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Thy Kingdom Come

Discussion thread

Part 1. A shining Light

1202 AD during the relative Brutality of the 4th Crusade, the first converts to Satanism arise, primarily in Constantinople. But others are spread out across the Middle east, and also across the crusade routes through Europe, because of the horrendous brutality of the Crusaders

1209:The The Albigensian crusade against the Cathars is a brutal battle, bringing more Converts and mergers of Gnosticism and Luciferianism, the Albigensian crusade still is successful, and Satanists are spread out across Europe, though allot stay in hiding in the south of France

1300-Large Norse colonies on Iceland convert to Luciferianism , many stay converted even after conversion measures are put in place on Iceland at a later date, also, Many Luciferianists settle in Granada

1492-Columbus discovers America

Entrance my mind with thoughts of ancient times.
I wonder...
Did they walk this path?

Open seas...
An endless horizon they seem.
I wonder...
Where did they go?

source of light and dark.
I wonder...
Did they comprehend?

Did they comprehend?
Did they comprehend?
Did they comprehend?
Did they comprehend?

Seasons running through my veins,
like snow melting on my skin.
They crawl beyond my flesh
and gasp my yearning soul.

The force of divinity.
What caused its end?
What caused this?

What caused its end?
What caused its end?
What caused its end?
Oh... the end.

I drown in thoughts.
Yet, answers have abandoned this place
long ago.
Blood runs cold from my arm...

Another one is now to die.
Is he the last to see
the graceful entity of Nature?
Is he the last to have his heart and soul
nailed to Her embrace?

He passes on...

Emperor-In longing Spirit

Part 2-Morningstar Rising
1496-After the collapse of Granada, Luciferian leaders start making plans to colonies South America.

1500-Under increasing assault by the Inquisition, the leader of the Luciferian Church in Spain, Dominic de la Feurta, contacts several wealthy Jewish and Basque leaders, who agree to build 4 massive ships for the Luciferian Church

1501-Satanist plans begin to take on an edge of desperation after a list with the names of nearly 500 people wanted by the inquisition for being part of the Luciferian Church

1502-The 4 ships, the Morningstar, the Light bringer, the Babylon and the Last Gate. Leave for the New World, Each carrying 500 people, and allot of supplies. They arrive on the coast of OTL Venezuela.

1503-A year after the arrival of the Satanic colonists, some tension begins to grow between the Satanists and the Carib Indians, because of Disease, though after the execution and eating of Catholic priest that the Satanists handed over to the Caribs, relations improve greatly and thousands begin to convert to Satanism.

1504-Tighter bonds begin to develop with the Carib indians, and the Caribs, with Luciferian Help, begin to build primitive muskets, and send armys against hostile tribes.

1505-The Caribs consolidate into the Empire of the Carib, The Ally of the Satanists, though Internal problems in the Empire are many as a lot of the populace are tribes that have been invaded by the Caribs.

1506-A ship from Germany with about 200 Colonists arrives, boosting the colonies population, and allowing for the construction of a second settlement, called New Babylon. Also, the Indians begin to imitate the colonists, including metalworking and settlement style.

1507-Cortez arrives in South America with an Army. His forces land on the beach and Attack new Albergion but are defeated with the arrival of a Carib Indian Force and some settler reinforcements. Cortez is defeated and his army slaughtered. 2 of his ships make it back to Spain to tell the tail. Dominic Declares the Colony to be the Nation of the Morningstar Republic, The Carib Empire merges with Morningstar to Create a united front.

1508-The colonies population continues to grow with large influxes of settlers from Europe escaping to the colonies. Over time, several important decisions are made in the colony, establishing a Government structure.
With a Chancellor, and Several Military leaders, The Anti-Pope and Several representatives elected by the Populace as a council. The Government of Morningstar also encourages large families in order to begin to boost the Population as much as possible.

Song for the Era
For the first time in my life
I've seen the fire within your eyes
My mind it screams for shelter now
I know i've got to resist some how

My religion my certain death
My salvation my sacriledge
My inner sanctum my prophecy
You've become everything and more to me

So our souls will be one
A new era has begun
Fantasies will come true
Not only for the Chosen Few

For freedom is a two edged sword
And life is only a gift for gods
Straight from the heart of the serpent's kiss

To see something as it really is
My prescious kingdom my empire
My tragedy and my desire
My life's blood my shining light
Feels like i am finally alive

Kreator-Chosen Few

Next Update
Part 3: World Anarchy

1509-The European powers are disturbed by the developments in South America, though Spanish and Portugese colonization continues further to the South of the Morningstar Republic as Spain is busy with other difficulties in Europe and using its army to capture, the Carribian and Argentian, Patagonia Region. Portugal has the Carribian and Southern Brazil.

