Tomislavs Linguistic Cluster Maps

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    Polanian Occupation Zone in Transylvania
    It's extremely unlikely for Gothic, or any Barbarian language this deep in Romania, to have really survived past the early VIth century, especially with this much territories. Not that you didn't have linguistic and toponimic influence but it was both more limited, and more wide (with the -ens suffix alone, you could colour half of France with visigothic). Giving that coloring every place where Barbarian might have spoken something in Germanic is senseless, if you really want to depict it, you should go for small bars separated by empty spaces (probably much larger empty spaces to point the obvious, namely that their use ceased really early on)

    I'm not sure what's happening in Normandy, but if it's about Scandinavian, it should be restricted to really tiny coastal bands, and again, taking for granted that toponimy means linguistical dominance which it doesn't.
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    May 13, 2017
    I doubt I will ever resume this thread for is difficult for me to use...
    But still I am looking at possibilities of Romance languages:
    1. Central Romance
      1. Romano-Italian->
        1. Italo-Romance
          1. Tuscan
          2. Umbrian
          3. Neapolitan
          4. Sicilian
    2. Western Romance
      1. Romano-Annotarian
        1. Cisalpine-Romance
          1. Ligurian
          2. Piemontese
          3. Lombard
          4. Venetian
          5. Emilian
        2. Rhaeto-Romance
          1. Ladin
          2. Friulian
        3. Noric-Romance
          1. Noric
          2. Carentan
      2. Romano-Gallian
        1. Gallo-Romance
          1. Francien
          2. Valloon
          3. Norman
          4. Gallo
          5. Burgund
          6. Arpitan
          7. Elvet
        2. Occitano-Romance
          1. Gascon
          2. Provensal
          3. Lengadocien
          4. Aquitan
          5. Catalan
      3. Romano-Hispanian
        1. Ibero-Romance
          1. Galician
            1. Portuguese
          2. Asturian
            1. Leonese
          3. Castillan
          4. Aragonese
          5. Carpetan
          6. Betican
            1. Mozarabic
          7. Lusitan
      4. Romano-British
    3. Southern Romance
      1. Romano-Insular
        1. Corsican
        2. Sard
        3. Balearic
      2. Romano-African
        1. Balearic
        2. Maretih
        3. Aprican
      3. Romano-oriental
        1. Berytian
    4. Eastern Romance
      1. Romano-Illyrian
        1. Illyro-Romance
          1. Dalmatian
          2. Morlac
      2. Romano-Thracian
        1. Thraco-Romance
      3. Romano-Dacian
        1. Daco-Romance
          1. Vlac
          2. Moesian
          3. Aromanian
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    Is this project also getting a colour scheme Tomislav?
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    May 13, 2017
    Not necessarily. Until recently I ve been using the SUCK which I have saved in my computer as "key.png".
    Right now I am planning on moving to DCS due to its complexity on small regions...
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