US-Township BAM 2: All of Them

Any chance of anyone doing California or Arizona? Because I think these two states are in dire need for more subdivisions...

EDIT: @jefe did most of the states, barring some of the ones in the west and south (plus Alaska and Hawaii) - though these were in equirectangular projection...

California has no townships. Cities are the only unit of local government below the county.
Is this thread dead? It really would be a pity if it was...
No, this project isn't dead. It's just kinda tedious at times. I had been working on Incorporated Places for New England, but they're so tiny, it's hard for me to position and trace everything correctly, especially with quality loss when I compress the image in Paint.Net.

For what it's worth, here's a revised New England, with gaps filled in and the Townships that I missed:
US Township Map New England.png
@TheHambone12 - I have base maps of a lot of states (CCDs), though they are equirectangular (though I'm pretty sure I can convert them to another projection). If someone needs them I can post them to you.
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How easily can you convert projections? Because, VT-BAM is equirectangular, and also has a whole bunch of states already completed, and a few that aren't (like California and Arizona).
Sorry for taking so long. Sadly, not very easily at all. I tried rotating and resizing as much as I could, but I simply can not get the states to line up with the base map. As for the VT-BAM, I like the idea, but it's much smaller than my base map, so I won't get the same level of detail.