W.I the Allies post war started UGV and UAV research in the 50s?

Germany's goliath little more than a moving tracked mine, it was less than useful using a cable, poor armor, design and price.

While the Allies found them interesting they were not useful and most were scrapped after being used as tugs by the US army air force.

But what if, the US and British did see the value of a remote controlled ground vehicles and proceeded to research ways to have armed unmanned ground vehicles for the infantry?

Where would drone technology be now?
Could it work?
How hard would be to make a proper UGV for the army?
What would be draw back of such vehicles if they were deployed on the late 60s or early 80s?
There were plenty of drones developed in the period, DASH first flew in '59 for example. There were others in the target /training and reconnaissance/surveillance roles.
The problem was technology.