United Kingdom of Great Britian and Scotland

grammatically it isn't. Although based on the string of words it seems Mikey was asking if anyone can come up with a pre-1800s United Kingdom of ENGLAND and Scotland. I assume he wants it well before the 1800s.
That's correct Xen. At any rate maybe Mikey was hoping for someone to do a TL based around the 1200s and Falkirk.


Oh in that case maybe something where King James unites the countries when he becomes the King of England as well.
1800 implies the act of union with Ireland was on Mikey's mind, but as stated that with Scotland has already occurred the best part of a century earlier

Grey Wolf
Double Blind

Perphaps if William Williams had failed to defeat the English, there by preventing the Scotish Irish union of 1640,, Of Couse that would mean the collaspe of the Scots-Irish Colonies of Darien and Pamama.