Utopia Map Challenge (Unlimited Rice Pudding Included!)

Hello everyone this challenge is open to anyone who wants to participate!

This is similar to the B_Munro cover project in that we make a cover of a scenario done by someone else, in this case Utopia by @rvbomally
and Unlimited Rice Pudding by exurb1a:

The basic premise of both of these works is an unscrupulous individual (kinda based on the author) gets their hands on a time machine and decides to go to the past and remake human history. Their end goal is to become a God Emperor and unify the earth under their authority.

In Utopia our protagonist goes back to 2700 BC China and in Unlimited Rice Pudding they go back to 14th Century England but don’t feel limited by these options! Feel free to choose any civilization you want. Romans, Mesoamericans, Indians, it’s all Greek to me.

Also don’t feel constrained by the end goal, feel free to deviate: what if the Emperor failed and the Unified earth falls into civil war? What if the God Emperor dies before they can conquer everything? Or maybe there are even two or more time travellers each ruling over different civilizations? The Sky is the limit.

Now the rules for this challenge:

  • No Sci Fi or fantasy elements. Every technology must fit into modern physics/biology/chemistry etc. as we know it (excluding of course time travel). However this doesn’t stop you making lunar or Martian colonies if you so desire, just be reasonable.
  • Final maps must be in by October 1st (Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time )
  • Have fun!

Here is the link to our discord server: https://discord.gg/mJ4SMeR
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As an aside "unlimited rice pudding" is a reference to Remembrance of the Daleks where it's one of the hypothetical demands the Doctor claims the Daleks want.