Voting Thread for Flag Challenge 92

Please vote for your favourite flag

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[FONT=&quot]Fly! Dragon of Liberty! Republican Chinese Dragon Flag[/FONT]

Your task is to make a Republican Chinese Flag upon the creation of this republic in 1900.
Rule No.1: Do not recycle the Qing flag, use of this (
) dragon is strictly forbidden. The Qing had a bad press in those days so the Republican dragon should be different.
Rule No.2: The dragon featured on the flag can be of ANY form, but it must be recognizably Chinese. Dragons with wings are forbidden.
Rule No.3: Try to give this flag "something new", something that can differentiate itself from the Qing disaster. (e.g. Symbols of democracy##, of modernity, of nationalism et cetera.)
Rule No.4. Do not deface the flag with words.#
As for colour of the dragon, colour of the flag, the configurations, and addition of other elements on the flag, the choice is yours. ###

[FONT=&quot]Saturday, 18 May
4:47 p.m. GMT[/FONT]

VOTING (should :)) start 18 May and finish 25 May, midnight GMT.

Entry 1 said:
Here is my quick entry.
I don't think that there is much to describe here so I will not do it.

EDIT: I decided to slightly modify the colors.

Entry 2 said:
something that I made

Entry 3 said:
Here's mine.

Entry 4 said:
1900 was seen by many as the dawn of a new, futurist and scientific age. So my Chinese Republic is not based on looking back but looking forward (though one may argue about which way the dragon head is facing) and is a proto-fascism state.


Entry 5 said:
Here be dragon{s}


That's all, I think.
What happen if there is a draw?

A 'run-off' poll between the 2 (or more) with top votes?

As per the rules
7. If there is a tie, the winners negotiate on the next challenge and who is responsible for making the new threads and posts.
If the winner is unwilling or incapable of making the next challenge, they should notify the person in second-place, who then gets to create the next challenge.
If the second-place person is unwilling or incapable of making the next challenge, they should notify Transparent Blue, who will set up the next challenge using a public suggestion.

So if the top 2 decide on a runoff then they'll create one.