1510-Smallpox begins to die down as a major problem among the Carib indians, even though it killed upwards of 50% of there Number

1511-A Conquistador fleet arrives in Northern Mexico and places a small colony, Knowlage is know of the Aztecs, but no effort is made to deal with them.

1512-A massive influx of Satanists from Europe helps to swell Morningstars population

1513-First Small conflicts between the Aztecs and the Spanish, results are largly inconclusive.

1514-Emmasary from Morningstar to the Incan and Aztec Empires are accepted, while there, they quietly begin teaching the populace about Satanism. Hungarian peasent revolt begins and ends fairly quickly

1515-A brutal Smallpox epidemic hits the Aztec and Incan Empires, allow Spain to push them back, but Spain, having few Soldiers in the New World, does not push very far.

1516-First rumblings of future religious problems in Europe are detected, but Catholic authoritys in Europe ignore them, and the Governments do the same.

1517-Luther begins the reformation by nailing his 95 theseses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle's Church, Hoping to reopen the debate on indulgences.

1518-A similer movement under Huldruk Zwingili begins in Switizerland

1519-The Catholic church condemns the movement and excommunicates Luther, the Pope urges measures to be taken against the Reform movement, which was gaining power in Switzerland, Scotland, Hungary, Germany and France.

1520 Armed Revolts erupt in Spain by the Peasants who support Luther’s teachings and also are dissatisfied with the Government for being slow acting in trying to deal with the Luciferian Movement, which has began to gain more force again in Europe with the Establishment of the Morningstar Republic and the increasing Brutality of the Catholic Church in regards to the inquisition.

1521-Reports reach the Catholic Chuch regarding a surprising number of Satanic peasants involved in the revolt.

1523-The Spanish Government makes a decision to make another assault against the Morningstar Republic, and 6 ships with 1000 men are sent to boost the army of 3500 already in the Colonys.

1524-The Great European Peasants revolt Erupts, beginning in the Holy Roman Empire but spreading throughout Northern France and Scandinavia. The Middle Classes and a large portion of the lower classes began supporting Luther, but a Small amount of the Lower classes in the revolt support the ideas of Luciferian, and were sick of the Catholic and generally Christian restrictions placed on them by the Church. The revolts drenched Europe in Blood and would continue for many Years.

1525-Morningstar begins receiving refugees from the Wars in Europe, and also begins trading with the Incan Empire and the Aztecs as well, hoping to cultivate some allies in the Hemisphere. The Morningstar Republics Population is growing exponentially.

1526-More Refugees begin arriving in the Morningstar Republic, mainly from Germany, the results of this would eventually make German the 3rd Largest demographic in Morningstar

1527-The Soldiers sent nearly 3 years had waited for orders, finally receive them, and an Army of 5,000 marches on Morningstar, they meet heavy resistance on the border, but push on, leaving 300 Dead Spanish and 400 Dead Carib indians

1528-Battle for the city of Catzlician, the Spanish army, worn down by disease, meets an Army of 3,000 Morningstar Soldiers, and Brutal fighting follows, the fighting lasts for nearly 6 months with a pause for the winter. The end total for the battle is 3,000 Spanish Soldiers dead, and Nearly 4,000 Luciferians as both sides had sent large Reinforements.

1529-The Remaining Spanish troops are recalled to Europe as veterans are desperately needed. To Help stop the Peasent Revolts that have completely spun out of control.

1530-A Joint Spanish and Portugese Army is sent in to attempt to end the fighting. The army numbers 2,000 Spanish and 1,000 Portugese professional troops, Spain at this time is spread thin and is having man power problems

1531-The Spanish/Portugese forces crushes a large Peasent Army of nearly 7,000 in eastern Bavaria, the survivors retreat to find more forces and wait for the winter.

1532-Italy, relatively untouched by the revolts, wakes up after a Luciferian attempts to burn down the Vatican, the Luciferian is captured and executed, his name, Viterio Venicuti, will be known as a martyr in later years.

1533-Dominic De la Fuerta dies, his post is filled by Heinrich Stahl, who is elected as the second Chancellor for life.

