THICC: The Highly-Inclusive Color Code

For all you THICC map fans, here's an OTL QBAM of 2019 except puppet states, client states, satellite states, associated states and the European Union are all shown as well.

A decent one, for sure,
Perhaps in mean time use Western?
There's no Western-owned Korea in 2.1 AFAIK. I'd probably posit that Christian Korea would be the same thing as French or American Korea given where missionaries and priests tended to come from.
So there isn't
nor is there in 2.2 (but I hope Boris accepts my note for it to come in 2.3, sorry you will have to wait a while for that?

Best of luck mapping though, and if you do happen to note any other glaring misses, do let us know :).
Why are Vorarlberg and Lower Austria combined? That makes it impossible to do a fully fragmented Austria-Hungary or modern Austria.
NB: I am aware there are some overlaps/repeats, will be giving a revised final note version of above, so see this 2.2 posting (if Boris allows me to) as a 2.2 beta

@YFNW hope you can now do that fractured Austria you wanted to, as lower Austria and Vorarlberg are uniques now ;)
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By "Some overlaps/ repeats" do you mean accidentally replacing the entire Nigeria and Cameroon section with a repeat of the entire Gulf of Guinea section?
just got there myself, so yeh…, as said, view this as 2.2 beta, I am going through the scheme for any doublings and otherwise unappealing 4+ colour lines