...Those Marvelous Tin Fish: The Great Torpedo Scandal Avoided


Nonetheless he managed to outlast the Japanese on Guadalcanal. The one real criticism I can give him during this period. Was putting seniority above experience when selecting tactical commanders in Battle. For example naming Callaghan as Commander for the November 13 Night battle. Or putting Wright in charge of the force at the Battle of Tassafaronga.
Outlasting the Japanese, is not a preferred success path., Given the limited logistics and the limited combat experience the Americans had, the forting up around the airfield and let the Japanese come to you, method of Guadalcanal campaign might seem logical. Halsey continued that mistake. It actually was a very expensive way to learn that the right way to beat the Japanese on land, at sea and in the air, was to cut them off from their supplies and let the jungle and disease kill them. For that to happen, the USN had to learn how to kill the IJN in night surface actions.
This is the barge war.

Admiral Carleton Wright was all too common in the USN. There is a moral component to good commanders and good leaders. MOO. Carleton Wright did not have it. Admiral Jerauld Wright did.