1534-England establishes the Church of England relatively peacefully, Spain and the Pope in Rome are not happy, but are busy trying to put down the Peasant Revolt, which has also spread to parts of Northern Italy.

1535-France has basically split through the center, with Northern France supporting the Peasents and the Monarch drivin from Paris, while the South Remains staunchly Catholic.

1536-The Spanish Portugese force, though having been reinforced, is being worn down by the sheer force of numbers of the Peasents, and also Indian revolts in South America begin causing problems for the Spanish and Portugese.

1537- France officially splinters into the Prodestant Kingdom of Normandy in the North and the Catholic Kingdom of Avingnon in the South, also, a small independent Brittany survives at the edge of the Peninsula.

1538- The First Incan and Aztec Armies begin being equipped with Muskets manufacture with Satanist help, the manage to prevent the Spanish Colonies from Expanding into there territory. The Population of the Morningstar Republic numbers about 100,000 thousand Indians and settlers.

1539-Spain and Portugal both begin to feel extreme popular discontent at the problems over the Peasent revolt, and both begin to consider pulling out, especially after Defeats by Aztec and Incan armies.

1540-The Great European Peasants revolt finally ends, not out of peace, but because there are few people left who are capable of fighting. Europe has lost nearly 10% of its population and 40% of its men of Military Age.

1541-Serious talks begin to occur between Spain and Portugal over a union, as the Population problem and other issues caused by the Casulties in the New World and in the Holy Roman Empire are severe.

1542-1575-A massive influx of refugees from Europe nearly triples Morningstars population.

Isolated World in pain the tyrants bitter triumph
Devoted celebrate the empires ice cold victory
Fed their soulless bodies to the vultures and the lions
They're scared to raise their voices in disasters long foreseen

I hate your lives
Falsehood and lies
I hate your World
Your paradise drowns in chaos to breed

World Anarchy
World Anarchy

Kings ruling emptiness and terror over ruins
Fast destruction slow death to all masters of the earth
Kings rulers autocrats in corpse mountain séance
The harvest of all cultures raped by axe and sword

I hate your lives
Falsehood and lies
I hate your World
Your paradise drowns in chaos to breed

World Anarchy
World Anarchy

Coming down

Lost are the weak
Slaves in service for a dream so fake
Religion can't save all those lived without soul
Fall with the prophets and saints as hell
Is burning the last seeds of hope

And the last thing they will see
As their icons fall from grace
A dark horde coming from the east

To bring the old Reich to its grave

Total chaos takes control now

I hate your falsehood and lies
I see your dreams drowning in World anarchy

Kreator-World Anarchy
Part 4:The Calm before the storm

1575-Civil war continues on a much lower level, but the border between Protestant Normandy and Catholic Avingon has pretty much solidified.

1576-Rudolf II becomes Holy Roman Emperor, though he faces a long road ahead of him, as the Holy Roman Empire has been devastated and is on the verge of splintering into several states.

1577-England, relatively untouched by the wars in mainland Europe, sends sir Francis Drake on a round the world voyage, noted by his ships port visit New Albergionsion, a sign of possible further cooperation between England and Morningstar.

1578-The Spanish Netherlands goes into open revolt when Spanish Troops attempt to forcefully bring Zeeland and Holland into the Union of Brussels
1579-Spanish forces defeat the Dutch at the battle of Gemblours, though problems will continue in the Spanish Netherlands for years to come

1580-A combined Spanish Portuguese army destroys the Moroccan army in a series of Pitched battles, allowing the Unofficial Spanish Portuguese union to begin a toehold in North Africa. A crises erupts however with the death of King Sebastian and Cardinal Henry of Portugal in the battles of North Africa

1581-Russia begins the conquest of the Frozen wastelands of Siberia, encountering little resistance from the primitive tribes in the region. Also, England outlaws Roman Catholicism to the Outrage of the Pope and Spanish authorities.

1582-Pope Gregory XVIII implements the Gregorian calendar, all of Catholic and Protestant Europe shortly follow. Morningstar does not as a matter of Principal and stays with the Julian calendar.

1583-First land for Britain in North America claimed by Sir Humphrey Gilbert, at Newfoundland.


1584-First signs of the Splintering of the Holy Roman Empire begin to appear, with The Protestant Northern Regions beginning to consider complete Independence as an option

1585-Morningstar Traders begin to be accepted in European Ports, and Chocolate is introduced for the first time, In Europe, with the landing of the first Morningstar merchant ship in England

1586:The North Germans, who have largely converted to Protestantism at this time, begin another revolt, this time assisted by English Mercenaries and some Soldiers of the Holy Roman Empire, who have gotten tired of the Nation continually bowing to the wishes of the Pope and the Spanish.

