Was it possible for Arab nationalism to "win" and Israel to survive?

I was reading about political Islam, and it was said in a few places that it grew out of the defeat of secular Arab nationalism against Israel.

Was it ever possible for secular Arab nationalism to "win" (or at least, not lose too much credibility) without completely destroying Israel?

This is purely a historical question.
Would it?
It would be a big success for pan-Arabism
Could that propel Saddam to a bigger status?
Yes since taking Khuzestan would be add a lot of prestige and adds a lot of oil to Iraq.
Can he wrangle the old Arab Union back together (as friends, not a union)
I don't see any unions happening given the one man rule. If Syria reconciles with Iraq and avoids the civil war, it could come under Iraqi influence. Alternately in the event of an uprising against the Assads, Iraq can bulldoze Syria and either annex it or put it under a Iraqi puppet regime.


Simply put, successful Arab nationalism and the survival of Israel are two very difficult (too opposite) things.

You need to either move Israel to another location or to the current result

If you insist on Israel in Palestine, there is a solution, but it may not be exactly what you want

(Valkyrie coup is successful, meaning the Holocaust is still unknown, the Czech Republic is in the Western Bloc, so the Soviets can't order them to arm the Jews, and Germany, being treated like Japan instead of OTL, obstructs the Czechs)

Because of that, the Arabs won in 1948, but Jordan has the land advantage and the victory

King Abdullah I, famous for his political cunning, offers bribes to Syrian President Hosni Al-Zaim and border adjustments along the ceasefire line and half of the Israeli Sea of Galilee

(Basically, the President of Syria, Husni al-Zaim, offered peace with Israel, 1949)

Likewise, Jordanian support for any Syrian plans to annex Lebanon in return for Syria's support for Abdullah's plans against King Farouk's plans of Egypt.

(Abdullah plans to ally with the Jews in order to take over Syria and install himself as king of Syria, he also plans to give the Jews autonomy and equality between them and the Muslims within his kingdom of Jordan)

Or Jordan and Israel become a dual monarchy like Austria-Hungary

Britain, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and the desperate Jews support Jordan's proposal, while Saudi Arabia and Egypt oppose the idea of strengthening the Hashemites.

So Israel stays here, but becomes a Jordanian autonomous region or a Hungarian-like situation (a much better outcome than what would actually happen to them if they lost in 1948).
It depends. Arab unions liking the UAR that actually hold on and manage to get more Arab states to join could count. Of course that requires the leaders willing to work together and share power in a way that it satisfies as many people as possible. Nasser's failure to do so destroyed the UAR before it had a real chance.

I highly doubt Israel would be gone post-1948 barring some unforeseen circumstance. Maybe a UAR that keeps Israel from expanding any further could maintain Arab nationalism even if a draw is all they could hope for at this point.