Upcoming AH books

Don't forget his anti-Clinton screed, A State of Disobedience.
He claims that that was Jim Baen's price for publishing Kratman's other screeds.

Not sure if I believe it. Evil Lesbian Hillary who is simultaneously all-powerful conspiratorial evil tyranny and also an incompetent joke who can't even beat some dipshits in a church, is too much even for Jim Baen.
You could do a "Let's read" thread here, I'm sure other members will provide moral support.
I suspect it depends on who wroite most of the ideas and book Kratman or his co author. His co author will I assume have some of his views but may be not all.

Baen coauthorship can be anywhere from the name has the idea but the unknown does all the work to a real joint venture to the name just editing the newbies work.