1587-Spain and Portugal, which are moving ever closer to an official union, send another army to support the Holy Roman Empire, the Catholic Avingon, sends some support, but as the kingdom is still reeling from the French Civil war.

1588-The First real Morningstar Warship, named the Light bringer is launched from the Shipyards in New Albergionsion, the keels of 2 more are promptly laid down.

1589:Sir Francis Drake, in support of Protestant war with Spain, burns and pillages St.Augstine Florida

1590:A small Morningstar force attempts to do the same thing on Santo Domingo, and while they succeed in Burning the docks, They are killed by the Spanish Garrison, which catches them unaware, leaving 250 Raiders dead and only 25 Spanish soldiers, this becomes the first defeat in Morningstar’s History.

1591: The Holy Roman Empire descends into anarchy, with newly independent states, Spain, Protestant Rebels, and Several other Kingdoms trying to grab chunks of the collapsed Holy Roman Empire.

1592: The world settles down with a very different Europe, The Holy Roman Empire has dissolved into 4 Major states and a lot of small Micro nations and Principalities. Austria, Bavaria, Prussia and Northern Italy have managed to Grab a lot of territory, Prussia and Austria are Protestant and Bavaria and Northern Italy is Catholic. Also Denmark and both of the French nations have taken some territory, as well as the Spanish Netherlands

1593: Northern Italy forms a Union with the Papal states, giving the Pope control of all of Northern Italy, and the South is controlled by Spain.

1594:The Spanish, now with the continuing wars over the hulk of the Holy Roman Empire over, begin to expand their colonies in South America more, though away from Morningstar, as Spain will not be in the shape to fight any wars for some time.

1595:Western Europe is very quite. The first Morningstar Merchant Ships arrive in the Ottoman Empire

1596:Spain and Portugal announce the formal Union into the Holy Kingdom of Iberia, this move is applauded by the Pope in Rome, and also, Portugal and Spain begin integrating their colonies.

1597:The French War of Religion takes Europe by surprise when a French Catholic army attacks across the border in a bid to take Paris and reunify the country.

1598:Henry IV of Avingon is killed attacking Paris, with his death, the siege falls apart.

1599:Shakespheres play Julius Caesar plays in London, several Morningstar Diplomats are their, and they extend an invitation to Shakespeare to visit Morningstar and to perform a play in New Babylon

1600:The situation in the Iberian Netherlands begins to collapse when a Dutch force manages to reclaim Antwerp, Iberia sends a large army to the Netherlands and begins to drive the Dutch back, the Dutch, with English support manage to hold the line at roughly our OTL border

1601: The Iberians take brutal casualties, but they manage to break Dutch Lines, forcing England to land troops in order to support the Netherlands. Iberia begins removing some troops from the New world, and the newly elected Chancellor Weber sees a possible chance to take some territory from Iberia.

1602:English and Dutch troops slowly begin driving the Iberians back, at the same time, 1,500 Morningstar troops and 2,000 Aztecs attempt to remove Iberia from Mexica, but do to a combination of bad leadership and lack of surprise, the Iberia inflict a smashing defeat on the Morningstar/Aztec force, the Iberia take another slice of the Aztec Empire in retaliation. Nearly 600 Morningstarites and 800 Aztecs are killed.

1603:After nearly 2 years of brutal fighting, Iberia is forced out of the Netherlands, and decides instead to concentrate her holdings elsewhere, mainly in South America.

1604:With Morningstar encouragement and Help, the Aztecs begin Expanding into OTL Yucatan and central America, for now, Europe is quite.


Make the sadness go away
Come back another day
For years I've tried to teach
But their eyes are empty
Empty too I have become
For them I must die
A sad and troubled race
An ungrateful troubled place

I see the sadness in their eyes
Melancholy in their cries
Devoid of all the passion
The human spirit cannot die
Look at the pain around me
This is what I cry for
Look at the pain around me
This is what I'll die for

Make the sadness go away
Come back another day
The things I've said and done
Don't matter to anyone
But still, you push me to see
Something, I can never be
Why am I their shattered king?
I don't mean anything

I see the sadness in their eyes
Melancholy in their cries
Devoid of all the passion
The human spirit cannot die
Look at the pain around me
This is what I cry for
Look at the pain around me
This is what I'll die for

