TL 191 HOI4 Mod Update and Discussion Thread

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    "I am abolishing the monarchy because I can't be bothered... I mean the pollialitarate and stuff" ☺

    I have never heard that Henry was alcoholic? Are you thinking of Prince George (youngest brother besides john), who was basically Edward (David) lite?

    A Beaty coup might be interesting, on Churchill's side?
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    The Duke of Kent was the drug addict. Henry was the whiskey fiend.
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    Split the difference. Edward gets a British Republic, but between the not being bothered thing and the deals he makes to push it through it is a somewhat moderate Establishment-y, 'liberal democracy' republic, eg. the British Republic in Worffan's post 74, or he gets through a socialist regime... but between the different deals he has to make to get it through and his experiences in it he ends up King of a Socialist Workers' Kingdom of Britain in one giant 'socialist except for this one thing...' moment (like the Socialist Workers' Republic of Britain in the same post, but, uhm, not-Republic).
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    More ideas:
    Fatherland of France

    France is a nation hungry for one thing and one thing only: Revenge. After losing their African colonies, including Algeria which they'd always intended to integrate no matter how many natives objected, in the Great War, the French were humiliated, forced to pay ruinous war debts, and generally looked down upon by the ascendant Germany. But with the German economy in the toilet and France forcibly reunited under the aegis of visionary dictator Charles Maurras, the French patrimony will be restored and the Boche driven back to Berlin! All who claim rightful French soil--be it the Germans, their Moroccan lackeys, the Americans' Liberian puppets, or even the Italians or British should their colonial or European claims ever overlap with those of France--will be driven into the sea! Hail to the Fatherland! Hail to France! Hail to Maurras!

    By 1936, Maurras has largely solidified his control over France. His primary concerns are now the burgeoning Viet Minh insurgency in French Indochina (which Maurras can quietly cut loose once war with Germany has begun), and building up for revenge against Germany. His choices are relatively limited--should he take a Sorelian (Strasserist) or Darwinist (insane corporate fascism more like OTL's Nazis) approach to the economy, what should he focus on in the war department, and is Russia or Britain a better good-buddy in the coming war? Gameplay is primarily centered around winning the war, after which Maurras will be assassinated by German resistance fighters on a visit to conquered Berlin. His replacement is decided in the following power struggle; Marcel Bucard is a pretty standard fascist who will expand Maurras's personality cult and create a Byzantine bureaucracy liable to collapse under its own weight, Jacques Doirot wants a weird socialist-fascist mashup (think Strasserism), and a royalist clique wants to restore the French monarchy. Obviously, none of these options are really competent, and France is, um, not gonna be a pleasant place to live for a while.

    Confederate States of America

    The CSA, whatever Featherston claims, is a third-world country, and will be lucky to last more than, like, a year against the raw industrial power of the United States. Sure, the alliance network known as the Hammer of Liberty only contains the Union and Liberia at game start, but let's be realistic here--the South is a wreck. It was never all that rich, its economic system is laughably out of date (too agrarian, cash-crop focused, not many factories), a third of the population are angry black people with socialist sympathies, and Featherston's genocide plan is, relatively speaking, significantly more ambitious and difficult to accomplish even in a vacuum than OTL Generalplan Ost.

    If by some miracle/player intervention the CSA stands victorious, there's not even that much to do. Featherston is an evil racist dictator. There's no free speech and no real elections. Instability is obscene what with the CSA having to police way more people than it has any capability of doing. Revolts are probably going to break out even before and definitely soon after a total victory.

    I guess it could be a challenge to un-screw this evil mess, but why bother? Just freedomize 'em as the good ol' US of A.
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    Based on @Worffan101 ideas of the United Kingdom:
    So Edward will attempt to instute Socailism in some form and do the marriage as described - leading to the following outcomes:
    1. Edward succeds and a Socailist state is declared: This makes him popular with the lower classes, who want him to remain as King:
      1. He can listen to the Socailist parties elites and estalish a rebulic - more likely to become Equalist, lower stablity/war support but high PP path
      2. He can listen to the people and establish a more grass roots movement, less pp but more stablitity.
    2. Both sides can fail and democractice rebulic be declared - see point 2 below for the general idea.
    3. George can get the throne with the help of Churchill.
      1. There should be a focus which goes down a more paternalist route, which appears to offer a quick way out of the instablity debuffs. However George will refuse this. At this point you can either go down route 2. below, or force the king to abidcate:
        1. He can abdicate, and a regenecy for Liz will be decareled under Henry.
          1. This will lead to the Pateralistic path, which will sort the debuffs out soon and helps the economy
        2. He can win throw and dipose churchill, go down route 2 belowing with a democractic p.m.
        3. If Edward failed on both his marriage and Socailism, then Moselley joins Churchill. If so there is a good chance that Moselley at this point may arranage for George to be killed.
          1. If Moselley's involvement is kept a sercret, then they go back to path 1(Paternalistic). above but with a big boost to popularity due to the socialists being framed.
          2. If Moselley is discovered then a coup over throws Churchill, and a regency is declared. Depending on your goverment (e.g. defensive ministers) you can get :
            1. Henry - pateralistic or Conservative
            2. George - pateralistic or Conservative
            3. Queen Elizabeth (Rare option Conservative
            4. Queen Mary ( Rare option pateralistic or Conservative)
      2. The Conservative/democratic path avoids some of the above but is a lot slower to get rid of the debuff and will mean you may have to wait before joining an alliance etc.
    4. There a slight chance that you will get a socialist revolution is you/ai messes up badly.
    (Oviously this is a lot of work to do, sorry do not worry if it is not possible in game)
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    The ''evil'' Canada
    I dont know if it will be usefull, but here is a list of Quebec politician in 1936 and where they would (grossely) fit in the political list:

    Communism: Evariste Dube
    Syndicalism: Fred Rose
    Socialism: William Tremblay
    Social Democracy: Therese Casgrain
    Liberalism: Rene Chalout
    Centrism: Adelard Godbout
    Conservatism: Maurice Duplessis
    Paternalism: Lionel Groulx
    Despotism: Paul Bouchard
    Actionism: Adrien Arcand
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