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    Nov 14, 2015
    I always thought a new BDSM/kink flag would be cool, but I don't have the time to make one, unfortunately
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    Feb 22, 2006
    Collegium Vexillarum
    Main flag of the Anglo-Indian Molly Society

    The AIMS is the primary protest group of British India [1] for allogender [2] rights.
    The flag is based on the traditional British protest tricolour with the green turned pink for mollys [2].
    In the centre are 2 overlapping orange stars, orange for India, stars for liberty, and was sort of a pun on the Greek Hydra and the Hindustani word for molly Hijra.

    [1] The Indian Continent remained divided between the European Powers
    [2] A sort of mixed category that covers both homosexuality and transgender, it arose from third gender (hijra) groupings in India that garnered mainstream support in the UK after being taken up by the Molly house community (a precursor to OTL homosexual movement).
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    Mar 23, 2018
    The Dovestream Banner

    Orange Flag.png

    While many symbols and flags are designed carefully from inception to completion, few are borne out of sheer necessity.

    In this case, the Dovestream banner is an evolution of the Dove pendant symbol, used by the All-Love movement to secretly signal other members of their movement or people of the same persuasion. While the exact origin is indeterminate, the dove pendant symbol is theorized to have started out as a stylized "A" inscribed in a circle representing the All-Love movement. A stylized dove seems to have taken shape in the symbol as an unintended consequence and has been adopted as a mascot of the movement. The streaming lines represent the main goals of the All-Love movement, to navigate between the forces of reactionary politics and conservative religion (the curved top-right and bottom-right curved lines) and work together for a more accepting future for All.

    The All-Love operates primarily in the North American State (NAS), where the fundamentalist Secured Party and Secured Church serve as the main governing body. All forms of non-binary persuasions are a capital offense and result in immediate execution after a show trial. As such, secrecy and accessibility is paramount: the Dovestream banner is easily drawn and quickly recognizable, needing only 8 strokes to fully draw. (Outer circle, inner circle, 2 diagonal lines through the circle. 4 streaming lines). Officially, the banner represents a small chain of motels in the NAS called the Stonewall Inn (insignificant enough to be above suspicion), with the true meaning being kept a carefully guarded secret.
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    Sep 1, 2013
    Dulimbai Gurun, 中國, or Khitan State