TL-191: Featherston's Finest - Uniforms, Weapons, and Vehicles of the CSA and Freedom Party


Picture of a Machine Gun used by the Confederacy in the Second Great War.
Even though my TL is with out Featherstone I'll post this here too


The Tredegar Self Loading Rifle TSLR for short was developed in the early 1920s as the Confederate military began to look for ways to augment its manpower disadvantage. The TSLR featured the Gass blowback system that would be refined later for the TAR. It used a detachable 10 round box magazine and used the .30-08 round that the Tredegar M1908 had used. Adopted as the M1923 the TSLR would have a short career as the main battle rifle of the CSA with the TAR supplanting it in 1938 as the M1938. Still the TSLR would see combat during the second Great War as there were not enough of the Newer TAR to equip every soldier. Soldiers who carried it loved it for its heavier punching power.

While the TAR would not be exported the TSLR would become the standard rifle of the Mexican Empire and would even supplant the venerable Enfield SMLE in Britain who adopted as their main battle rifle in 1928 where it would be produced by Vickers. The Vickers Self Loading Rifle as it was known was chambered in the Enfield .303 round.