Tintin books that never existed


Can you think of any tintin adventure comic books that could have been written but never were?

Tintin with MAU Mau
Tintin in south east asia ?
Tintin chasing escaped nazis in south America
Tintin and the hippies
Will Tintin ever find love ?
An (unauthorised) finished version of Alph Art has him meet a possible girlfriend. I personally see Tintin as someone who doesn't need to find a lover though. Lets face it its not like he hasn't had a fulfilling life.

I'd like to see a Tintin story involving the murky politics of the 70s and 80s. Maybe some kind of Watergate analogue.
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Tintin the Spy. A take on the James Bond Craze of the 60's.
Tintin the Detective. The Thompson Twins end up framed in Jail. Tintin has to investigate the crime to free them .