El Diario Correspondencia: 11/15/2020
NOTE: El Diario Correspondencia is an ViLP version of China's Global Times
Senator Gaël Germany New

Gaël Germany (born February 25, 1971) is an American politician who has served as junior United States senator from New Belgium since 2010 and as U.S. representative for Ouisconsin's 4th district from 2004 to 2010. He is also a former professional footballer who plays for Neuenburg Eagles FC and a player the American national team. While he is in politics, he had fostered a relationship with the Social Democrats as a member even he left in 2014 after he departed over factional disputes between communardist faction and the combined progressives and centrist factions including president Kirsten Gillibrand that strained his relationship during the failed leadership bid.

As an advocate of social democratic, communard, and syndicalist policies, Germany known for support of syndicalist and technodemocracy. On the domestic side, he calls for constitutional reforms that implements secured e-voting, full secularism, empowering trade unions and labor rights by calling to appoint leaders and activists into politics, strict economic regulations, plebiscitarian democracy, and also advocates for the next Constitutional Convention which he outlined with the creation of three chambers comprising expert-dominated branch and A.I., pursues internationalist foreign policy by promoting the ideology and manifestos, and also ultra-secular but he praised elements of Secularity of the U.S. constitution and extreme strict protections of human and civil rights. Some commentators described his policies as aligned with the policies of Roosevelt, Suarez, Rockefeller, Hefner, and currently Gillibrand but most have described it also as 'successor to Danielan mentality' and communard populism which the Gaelism was named notable for his outlined manifestos.

Germany attended University of Chicago/Neuerstadt before graduating in 1993. While a student, he was the staunch supporter of late-president Danielan Suarez policies and successful policies which provided millions with upgraded education before entering sports career in 1993, where he became infamously popular as he finished off the battle during the historical match in FIFA World Cup in 1994 where the United States faced against the Soviet Union in the final match. After retiring in 1998 to pursue his political career, he married Miyabi Shiori of Japanese pop singer until in 2006 and successfully run as a mayor of Neuenburg which he marks his important policies that transformed the near-declining city into a popular city as it was based on his policies which he made up of experts including urban planners and architects that remarkably made his model on urban issues applied to other cities around the world. He won the election to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2004, representing Ousconsin's 4th district which includes the city itself, later co-founding Congressional Progressives and Workerist Caucus. He served as U.S. Representative for six years before elected as a senator from his home state. He was elected to the Senate and re-elected in 2016.

Germany was a major candidate for the Social Democratic leadership election in 2011 but although his expectations fell short as New Amsterdam mayor Kirsten Gillibrand sidelined and defeated him but his campaign have brought changes that slowly propelled the grassroots enthusiasm and small donors. In 2014, his controversial manifestos led to immense backlash from large sections of progressive and centrist factions within his party that Gillibrand have threatened to suspend his party's membership, in a move, he quickly left the party and joined with progressives, grassroot activists, trade unionists, communardists, and advocates to found the Workers and Socialists in May 2014. His bid to presidency have fell short also as low expectations and intense criticism from right-wing politicians including Ted Cruz, Stephen Harper, Candice Owens, Dick Cheney, and others as well as centrists from both Democratic-Republican and Social Democratic but despite that, he continues his campaign for calling to reform and hold new constitutional convention.
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