Timeline 191 - Would the US inherit the remains of the British Empire?

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    May 28, 2018
    There would be eventual competition between all three superpowers. I've said before that each country will play off one another when it is convenient. Friends one day, enemies in another. It's been mentioned here that it will be less ideologically motivated (Capitalism vs. Communism) and more of a type of "Great Game". Japan, however, would be more inclined to have some kind of ideology, since that's what made them a threat OTL (Japanese Supremacy, Divinity Will of the Emperor, etc.)

    This is almost exactly my viewpoint, too. However, I think the Danish and Dutch would still retain their Caribbean islands.

    Any thoughts on French Guiana?
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    But what if a new aggressively expansionist regime should emerge somewhere else in the world? If not Marxism in Russia, then what about a revitalized Ottoman Empire driven by fundamentalist Islamic teachings? What if this revitalized Ottoman Empire attempted to introduce pan Islamic ideology to black refugees from the death camps? if not a revitalized Ottoman Empire, what about the possibility of a nationalistic Spain (General Franco, or someone like him) which tries to regain influence in its former colonies around the world?

    It seems that the 191 world was in a huge state of chaos following the end of the Second Great War, and that there would be a huge power vacuum on the international scene following the demise of the British Empire. something would have to fill that vacuum within the first few years, and whatever that force turned out to be, the US and Germany would most likely find themselves on the same side of a stand off with this new power, just as the US and the UK found themselves standing together against the USSR in our timeline.

    Or maybe everyone would just join hands and dance around the maypole.
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    Dec 11, 2015
    French Guiana would probably be taken by the U.S.