TL-191 Uniform, weapons and equipment of the Secondary Combatants.

Nakajima 飲み込む Nomikumo (Swallow).
Japan's first jet powered carrier fighter, entered service in 1946 but were pulled from service in early 48 and regulated to training duties.
Top speed 488 mph.
Armament 2x20 mm. cannons in nose and 2x25 mm. cannons in wings.
Nakajima 飲み込む Nomikumo Swallow - Flitzer.jpg
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Here's one gun that I can see existing in TL-191, the General Liu Rifle
Lol! I just made an alternate version of this rifle, not for this thread though, just for fun, was going to post it in the alternate weapons thread as an alternate design to the Walther G-43.
_Alt=Chinese General Liu Rifle.jpg

Still a work in process, want to shortened the barrel a little more and change the muzzle.

A photograph of the Quebecois destroyer Trois-Rivieres, circa 1942.

In 1921, the Union Navy as a gift to the fledgling Quebecois Navy three destroyers of the O'Brien class. Which were the USS Nicholson DD-52 (renamed to Renard D-1), USS Winslow DD-53 (renamed Loup D-2), and USS Ericsson DD-56 (renamed Ours D-3). These three destroyers would serve the Quebecois Navy until 1945 when they were decommissioned due to their age. In 1938, the Union Navy would transfer another 5 destroyers, which were the Caldwell class USS Gwin DD-71 (renamed Saguenay D-4), the Wickes class USS Kimberley DD-80 (renamed Trois-Rivieres D-5), USS Hazelwood DD-107 (renamed Saint-Jerome D-6), and the Clemson class ships USS Laub DD-263 (renamed Joliette D-7), and USS Litchfield DD-336 (renamed Matane D-8). These destroyers served throughout the Second Great War with the Quebecois Navy serving the roles of patrolling the Saint Laurence River and escorting merchant ships going in and out of the river. The Destroyer Saguenay would be notable for sinking the Confederate submarine CSS Anglefish while the latter ship was attacking a convoy into the Gulf of Saint Laurence on 22nd September, 1941 (which the former ship was escorting.) After the end of the war in 1947, the remaining Pre-War destroyers would be decommissioned and replaced by two ships from the Benson class of Destroyers and three from the Edsall class of Escort Destroyer.
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Two Postwar Japanese AFVs

Type 8 Chi-To Medium Barrel, which is armed with a 100mm Type 7 Main Gun

And a Type 11 Ho-Ke Infantry Fighting Vehicle, which is armed with two 7.7mm MGs and a 37mm AT gun.