Unconquered Orient

Cannamore and Mameluke Survival
On the battle of Cannamore, the Mamluk Sultanate assisting the Kingdom of Calicut would win against the Portuguese in 1506 destroying the possibility of a Portuguese Naval Empire in the East although the focus of the Portuguese would now be in Africa instead at this point, forcing them to focus on the colonization of the Cape of Good Hope in hope of reestablishing a possibility of having colonies in the east again but those would not happen and the former Empire of Majapahit would fall under Muslim Princes including the Sultanate of Brunei who would gain its eastern vassals.

The Mamelukes with Safavid and Venice’s help would prevent their annexation by the Ottomans causing Bayezid II to be defeated by Safavid, Mameluke and Venice forces in 1515 which was said to be funded by the wealth that the Mamelukes got from trade with India and Venice.

Later attempts of the Portuguese to gain some lands in India would be destroyed by Safavids and Mamelukes with Indian help which will continue the monopoly of Venice in the Eastern trade with the Safavids and Mamelukes which will also cause the Safavids and Mamelukes to be rich as well.


The premise of this TL is stopping the European powers from having colonies in the Age of Exploration in Asia.
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Lost opportunity of the Portuguese
The Portuguese under Manuel I after losing their chance to gain colonies and ports in Asia would focus on Africa and Brazil (discovered by Cabral), and the European Countries would not try again until the age of Second Imperialism as both Venice, Safavids, and the Mamelukes with the help of the Indian States would have blocked their chance to gain any colonies there.

The Portuguese would focus on their expansion in Africa after the loss of opportunity happened due to their loss in Cannanore against the Mamelukes.

Unfortunately, the loss of the trade in Asia made the Portuguese an easier target of the Spanish in their schemes to annex, integrate, and inherit as Philip II would annex Portugal after the death of King Sebastian of Portugal which would have led to the integration of Portugal with Spain.
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Cortes and Pizaro
Cortes would conquer the Mexica by having Montezuma as a hostage which would accidentally kill him and having allies in the enemy tribes of the Mexica creating the colony of New Spain due to their destruction of the old Mexica triple alliance which would solidify the Spanish hold in the New world in the 1520s which would inspire further conquests in the Americas including by that of Pizzaro.

Pizarro would be able to take control of the Empire of the Incas and conquer it for the Spanish Empire in the 1520s to 1530s due to his own intriguing which included making Atahualpa as his own hostage and the succession issues of the Incas as well.

Both the invasions would be helped by the old world diseases and the Europeans would start having interests in the New world crops as well starting the Columbian exchange.
Discovery of the Route to East Asia
On 1565, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi would find the route to East Asia due to being his ship being swept by the Kuroshio current to Japan and China, a finding that he would tell to his compatriots when he returned to Europe, the great powers of the Indies were Malacca and Brunei that have already have lots of power and control in the region and they have no allies to gain in that area as they are allied with the Ottomans and Mamelukes.

In this point in time, the Spanish would have a difficulty in finding a way to have a port in the Orient as it has hostile powers there including the ones that are allied with the Ottomans and Mamelukes.
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