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    October 3, 1962: Continuing on with the Second Verona Conference, more discussion and argument would ensue. Along with the Discussion, many participating Fascist officials would be split into separate factions as of the Conference.
    • Moderate Fascists - Ardent Fascists who seek to appeal to all Factions of the Fascist Party.
    • Young Fascists - The Fascists represent a Left-leaning Faction of Scorza's Hardliners who seek radical change of Fascist Ideology, seeking to emulate the progressive policies of the Fascist Manifesto published in 1919 that was abandoned when Mussolini came to power. Although despite affiliation with Scorza, many Young Fascists are sympathetic and very friendly to Balbo's Moderate Fascists due to similar views regarding change and reform.
    • True Fascists - They are a Right-leaning Faction within Scorza's Hardliners seeking to establish the True Fascism that Mussolini wished for, but was never achieved due to the Monarchy preventing Mussolini's dreams from being realized. Unlike the Young Fascists who follow the progressive Fascist Manifesto, the True Fascists are followers of the Doctrine of Fascism.
    • Status Quo - They are content with what's going on in Italy. Often consisting of those Fascists with Monarchist sympathies/views or Monarchists of Fascist-sympathies seeking to maintain the Kingdom.
    • Reformists - They represent Ciano's camp seeking democratization and liberalization.

    The Fascist Party would be divided for the topic of the day being the issues of gender:
    • The Moderate Fascists - They seek to compromise both male and female.
    • The Young Fascists - They seek to empower women establishing a New Fascist woman, thus enforcing the Gender Equality within Fascist Ideology and the Fascist State.
    • The True Fascists - Many Hardliners within the Fascist Party seek to bring back Mussolini's idea of traditional gender roles of women being child-bearers and subservient while the men work and fight. Thus they seek to maintain the Model of Masculinity for Fascism.
    • The Status Quo - They honestly don't really have a real opinion on gender, although they are split between equality and tradition.
    • Reformists - They share some views with the Moderates and the Young Fascists.
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