There's 1 potential old FH/now AH element in this 80s cartoon series- namely a comet which hits Earth in 1994 and destroys all civilisation on the planet, setting the scene 1000-odd yrs later for Thundarr and his companions Princess Ariel and Oogla the Mook. Anybody watch this cartoon back then ?
Yeah...Mooks were some kind of Yeti-like mutant. Actually, it was a planet the upheveled Earth and split the moon in two (it was always shown with a crack in it).
Oh man--I remember this cartoon!--I remember being totally blown away by its weird mix genres--sword & sourcery/apocalyptic/sci-fi--pity it only lasted 2 seasons.

There was one episode where thundaar and the gang go back in time to pre-disaster earth--always annoyed that they never had some scene where the heroes try to warn people of the coming disaster--would have been a cool thing to see--an ATL of a FTL.