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:D hey guys, first post here and would now like to enter into this this contest with my entry:p. this is the flag of the hecatonarch, an official in a cult who is in charge of exactly a thousand "soldiers" this outfit operates something like a organized crime group and is recognized to be :eek: because they deal in illegitmate activities but also have religious aspects like other cults. this is basically like a high ranking enforcer in triads, mafia etc.:p the symbol is two greek rho symbol next to each other to represent how many people the hecatonarch lead.

So there have now been 100 completed challenges and 100 plus winners. Does anyone have (or is brave enough to compile) a list of those winners?

I guess I'll go first - hopefully it's lucky seeing as Alvar (half) won last time!

This entry can have an attached TL appropriate map with it, but my map making skills are poor-below average, so I will not offend your eyes unless you're particularly keen.

From Vol. 1, Epilogue, 'The Wandering Races: Judeo, Anglo and Lnuko' by Dr. Erdward Stanebridge, Professor of Ethnology, St Bede's College, University of Amberston± Press, 1905.

…Therefore I can only consider myself successful if it is with a sense of profound apprehension that you complete the reading of this book - for you know that you must continue with the penultimate, and then ultimate, volumes of this history.

Now that I have explained how, in the tenth century, the Armes Prydein Wars forced the Norsemen to abandon the Atlantic you will understand that their advances sundered the Kievans' lands and emboldened the ailing race of the Khazars, who rose again in great crescendo to create a permanent empire in the Steppe. Khazionia is now a nation of great civilisation and accomplishment, which stretches between the Black and Okonarah±± seas. A great victory for those men against the horrors of their hitherto cursed history. But when prophecy was fulfilled and the Jews came home, as is the way of human dealings with fate, a price had to be paid.

Volume two of this history will take us to the opposite face of Europe where, betrayed by those saviours of the Semitics, the Viking, and expelled from their island home of centuries, the English begin their journey in the wilderness. It will asses the fall, the trials and the final resurgence of the Anglo, all at the cost, of course, of yet another peoples: The Lnuko±±.

Dr. E J S, Amberston, Nedersaxony, 1904

± OTL Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (Amberston, the capital of Nedersaxony and home to the oldest and largest English community of the diaspora, outside of N America.)

±± OTL Okhotsk Sea, NW Pacific.

±±± OTL The Lnu, or Mi'kmaq, of Nova Scotia and environs.

Khazionia of 2013 is a vast nation in the Eurasian Steppe, with a thousand year history of conquest, cultural assimilation, mercantilism, and a fading spiritual tradition based on doctrinal recital, hermitage and journey making.

Free and Democratic Kaganate of Kazarye

If Winstanley can go all immersive on his backstory, so can I, although I'll do so in a slightly different (with a tip of the hat to Poul Anderson :cool: ) manner, for the Free and Democratic Kaganate of Kazarye:

My newest flag showing is ðe flag of ðe Freefolkish Kaganland of Kazarye. In ðe overturkish longstanding, blue and yellow are oft used, and here in ðe blue flag is a yellow lifetree, deepkenned in all ðe big godþinkings of Kazarye: Yahudenhood, Islam, Christenhood and Tengriþinking. Ðe lifetree bears Kazaryish runes in black saying ðe name of ðe land. Ðe stock betokens onehood of ðe Kazaryish folk, ðe limbs stand for ðe seven longstandish underlands of Kazarye, and ðe four swirlish sweetkerns on each limb betoken golden plums, holding onemore for ðe godþinkings.

So here's my entry for the modern flag of the Khanate of Hazaristan:

Inshallah! We were lucky to have discovered the roots of what has become known throughout the world as the Land of the Hazars, or Hazaristan. I have long dreamed aof a great realm where the teachings of the Prohpet Muhammad (PBUH) have flourished and the faith of Islam has intertwined with the Turkic nation. All those who have come before the Hazars have now become devout Muslims. From the Caspian coast to the Fergana Valley, our mighty state endures with the Khan as our leader. Though the Hazars of old have perished when the Nasrani (1) from the great land of the Rus' had crushed their armies in alliance with the Bulgars (2) who migrated to the borderlands with the Rum. The Rus' and the Bulgars from the Rum borderlands turned their attention to fighting and defeating our ancestors and the Rum army after another Bulgar state on the Volga was conquered. One of the tribes led by our founding father, Qaraghur, founded the new Qaraghurid dynasty in this new Hazar land. He has invited our imams to his domain, along with the rabbis from the other Hazar lands and the Nasrani priests who were eager to sway the loyalty of our people. We have embraced the one, true faith and through the migration of the imams, the Perso-Arabic script has become our main writing system. To this day, Hazaristan is an example of a shining light in the crossroads of Sogdiana, and it straddles the borderlands between Persia, India, Qathay (3) and the growing empire of Rus'.

(1) Nasrani is the Arabic and Khazar Turkic word for Christian.
(2) The PoD is that Svyatoslav converts to Christianity through the Bulgarians and forms a military alliance with them only after he fell in love with one of Tsar Samuil's daughters, which was Theodora Kosara. With the Rus' and the Danube Bulgarians (First Bulgarian Empire) in a military alliance, they proceeded to launch a campaign against the Byzantines and the Khazars, who subsequently allied with each other, forcing the former to break off relations with Kievan Rus'. Khazaria therefore, was not only destroyed, but Svyatoslav conquered its territories as well. However, one Khazar tribe from the Central Asian region would settle in the Aral Sea and Caspian region where modern Hazaristan was founded, and the Qaraghurids would convert Qaraghurid Khazaria to Sunni Islam.
(3) Qathay is Khazar Turkic name for China.

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Flag of the Republic of Khazaristan.

The current Khazar flag is based on the flag flown by anti-monarchist factions during the ultimately unsuccessful September Revolution of 1872, which depicted a golden 'Khazar Sun' on a blue field. With the final end of the monarchy and exile of the last Kaghan, David XXII to Novgorod in 1908, this flag, with modifications was adopted as the flag of the new Republic of Khazaristan.

The Khazar Sun symbol dates back to the height of the ancient Khazar Empire, having been found on coins from that era. Its exact origins and meaning are unclear, with some historians interpreting it as an early form of the Jewish Star of David while others see it as a pagan symbol. Blue and gold together represent the grasslands and open skies of the Khazar Steppe with the exact shade of blue echoing other Turkic flags. The two white bands symbolise the two rivers - the Don and Volga - and two seas - the Black and Caspian Seas - which form Khazaristan's western and eastern borders.

Khazaria Flag.png

Khazaria Flag.png
Here we go.


Brief: Design a flag for a dependency, territory, nation, federation, confederation, empire, free trade area or treaty organisation that is made up of a union of one or more present day OTL island territories in the Pacific Ocean.

Definition of Pacific: See Attachment.

The Pacific Ocean: Light Blue - as defined by the CIA factbook; Black Line - as defined by the International Hydrographic Organisation; Red Line - my inclusion.

Frankly I find both official definitions unacceptable. So, I will accept the IHO definition, but be lenient and extend the SW border of the Pacific from the Black Line to the Red. This allows a little wiggle room if you want to mess around with New Zealand and it's neighbours. However, I will be strict within these boundries, so don't go sneaking in a cheeky Aleutian or Philippine.

EDIT: Derp. Forgot times.

Submissions Open: 2nd of November.
Submissions Close: 9th of November.
Voting Opens: 10th of November.
Voting Ends: 17th of November.

I think that covers everything. If you need any more clarification, let me know.

Peace. W

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