The Leader of the Band?

(OK, so I subsistuted 'Sue' for 'She' three times. :D)

The name is itself a song.
Hmmm so I won with this:
The European Communion (Europska Kommunion) is the leading state of the International Communionist Alliance or InterKom
It formed as the Carpathian Empire collapsed into revolution following The Great War.
Initially aiming at a Europe-wide Communionist Federation, nationalistic fervour limited it to Eastern Europe; though the Nordic Communion, Finnish People’s Republic, Communion of German Republics, did ally into what became InterKom.

And on to the next

Flag Challenge 113: Out of the Wardrobe

Your mission is to design a flag for one of these fictional countries

Submissions open: 3 June
Submissions close: 10 June (Midnight GMT)
Voting opens: 11th June-ish
Voting closes: 18th June-ish
And the Winner is...

Arab Islamic Republic of Qurac

Motto: لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله
Capital: Al-Kuwait
Languages: Arabic
Religion: Sunni Islam (72%)
Government: Islamic theocracy, unitary presidential republic
Population: 5.3 Million


Qurac is a Middle-Eastern republic which compromises roughly the entire easternmost area of the Arabian peninsula, bordering the Persian (Quaraci) Gulf. It is one of the largest oil producers in the world, ranking 5th in the entire world. Al-Kuwait is currently the capital and largest city after the destruction of Abu Dhabi in 1993.

Originally a League of Nations mandate carved up out of the Ottoman Empire in the wake of World War One, control was handed over to the pro-British Hashemite King Farouk I in 1921. Farouk's son however, was overthrown in 1950 by a popular nationalist revolution. In 1967, the democratic government was itself usurped in a Ba'athist coup by Hurrambi Marlo, who ran Qurac as a dictatorship for nearly 18 years afterwards. Marlo held a strongly anti-western foreign policy and was a notorious sponsor of international terrorism, leading to his eventual capture by Superman to face justice in 1985.

The military under General Avral Kaddam took advantage of the subsequent power vaccum and seized power soon afterwards. The country was plagued by an ongoing western-backed Shia'a insurgency at this time, but Kaddam's rule was cut short when the terrorist Cheshire detonated a nuclear warhead over Abu Dhabi on 11th Febuary 1993, completely destroying the city and the government with it.

Qurac soon decended into anarchy, prompting a UN intervention aimed at preventing the spread of radiation sickness, ending sectarian violence, and securing its oil supplies. A pro-western puppet government was placed in power at this time, led by the corrupt, autocratic strongman Abdul Al-Yassin. During the 2011 Arab Spring, Al-Yassin was toppled and a hard line Islamist group came to power in Qurac, establishing an Islamic Republic.

Congratulations Lapsed Pacifist
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Flag Challenge 114: Indivisible and Inseparable

Your challenge, should you accept it, is to design a flag and give a brief outline for a dualistic nation which is a union of some variation between two countries, in the vein of Austria-Hungary.

-Both nations must be on relatively equal terms, and must have entered into this union on their own accord (mostly).
-Unions can be outlandish as you want, as long as you give a sufficient reason.
-Monarchies, while preferred, are not mandatory.

Submissions Open: Tuesday 1st July 00:00 AM GMT
Submissions Close: Tuesday 8th July Midday GMT

Voting Opens: 10th July
Voting Closes: 17th July
Flag Challenge 115: Here Be Dragons

As ah-sue has humbly conceded, congratulations to Marc Pasquin for his Union of Norway and Scotland entry!

"I want to thank my mum, my girlfriend and our Dark Lord Satan"

and now for the challenge:

Flag Challenge 115: Here Be Dragons

"You have entered another dimension, one familiar yet, different. A dimension where Dragons rules countries and elves do......elf stuff......"

The challenge then is to make a national flag for a country in an heroic fantasy ATL. The only restriction is that the country in question must exist OTL so: Flag of Camelot, no, flag of the UK ruled by the House of Pendragon, yes.

Submissions Open: NOW !
Submissions Close: Tuesday 30 july midnight Eastern Standard Time

Voting Opens: 31 july
Voting Closes: 6 august

And the Grand Winner is (pom-po-po-pom !)

The Professor 's BANATE OF ARDELIA

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Apologies for the delay!

Flag Challenge 116: A Europe of Unions

OTL the European Union has proceeded from the common markets to a western europe supranational alliance and is now heading towards a 2tier federal political union; ATL there is an abundance of unions in Europe, from common markets to miltary alliances to multiethnic political unions.
Your challenge is to show the flag of one such (lowercase) european union and explain its design.
(edit: 300px height please)

Submissions Open: NOW !
Submissions Close: 23:59 GMT 22 August
Voting Opens: 23 August
Voting Closes: 30 August
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Congratulations Bionic William after a close run contest

In order to help the Balkans transition to democracy and capitalism, the then European Community develops the Balkan Union as a State Union with a Common Presidency and Foreign Affairs/Military (basically a larger State Union of Serbia and Montenegro) with it's excutive and legislative in Sarajevo and judical in Belgrade
Union Members are:
Albania (joined in 2000)
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Kosovo (joined in 1999)

Greece, Romania and Bulgaria are associate states