Timeline 191: The Re-Up

A few months ago I posted this thread. https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/change-one-thing-about-tl-191.479201/

Looking back, I realize that there isn't just one thing to change, but so much more could've been done with the series. It's a good read as it is but there's not much originality with the alliance system and both Great Wars. So here's what I would do to fix it. The CSA would still purchase Chihuahua and Sonora from Mexico. However, the US would not go to war with the CSA over it for the sake of having a Franco-Prussian War expy. More likely, the US would not likely be able to afford to wage war less than 20 years after the War of Secession failed and having just recovering from the Panic of 1873 (assuming it still happens ITTL). That, and most Americans would likely be against another war because of those reasons and the context having little to nothing to do with the USA itself. Unlike in canon, Britain would abandon the Confederacy after expanding into free territory because of moral principles of the empire and having India and Egypt supply them with cotton instead. France, however, would be the primary patron of the CSA in spite of privately opposing slavery because it already had a foothold in North America via Mexico and it wanted at least one non-hostile neighbor. After all, it was France's idea to intervene in the War of Secession on the side of the Confederacy in the first place, not Britain. This sets the stage for a US-Britain alliance against a CS-France alliance, with the former having a reproachment similar to OTL. You could also have the USA and/or the CSA partake in the Scramble for Africa which could lead to a different outcome of the Fashoda Incident and cause Britain to think of France as more hostile than Germany could be. Thus, Britain and the US would align with the Triple Alliance Alliance (except Italy who leave the alliance when the Great War breaks out when it does, maybe in 1914 or maybe not). Also, Kentucky probably would be the black sheep of the CSA due to being pro-Union before it got ceded to the CSA who Kentuckians would likely be hostile towards for violating its neutrality. Upon seeing trade with its northern neighbors as more beneficial than staying with the CSA, perhaps Kentucky could try to leave and rejoin the Union on its own. Similarly, you could see Cuba trying to achieve its independence due to seeing the CSA as occupiers in the same way as Spain who Cubans were generally hostile towards. Once the Great War ends, the losing side would probably not have a Nazi Germany expy for the sake of parallelism.

Any other ideas?
I forgot to mention anything related to slavery. It probably wouldn’t be abolished until 1890 following the Brussels Agreement. It would look embarrassing to not sign it, let alone not abolish slavery. Of course an apartheid-like system to replace it would be likely (although not having last names may be pushing it). Ultimately the economy of the CSA would be a mix of Brazil and Italy in terms of power, with agriculture being dominant until the 1920s with the Boll Weevil and industry mostly concentrated to the Upper South and oil-producing states of Louisiana and Texas (as was the case in OTL). I don’t think it would be a banana republic but nowhere near the USA either.