Victoria II

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    I've done it in HFM many times, the war is tough, but doable. Pretty sure the same strategy will work in HPM.

    I usually White Peace with Texas while mobilizing and preparing my armies. Then I truce-break and reconquer of all Texas.

    Initial tech path is Basic Chem --> Medicine --> Muzzle-Loaded Rifles --> Artillery.

    After initially encouraging a few Bureaucrats, I switch to Encourage Soldiers for national foci for my populous states, and do this until the USA declares war on me. Build up a standard army (even infantry/artillery with occasional cuirs), unless you're hardcore and want to minmax your army with mobilization, but I'm too lazy to do that. Anyways, you should not be encouraging Intellectuals until after you fend off the Americans, you need all the men you can get.

    Build up forts in Greater Texas, this is where you will set up your defensive line. When the war starts, bait the Americans into attacking a weak stack (bonus points if you have a School of Defense general), then dogpile them and score a victory. Do this several times, and you can score a White Peace. Then if you control all your cores, you can Refute Manifest Destiny, so the Americans won't bother you again.


    Word of advice for the lategame, Latin American countries have horrible RGOs. If you want to build up a solid industry, you need an exogenous source of Coal and Steel. I usually get this by gouging the Coal and Steel-rich states out of France, a typically floundering European power. Also, avoid passing the Social Reforms that decrease RGO output if you can, though this is really only a lategame issue.
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    Do we have a thread for Supreme Ruler?
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    A new Update for my UK Game:

    The French War of British Containment, 1838 ~ ?
    If I wrote an AAR on this it might make for quite interesting reading.


    Hmm...not looking good for my Belgian friends, is it? I Guess that's my Plan to Land Troops in Belgium out of the Window, so how on Earth am I going to "Persuade" the French to leave Belgium alone?


    The Situation in Sindh; the War began here with the British Invasion of Sindh, and the Brits did not Attempt to disguise the Fact that this was another Imperialist War of Aggression to gain yet more Land. France Objected and Responded with a Declaration of War.


    The French however left their only Colony in Mainland India ~ Pondicherry ~ Undefended, and, Quickly, Indian Soldiers in the Service of Britain Entered the Region, Accompanied by their Allies from Mysore.
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    Playing HPM, I never realized how dramatically you can turn around your country if you're in the Americas and learn to love the socialist party.
    FRCA 1836:
    population: 1.68 million
    literacy rate: 6.3%
    0 industry
    4 divisions
    FRCA 1936:
    population: 37.4 million
    literacy rate: 86.6% (would've been over 90% if it weren't for those stupid illiterate cubans)
    664 industry
    100 divisions(!)
    I didn't conquer that much, just central America+cuba and a couple random islands. Real reason I'm posting the map is because I wasn't even the MVP of this game. Norway's gone from being a Swedish puppet with a million people tops to a transcontinental empire of 111 million souls stretching from the Caribbean to West Africa to Indonesia and Cambodia. Really made me feel less special.
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    That reminds me that I need to do an as-radical-as-possible socialist US run. FOR THE REVOLUTION.