Turtledove's "Great War" series.

So far I've manages to read to the end of "American Empire: Blood and Iron" but I am really getting annoyed by this series.

It's Turtledove's writing style that irritates me. One of the characters in this book actually points out that writers should "show" not "tell". But Turtledove himself tells you *everything* about his characters *every time* they appear. Since there are dozens of characters each appearing dozens of times, it makes me want to tear my hair out. If this book were properly edited it could be half the length, and much more readable.

Ther fact that it's NOT properly edited is shown when, about two thirds of the way through the book, Turtledove calls one of his two black characters by the other one's name.

Turtledove CAN write readable prose. It's shameful that he can't be bothered, And a pity, since as far as the story goes, the books are okay. Someone needs to limit him to a book every two years.
It is silly how 'The Center Cannont Hold' lasts from 1922 to 1934! I mean, it is 12 years, to long for one book to last. Then again, he has to fit about 20 years of story into three books, which is an average od 7 years a book.
Yeah, the middle trilogy does cover a lot of time in one fell swoop. However, the first trilogy covered only 4 years or so, so if the middle trilogy did the same thing, there would be about 15 books or so.. you want to read that many AH books about the time between the wars? I don't.....
Has anyone read his series of Fantasy novellas- 'Tale of the Fox' and 'Wisdom of the Fox'?
Those are so much more readable when compared with his later work. I finished the Great War books but I just really didn't have the energy to start American Empire.