Timeline Request: For All Time

I recently discovered the For All Time timeline which I find quite interesting, however all of the links to the timeline are incomplete. If someone could post a link to a complete timeline It would be appreciated.
No one has a link? I am tempted to use a frowning smiley. I know that people have read the entire thing so it is not impossible, nut maybe I am reacting to early?
Those parts don't exist -- the author "ended" the TL in 1980, but wrote the last "Where Are They Now" segment to summarize the last twenty years.
As far as I'm aware what I linked to is complete; it's a Word document with a link to it at the top of the page...

But yes, no actualy history bits for the last part.
:: looks :: Yes it is, Tony, and thanks for the awesome.

Two nits -- Parts 179 "A New Hope" and 180 "Freedom's Champion" aren't canon parts of the TL -- they were written by Coyu and yours truly, respectively, to pressure the author into "finishing" the TL -- the last Where are They Now was his response.

Secondly, in response to your blog post, "Chester A. Arthur" did reveal himself as Mike Davis, of Michigan, IIRC. (What is it with AH and Michiganders? A localized weakness in the time-space continuum or what?)
Actually, just like the AH.com version of FAT, it's missing pts. 9.5, 17.5 and 24.5. I am unsure if there are anymore ".5"'s out there.

Edit: I don't believe there are.

Also, depressing.

>1.Oskar Schindler: Despite the fact that the man was not exactly a
>saint, the activities which made him famous enough to warrant a motion
>picture were one of the few rays of light during the darkness of the
>1940's. What became of him here? I'm afraid to ask; I wouldn't be
>surprised if the Soviets got their hands on him. For that matter, I
>wonder what became of him in Mr. Pez's DBTL world, in the absence of a
>Hitler; perhaps he drank himself to an early death? (nah, perhaps,
>that would be too dystopian for that particular world).

Reinhard Heydrich survived his assasination attempt, and went on to head the SS
and eventually a portion of the Reich. As part of a purge of Himmler loyalists,
he replaced several corrupt SS officers with his own Scary Aryan Guys.

Schindler was arrested for attempted bribery in early 1945, and every one of
his workers was sent to a death camp.
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Sweet, more long lost chunks of FaT. I'll edit those into the print version and update the file on my blog...eventually.

As for the last two parts, yeah, I know they're fanfic, but I like 'em as enders to the story. I think they give it at least a _bit_ of closure.

I wish Mike Davis had fleshed out the '80s and '90s more...

Also, I interned with a publishing house this summer, and my employer was really interested in FaT, thought it had potential. Mike Davis should look into polishing it up and showing it to some publishers...with a little work it could be big, especially with how it ties into current themes of partisan politics, terrorism, international chaos and "the road to hell being paved with good intentions..."
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