TL 191. Character Descriptions

I was going to use the likeness of Bernhard Rust, the Nazi German Minister of Education, as Ferdinand Koenig in my Darkest Hour TL-191 mod. I dunno, out of the Hitler cabinet he looks the part the most, I think.

No argument here - he definitely has the rather dour, heavyweight one associates with Koenig; might need a little more fat on those bones to really sell him as the bastard grandchild of Hermann Goering & Heinrich Himmler by a Southern Belle though!
A selected group of pics from my list of US Presidents in TL-191, Post-1945

President Charles W. La Follette (S-WI)
* I thought about a younger Alec Baldwin picture for him, but I used La Follette's OTL image, instead.

President Irving Morrell (D-KS)

President Yossel Reisen, Jr. (S-NY)

President Hector Madison (R-PA)
*A son of Cassius Madison.
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