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    Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnought is a real-time strategy game developed by Game-Labs, who are known for their Ultimate General Series. In the game you are both a ship architect (imagine you're the Admiralty sending out specifications to designers in a world where HM Treasury kowtows to the Navy) and naval commander. In the ship designer, you can design your own ship from the late-19th to mid-20th century, selecting from archetypal hull types (based on real-life ships) that include torpedo boats, destroyers, light cruisers, armored cruisers, pre-dreadnoughts, and dreadnoughts. Thus what I think justifies its "Alternate History" status.

    It is currently in alpha (with an option to preorder to gain access), and is supposed to come out some time in 2020.

    Almost every aspect of a ship can be changed--hull form, armor thickness of each section, number of watertight/flashproof compartments, torpedo protection, armor type, propellant type, explosive filler type (the previous two are currently combined, unfortunately), radar type, sonar type (if applicable hull type), armament placement, reloading mechanism, turret mechanism, rangefinder type, fuel type, and so forth. There are abstractions, of course, but that still makes it the most detailed ship builder I've seen so far.

    You will then take the ship (the less it costs, the more you can build) into real-time battle, where enemies will spawn with differing stats each time (not sure if it's random or reactive). Instead of having an arbitrary HP bar that decreases each time you hit a ship, each ship has a floatability and structural integrity statistic that decreases depending on the number of affected compartments. Of course, you can pump out water with the right technology and can put out fires. So it's not like certain arcade games where you can hit a ship in the mast enough times and it will blow up. And yes, shell hits in lower compartments will cause flooding.

    While angle of impact, horizontal vs. vertical protection, and differing penetration/muzzle velocity values at different ranges are all currently simulated, unfortunately you cannot slope the armor as part of the design yet. Explosive filler and propellant are currently lumped together, and the developers have stated that carriers will not be added until after release if at all. Multiplayer is also not available. Fuel capacity and range are currently a stat, but as the campaign has not been implemented yet it is currently useless. Updates seem to be every month and the developers respond to most posts on the forum within 24 hours.

    I think it's a fascinating game with a lot of potential (and fun even in it's current state) and could be extremely useful for simulating battles when people are writing naval timelines. More fun than rolling a dice, that's for sure!

    More images at (https://imgur.com/a/NT5XQ4B)
    Official forum at (https://forum.game-labs.net/forum/93-ultimate-admiral-dreadnoughts/)
    *No disclaimers to make.

    Is anybody playing/planning to play?
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    Have it an cannot wait to play as the Empire of Germany and rule the waves.
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    I plan to buy it someday, as I had a great fun on both Rules the Wave and Ultime Generals. However, I was a bit put off buy the cost of the "premium" version you need to preorder to get access to the early alpha: What is the content actually avaliable ?
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    23 single-player missions, which are basically scenarios in which you have to choose from certain types of ships within a tonnage and cost budget. Pretty much all types of ships (pre-dreadnoughts, dreadnoughts, torpedo boats, destroyers, light cruisers, armored cruisers) in the 1000~150K-ton displacement range, with the exception of carriers. Devs say that they might come after launch but didn't make any promises. No campaign yet and no multiplayer planned atm, but honestly I would rather they focus on the singleplayer.

    Patches come out roughly once every 4~6 weeks. Here's a link to the upcoming patch: (https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/32784-alpha-3-news-26112019/).

    There is currently a "cheat" menu or debug console that lets you try tons of stuff, but it breaks the game every now and then (which causes players to report it as a bug) so the devs are all of the options except for two: unlocking all tech and unlocking all components.

    IMHO it's worth the price if you've got the money, but that's partly because there is no equivalent in the market. It's already given me about 30 hours of enjoyment and that's more than most fully-priced AAA games.
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