Timeline 191 - Random Events Post Second Great War

Someone actually doing your take on Canada and Love your work on TL191 canon, I hope you like this and the person who make it they really care about it
Pretty cool. I especially like the map. But wouldn't it be great if there just one or two paragraphs describing the Federal Republic of Canada in brief detail? You know, a member of the North American Treaty Organization, key industries, and famous people?
Do you have any post-1990s events?
Well, I was imagining that the European Confederation and the People's Republic of China would drift into a closer and closer alliance, while at the same time, The United States and its allies would be drawn into a closer relationship with Russia. A sort of second Cold War might exist between these two blocks throughout most of the 21st Century, but I think that an all out nuclear war would most likely be avoided. I think that technology would continue to progress at an exponential rate, but I cannot decide if liberty and freedom would creep back into this version of the 191 world, or if the world would come to resemble the world in the novel 1984. Would the nations of the world be divided up into super blocks like in the book 1984, or would technological progress stimulate the people's desire for freedom, and thus make authoritarian dictatorship impossible?