These Fair Shores: The Commonwealth of New England

What's the ideology behind the five Californian parties? How is the balance of power between Presidency and Cortes Generales in TTL California compared to OTL US?
How many inhabitants does California have compared to OTL? 106 congressmen seem very few.
How much power do departments and provinces have? Is there a municipal level below provinces?
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Is voting compulsory in California?

How goes it on a list of US presidents? So far we know Alexander Hamilton and George Clinton, but who else before the office's untimely abolishment by President-Chairman Hogan?
Administrative Divisions of the British Empire


Author's Note: The flags of the Gold Coast and Uluguru were made by members of the discord server. Finally catching up with some work... I should be able to respond to questions here shortly!!
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I think they were actually taken after the Great Continental War.
Were they? The wikipedia article for France still showed Corsica as part of the metropole, and that was before the ITL Napoleonic fracas. The lack of a local flag and representation also suggests that this annexation is a recent development.