TL-191 Uniform, weapons and equipment of the Secondary Combatants.

Reminds me of the SS M32 uniform
I think so Super Ironic to me that Black Hundreds are Super Russian Proto-Fascist that hated the Germans, Ukrainians and Jews to their core, but where similar uniforms to the Fucking Nazis aka The Supernationalistic German in OTL 🤣🤣

It's super hilarious and ironic at the same time 🤣🤣😸😸😸
How about the Kornilov Regiment, uniforms


How about the Kornilov Regiment, uniforms


I definitely see Kornilov Regiments is a good source for the Black Hundreds uniform Secondly only to TNO Omsk military dress for the source of the BH.

I even have a idea 💡 that to Combine the Kornilov and Omsk uniform for the Black Hundreds Bastards in SGW.

Imagine what's styles their Uniforms are and the Aesthetic of the BH are.
How about the Kornilov Regiment, uniforms


Well, given that the Kornilov units were still likely raised during the Russian Civil War in this timeline, perhaps units would still be around after the Civil War is over. the Imperial Russian Army already had a huge variety of different colored uniforms form regiments even before the Civil War. So, perhaps Kornilov's regiment might still be around. I don't believe the Kornilov uniform would be widely adopted by more Russian units though. Unless the government in Moscow was explicitly more fascist and long did away with the monarchy, choosing to adopt this uniform to evoke a sense of national pride, Kornilov's men would be the only ones wearing these under the Tsar... and that is if the Tsar decides to disband them or not.

They are pretty damn impressive and distinctive uniforms though. I'd keep them around for sheer swag factor.
for some reason I imagine him being the head of the new imperial guard with his regiment as the new core
Yeah definitely that I see him being Head of the Imperial Guard especially with the Tsar Allies to Right wing and Russian Militarists Nationalism before the SGW.

I definitely him be to General or at least be High rank officers of the Tsar army during the SGW
Civilian attire mostly, plus whatever equipment and gear any individual fighter may take off dead US soldiers. if there is any uniformity within these bands, its likely insignia that identifies them as Mormon fighters for ease of recognition when in battle.
Show me be like that Polish partisan with having the Mormon flag kinda like this?



Basically like this with stealing US army uniforms and using civilian clothing as well to blend in against the Utah residence from the Yankee occupiers, but the Mormon flag will highly branded to the Utah resistance.


Maybe and terrifying the fighters with these flags to distinguish against the Yankees occupiers


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Maybe this wasn’t covered. But what would the uniforms of Austria-Hungary be? And also would the Central Powers and the Entente in Europe have any paratroopers?
Maybe this wasn’t covered. But what would the uniforms of Austria-Hungary be? And also would the Central Powers and the Entente in Europe have any paratroopers?
I think in my opinion, AH would be similar to German army but lighter gray instead of a darkish one
Maybe this wasn’t covered. But what would the uniforms of Austria-Hungary be? And also would the Central Powers and the Entente in Europe have any paratroopers?
I'd imagine the AH soldier to have a uniform similar to that of the Czechs and the Hungarians. And I'd imagine that the British, French, Russians, and Germans would almost certainly have them by 1941, and maybe some other nations as well.
One of the countries I've long been fascinated with is Ethiopia. I have been trying to puzzle through how it would fit in the grand scheme of things in TL191. One thing to consider is that it would be a independent African country surrounded by the colonial powers - however, considering that Italy never joined in on the Great War of 1914-1917, fascism and Mussolini never come to power in the country, and therefor Ethiopia is likely not invaded by the Italians in the 1930s, small border skirmishes not withstanding.

Not only that, but we so have an Imperial Germany that has gained land in Africa after the Great War, and a British Empire that, while not losing much of its colonial holdings in Africa, has a government that is shifting toward revaunchism and the Silvershirts. What this means for Ethiopia I have no clear idea, but it may mean that Ethiopia is spared a war from the Italians. Whether or not Haile Selassie's reforms are more successful I am also not entirely sure, but it may mean that the army could have some breathing room to continue its modernization efforts uninterrupted. It would have a lot of work to however - the Army very much still relied on a feudal system of levies and the regular army was far from being up to western standards at the time. Even so, they may get help from other players in the world and historically, one of the big issues for Eithiopia in the interwar period would be formalizing borders with Italy, France, and Britain.



Just to highlight the dizzying array of old and new firearms in the Ethiopian arsenal, Ian does some great coverage on the different rifles that were in use in the country up to the Second Italo-Ethiopian War.

Now, all this has me wondering if some form of standardization could be attempted earlier, but I’m really not sure if that would be possible.
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Nauvoo Legion were Mormons militia that serve under Joseph Smith before he was Assassinated and soon Brigham Young. They were part of the Mexican American and Indian Wars that were a part of the US Military, soon fighting against the US army during the Utah war.

They got disbanded in 1887 before they transferred to soon the Utah territorial militia into the Utah National Guard.


Now in TL191 world where the Mormons actually revolted against the US in 1881 before 1887, Nauvoo Legion will likely partake in the revolt under Brigham Young orders.

So likely they be fighting against the Union army in Utah during the Mexican War while the US is fighting both the South and the Brits.

This might be interesting thing because they might become a Paramilitary group like IRA before the WW1 and especially during the Marshall law in Utah throughout the Interwar.

I wonder what you think of this guys
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