These Fair Shores: The Commonwealth of New England

Then again, say that I'm in Bengal, where strange Russian unpronounceable equivalent of the internet is available. Can't I access a server in Turkey through which I can access the Commonwealth internet? Both the Russian and Commonwealth equivalents are available in Turkey.
Both the Russian and British networks are accessible within Turkey, but that doesn't mean that they're connected to each other. Going to a website hosted by Vebsoyedineniye on a Turkish server would still keep you within the confines of the Russian network. From what we understand, the other networks take great care to insulate themselves from the Internet, and knowing the history between Bengal and the British Empire, trying to access the Internet without a good reason is likely to set off some bells. You'd probably have an easier time accessing Nettowaku or AmeriNet, though.

Ashley is free to correct me if I got anything wrong here, of course.
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List of Leaders of the United States
I second this. That conflict looks very interesting and I'd love to know more

Oh absolutely! There is more to come on this front!

So, what does "ICV" mean here? I assumed it means "Internal Combustion Vehicle" at first, but it seems weird that some countries would ban hybrids while allowing internal combustion-powered vehicles.

Nah, the tiers are:
All cars legal
New ICVs banned
All ICVs banned
New Hybrids banned
All Hybrids banned (ie/ all Hybrids and ICVs)

Why would newer models of ICV's be banned? If they are being regulated for environmental purposes, wouldn't the newer more efficient ones be encouraged?

What are the ideologies of these various parties?

They are banned because most countries are trying to zero our their emissions for the transportation sector, and that has filtered down to civilian transport.

Hawaii's parties are, by and large, ethnically based.

Restoration is a right-wing party that is focused on urban issues (and urbanites are mostly Hawaiians), but is also focused on deregulation, cutting government spending (which benefits the poor, i/e more targeted to cut spending given to Japanese, Chinese ect.) as much as they can within imperial limits. Taxes they do raise are normally skewed towards falling on rural folks, like land size taxes and the like.

Justice is the "centre left" party, but it is the party of the Japanese minority, and mainly serves as a vehicle for civil rights (which gains a lot of Chinese, Javan, Vietnamese, ect. votes), but it's also heavily agricultural because it was born from Japanese agricultural workers who were brought to Hawaii to work the plantations

The Patriotic League is a far-left independence activist party that is always juuuuuuuuuuuuust on the line of being outlawed.

The Liberals support civil rights, minority interests, they are against land reform, against agricultural subsidies, they support lower taxes, and deregulation. They call themselves "above politics"

How do the various Internets interact with each other?

There's a service that takes webpages from other Internets and translates them so you can view them. This is not a free service.

How is mass transit handled? Same rules? More light rail usage?

Yeah there is a lot more light rail and mass transit overall.

Wait, so Acadian is its own language separate from French like how Afrikaans is to Dutch? Interesting.

Yeah! It's different enough that it's no longer Quebecois or French.

Previous updates have hinted that cars are less common and mass transit is the default mode of transportation for many people. I would speculate that many of the old streetcar networks were upgraded rather than being replaced by buses, but they would serve a similar role to buses today (single or double carriages stopping frequently in mixed traffic).

This is correct. Most cities have street cars and make ample use of smart urban planning to accommodate mass transit. Russia and Argentina are glaring exceptions to this.

Goddamn, Darwin's practically a one party state, and it looks like it's dominated by the Chinese population. 40 years of party governance is a hell of a thing.

Practically yes, but the internal factions keep people on their toes and there's still ample debate and politiking in the halls of parliament.

Basically OTL Singapore but somewhat larger in area (but still dominated by a single city).

I'd hesitate to call it Singapore. The DCAP could easily lose!

What are the ideologies of the two parties mentioned? Based on their names the ruling one seems to be basically Singapore's PAP, and the other one seems to be kind of the same thing but more laissez faire economically.

DCAP is kind of the all-encompassing party that actually started out as a protest party. At the moment it really has no ideology beyond stay in power. The New Business party is a worker's party that generally seeks to expand workers rights and help break DCAP's hold on power.

What's the difference between the institutions of Lord/Lady President and Governor-General?