Melancholy-Iced Earth

(I need work on this section, PM me advice, anyway, a century in overview)
Iberia: Has managed to consolidate their holdings and expand into all of OTL Southern Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Northern Mexico. And all of Iberia and Northern Italy

England: has created the beginnings of a colonial Empire with the 13 Colonies and territory in Canada

Aztecs: Have Conquered all the way down to Panama, and have fortified their border with Iberian Mexico

Morningstar: Has expanded slightly, but has made a point not to connect its border to Iberia as of yet, its population has been growing exponentially with Government encouragement.
-Belife in the strong, instead of the meek shall inherit the earth and the idea of turning the other cheek, Luciferians believe in strength and revenge as being part of life...

-No real sins of the flesh, Drinking, Drugs, etc are going to be fully legel

-Lucifer is their god, and they believe that he was cast down by God, but eventually became Gods equal, and theirfor they have a believe in Duality.

-A believe in Both Reincarnation and Hell as part of the afterlife, though Hell is not seen seen as a bad place, just a place where believes can practice the tenates of the religion without persecution

-Equality, everybody is equal in service of Lucifer
he Discovery of the Infernal Kingdom. (1677)

Since 1450, a mystery had plagued the minds of some European scholoars. In 1375, records show that the small Luciferian Norse Population, estimated to have been between 1000 to 3500 of Iceland took to boats in the middle of the night, as a response to the forced Catholicization measures put in place by the current King of Denmark. The incident was ignored by most, as the King of Denmark had more pressing issues to attend to on the mainland. The Incident was largely forgotten, except for a few historians in the Kalmar Union and the Morningstar Republic. In 1720, a historian by the name of Meron Salumá managed to obtain the funding to Search for the Lost Luciferian Norse in Canada.

In 1721, he left New Babylon, with 85 Men and the Ship Trinity, which was rated for Ice and river travel, as he was following the information given by some documents that showed the Lost Luciferian colony was probably in the Northern Regions of Canada.

After a 6 Week Journey up the Atlantic, the Trinity passed through the main British and Swedish Settlements, and into the relatively uncharted wilderness. In May of 1721, at the Northern Most area of Hudson Bay, in a small Swedish settlement, Maroon Saluma realized that the expedition would have to split up. 40 Men, including Meron were selected to follow a few tips that had been given to them by some Inuit trappers, and the rest of the crew would take the Trinity, into the Islands to the North.

4 Weeks later, Moron’s party had managed to find little, despite tails told to them by Inuit Fur trappers and the last survivor of a Swedish expiation, who told them of being attacked by crazed men with guns. He was believed by nobody except Meron and several members of the Expition.

On June 2nd, while the men were setting up a camp, they came across 4 Norsemen dressed in clothing from the late 1400’s and carrying olden style muskets and Axes. After some difficulty, the Norsemen managed to explain that they were from the Infernal Kingdom.

When Meron heard those words, he knew he had done it, he had found the Lost Colony. The Expedition was led back to the Main settlement of the Norse, which seemed to hold about 1,800 people.

Meron had a long discussion with King Bjorn Lejavsson, and Meron pledged to have the Morningstar Republic send an emissary and to open up trade with the Infernal Kingdom.

Part 2:
The Infernal Kingdom and its effects on the rest of the Great European Powers

The British Empire:
The British Empire was greatly startled by this turn of events, a second Luciferian nation, though small had potentially world changing implications, especially as the Infernal Kingdom lay in Between the Kalmar Union and the British Empire’s colony’s and projected spheres of influence in North America. Relations between the British Empire and the Morningstar Republic began to grow colder. Also, some parts of the British Government began advocating an annexation of the Infernal Kingdom, though it would place Morningstar in position to seize Jamaica.

The Kalmar Union
Opinion of the situation in the Kalmar Union fell roughly in the same category of the British Empire, but as the Infernal Kingdom was ruled by Norsemen, the reactions were not as strong in favor of taking over the Infernal Kingdom as Britain.

Reactions in Iberia were outraged, as was to be expected, and many began calling for an another Invasion of Morningstar, to cut off support for the New Luciferian Nation, but results were slow as Iberia at this time was not on a war footing, but with the Pope strongly calling for action against the Infernal Kingdom, something would have to be done.

Population of Morningstar
570,000 EST.
Chancellor: Adrian Carrea
Allies: Empire of Tenocitlan and Empire of the Inca

Population of the Infernal Kingdom
20,000 est
King: Bjorn Lejavsson