Voices of Doomsday Through the Ages


Many of those on this board have read the TL/Story I did based on the classic by Amerigo Vespucci, The Cuban Missile War, namely Voices of Doomsday. In the story at entry #171 I believe I mentioned a PSA that was recorded by Arthur Godfrey back in the 50's to be played on CONELRAD in the event of a nuclear war either before an actual attack or during it.

Here is the link to the entry.

I was just thinking...assume that later presidents asked other celebrities in later years/decades to record similar messages in the event of a nuclear war. Whom might be asked to record a message that would help ease panic among the populace? Whom would be the best spokesperson to try to get across a simple call for unity and calm in the face of such a disaster. And what would their message be?

I have at least one idea I am thinking of but before I say anything about it, I would like to hear from the rest of those on AH interested in this. One thing I ask. No joke messages. This is a serious subject so let's try to keep it serious.
In terms of newsmen, Walter Cronkite certainly comes to mind for the 60's through the 80's. Hunter and Brinkley are also decent candidates.

I could imagine a few mega-celebrities of the time also being approached for something like this. Johnny Carson was honestly my first idea.
I know John Wayne is a person you use in Voices of Doomsday and I think he could record similar messages. The same for say someone as big as Doctor King even in his early years, and as big he would become in The Cuban Missile War as well.

Same for someone like Billy Graham of you really wanted a powerful righteous voice.
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