The Lord/Lady President is for the entire Empire, and the Governor-General is appointed by the Queen for that country.

Quick question in regards to the internet.
Are there VPNs available that allows people in territories not covered by the Commonwealth internet to access it?

VPNs are banned in the Empire.

>all the industrialists who hated any kind of unions or workers being treated better just before the 17 revolution
Huh, I wonder why the US had a revolution 🤔

Gee... its a mystery! Haha

Tibby I love this list but this newfangled American spelling is hell

I wonder what are the most popular ways of insulting Lorerans Hougan ITTL

This spelling has been romanised according to standard Imperial practices.
Any chance we could have some OTL spellings for the American leaders? I got a few but some left me really unclear...

Also, sorry if this has been covered before but what happened in the US in the 1880s to cause the change of spelling?
Any chance we could have some OTL spellings for the American leaders? I got a few but some left me really unclear...
Pre-1917 Revolution
Dzorerdz Pwlman - George Pullman
Charles Hehnd - Charles Hinde
Henri Frehk - Henry Frick
Androo Melan - Andrew Mellon
Wehljuam Maysan - William Mason
Dzousaf Kanan - Joseph Cannon
Wehljuam Meri - William Murray
Pre-Decentralization Plan
Dzhan Waeht - John White
Juoodzin Devz - Eugene Debs
Wehljuam Grin - William Green
Wehljuam Haywd - William Heywood
Herehsan Dzorerdz - Harrison George
Dzhan Looehs - John Lewis
Ehlehzavath Flehn - Elizabeth Flynn
Patrehk Kwehnlan - Patrick Quinlan
Hauard Smeth - Howard Smith
Hayl Voregz - Hale Boggs
Radzarz Morertan - Rogers Morton
Korerniljuas Sayl - Cornelius Sale
Piter Roudinou - Peter Rodino
Danjual Moyehnehhan - Daniel Moynihan
Dayehvd Prais - David Price
Post-Decentralization Plan
Rehcherd Dawain - Richard DeWine
Dayehvd Vounier - David Bonior
Frangk Istervwrk - Frank Easterbrook
Dayv Makerdi - Dave McCurdy
Lian Paksan - Leon Paxon
Tamas Edwerdz - Thomas Edwards
Tamas Vehlsak - Tom Vilsack
Rehcherd Avehnshain - Richard Obenshain
Dayehvd Draier - David Dreier
Lorerans Hougan - Larry Hogan
All credits due to Tibby, Juniper, and Excelsior on the Discord, for creating this list. I take no part in this, I'm simply relaying it to here.
Any chance we could have some OTL spellings for the American leaders? I got a few but some left me really unclear...

Also, sorry if this has been covered before but what happened in the US in the 1880s to cause the change of spelling?
@CosmicAsh explained it earlier.
It was a phonetic reform that occured in the mid 19th century to promote literacy and to ensure that non-English speakers (Spanish speakers in the newly acquired American Caribbean) could learn the language more easily. It has no relation to Dutch, German, or any other language, and it was a wholly American invention. It is generally regarded as being a separate language, called "American." Informally, Imperial citizens would call it Simplified English, but in formal settings it would still be American.
It's all sort of lost me a bit here.
George Pullman is the first U.S. President named by the new American writing system, for which the British have created a particular romanization scheme. In Philadelphic--the American writing system--President Pullman's name is written as Dիꜵrdի Pûlmɥn, but English-speaking sources transcribe that as Dzorerdz Pwlman.
Would "republican subdivisions" be those whose governors or governors-general are directly elected instead of appointed by the British monarch?
Kinda surprised the US hasn't been broken up yet.
Some of the states on the periphery have broken off. I would suspect the major global powers would prefer the USA to stay together makes it easier to control and predict for the future probably the same reason why today when it comes to Syria OTL the west would prefer Syria to stay intact, they don’t support the secessionist goals of some factions in the Syrian civil war
Would "republican subdivisions" be those whose governors or governors-general are directly elected instead of appointed by the British monarch?
Something along those lines. From what I understand, the Australian government has a republican party that regularly shows up in coalitions. This law is most likely to allow Australia to abolish their monarchy without damaging their ties to the British Empire as a whole.