TL 191 HOI4 Mod Update and Discussion Thread

Ah, sorry, I can't tell sarcasm very well at all, let alone over the Internet.

Obviously you can say this is reflected in the lore I guess, but I never got the vibe that the US army was fighting as if it was a KMT infantry division against Japan. If anything, the US army was simply hamstrung by its small size and lack of funding, which you could reflect in other ways. Ah well.
Today FOARP on the Paradox forum brought up the idea of a stand-alone strategy game based on TL-191. I could get down with that, if anyone decided to acquire the license from Turtledove and co.
Al Smith's new focus tree
In 1865 Paraguay invaded Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay without a declaration of war, forcing Brazil to mobilize a army to counter their invasion. As the paraguayans were pushed back from the occupied brazilian territory in Rio Grande do Sul, some army officers (most coming from São Paulo) were handed local land to estabilish their farms, along with titles of nobility to allow them to be part of the growing brazilian aristocracy. Amoung these officers there was Manuel do Nascimento


Sir Manuel lost his title after the 1889 republican coup, and his family went into politics on the following decades. That, however, happened in our timeline, and on TL191 Sir Manuel (or Dom Manuel, in portuguese), kept his title and this made his sons follow his career on the army.

Thanks to that the brazilian army can count on many new faces, such as the cavalheiro below
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